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Should You Play FlyX?

Yes! FlyX is a must-try for all players, regardless of your preference and gaming tastes. However, gamers who enjoy aviation-themed games will find more long-term enjoyment out of it

FlyX offers a short learning curve so anybody can get used to its mechanics by playing a few rounds. That makes it an ideal option for beginners looking to join the game-betting landscape and seasoned players looking for a new challenge with the top casino online

It’s simple enough to offer hours of enjoyment and thrilling betting regardless of your experience or expertise. And the payouts remain competitive, so you enjoy a good chance of decent winnings. 

Special Features in FlyX

The most distinct feature of FlyX is the pleasing animation of human-driven flight that forms the game's core visual. As the character takes flight, your potential winnings keep increasing. You’ll have to cash out before the character zooms out of the screen and flies away. Whatever winnings incurred through cashing out before this action is yours to keep. 

FlyX also offers the option to place dual bets. Each bet gets a dedicated interface where you can track the amount betted and the possible winnings, you can cash out at any given time. 

The game also allows you to place automated bets in each panel. Here, you can specify the betting amount, duration before cashing out, etc. 

Note on RTP of FlyX Games

FlyX offers an impressive RTP of 97%, which is relatively higher than most mainstream betting games. In general, popular casino games and common slot machines all hover around the 96% mark when it comes to Return-to-player (RTP) rates

So, FlyX offering a 97% RTP is a substantial and market-leading rate of return because it implies thousands of dollars in return difference for big bettors. 

Getting the Most Out of FlyX

FlyX's gaming mechanism and payouts operate consistently. So, including some best practices in your playing strategy will increase your chances of winning more. 

  • Don’t cash out immediately to play safe. The character will usually cover a moderate distance before ascending beyond the screen. 

  • Remain cool under betting pressure. New users often buckle under the stress of wanting to place big bets before the character flies away or fear placing adequate bets for fear of losing money. 

  • Leverage the dual bets to use one as a safety cash-out option and the other to take risks. Cash-out one bet once the winnings are enough to recover your bets. And continue with the other to see if you can cash out a higher value. 

Personal Opinion on the FlyX Game

I’ve played the Aviator series (another flight-based betting game) since its inception. So, I doubted FlyX because it looked like a quick rip-off of the Aviator games. However, the pleasant surprise came when FlyX proved to be a standalone title that’s worth your time and bets.

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