Fish games aren't discussed as much as other casino options, but they should be. When you access a fish table game, you can have heaps of entertainment, with different game titles available to play and experience. But if you're new to such games, you may want to gain more insight into how they work before playing. And that's where we step in. Here, we'll give you some info on playing fish games and some of the best online gambling sites to enjoy. Have a look to discover what is so enjoyable about fish tables.

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Discover the world of the fish table games

What Are the Fish Table Games?

Some people may think that a fish game isn't going to be so compelling to play. But that's far from the case. The games are easy to understand and play, giving you some inviting, light-hearted entertainment. You may have seen them at land-based casinos or online sites before but never tried them. Fishing always occurs in water, so all of these games occur in water.

During gameplay, you are placed in control of a large cannon, which you need to use to shoot down various fish and other sea life that swim across the screen. The more marine animals you shoot down, the higher your prize payout. The targets constantly move, so you need a bit of skill to target them and fire correctly. Larger fish are likely to provide better payouts, while some fish also come with special prizes alongside their standard payout. 

Some big fish games are online to keep gamers entertained; you can find them at various international casinos. You don't need to look so far to locate these games, and we have plenty of recommendations for you to take notice of in this area, too.

How to Play Fish Table Games

If you're wondering how to play fish tables, we can help with this. The concept behind them isn't difficult to follow, and the gameplay is simple. In essence, you don't need to be a mastermind to get to grips with this unique style of angling. You won't find paylines or multiple ways to win as with online casino slots. You will instead be constantly involved with the game and participating in every moment.

So, your first task will need to be choosing a reliable and trustworthy casino to play fish tables online. A multitude of fantastic options can be chosen from, so just register an account at one of them for free, make a deposit, and you can get to grips with the fish games available in the lobby straight away.

1. Mechanism of Fish Tables Work

01 mechanism of fish table gamesOnce you load an online fish table, you can set about playing it. This requires you to choose a bet, with around three different options being available in most cases. Understanding is self-explanatory, so you won't need to put too much thought into figuring things out. Select your bet and proceed to the fishing game you have chosen.

The general aim of playing a big fishing game is to try and capture the largest ones swimming in the water. They yield larger payouts, and some fish have different highlights surrounding them, which, when captured, will trigger a particular speciality. When playing real money-on-table fishing games, you may want to try and adapt your aiming and shooting to get the most out of your bullets. The better the catch you make, the better the payout will be.

2. Game and Controls

02 game and controlsAfter selecting the bet you want to play with, you will see the fish game screen come into view. Straight away, fish of different sizes, shapes, styles and reward sizes will swim from all directions. You have different options where your cannon is concerned. You can fire it at fish with a single click, sending bullets out each time. You can double click on the cannon in a free area to set the automatic bullet firing process off, which sends bullets out constantly, and you just move the cannon around to aim at the fish. Or you can double click on a specific fish for the cannon to target and capture.

3. Catching Fish and Payouts

03 catching fish and payoutsSo, it would be ideal to know how to win money at fish tables, right? You must try to capture as many fish as possible; the bigger they are, the better. Of course, the bigger fish require more bullets to hit them to be caught, too. So, when playing a fish game online, you must remember that bigger is always better!

You can always view the paytable when playing a fish table gambling game, which will display the payout multiplier of each captured fish. And this reinforces the idea that the bigger swimming animals provide larger payouts. Some of the biggest fish often come with random payouts but always have a larger minimum than most smaller catches.

4. Special Features of the Game

04 special features of the gameJust like many other casino games, when you play a fish table game online, you have the chance to benefit from some special features. Other than the different firing options of the cannon, you can also enjoy different numbers of bullets, depending upon the bet level you choose. This means that one, two or three bullets will be fired from the cannon.

Some fish game releases also have a multiplier feature, so when you shoot specific fish, the multiplier that they drop will be applied to its prize payout for your benefit. It's also possible to shoot at things that aren't fish, such as bombs, which will explode and destroy all fish currently visible on the screen to add to your payout.

You can even find special bonus rounds in some online fish tables, giving you the chance to win even more rewards. And it is due to these inclusions that fishing releases can also be considered up there among some of the best casino games online to play.

Top 10 fish games according to gamblers

Best 10 Fish Table Games

It's not just a case of a single fishing game available to access online. This field has multiple possibilities, meaning you can choose which one(s) appeals to you the most. Here, we will look into the games we recommend playing as the best online fish game options. Find out more about what they entail and how they differ from each other.

1. Fu Fish

Skywind Group is responsible for releasing the Fu Fish game, which came out in 2019. It features rich, enjoyable graphics and fantastic animations. Three bet options exist, which are 1-9 coins, 10-90 coins or 100 – 1,000 coins. You will receive single bullets, double bullets or triple bullets, respectively, depending upon which of these options you choose. 

The game also features underwater mine bombs, which can be shot and destroyed to cause a mass explosion that captures all fish. Multiplier fish also exist within, and there is a Fishing Season feature, which sees the fish migrate in special formations. Shoot more to win more in this round! Fu Fish comes with a maximum payout possibility of 888x your wager.

2. Sea Treasure

Some online casino games of this nature work like online slot releases, which is the case where Sea Treasure from OneTouch is concerned. It takes you underwater and comes with 30 paylines across five reels. It's a high volatility slot with a maximum payout possibility of 10,000x your stake. Released in 2022, Sea Treasure has a free spins round, which activates with the appearance of three or more scatters. Crash Dive is another function of this OneTouch slot release, but it is key to remember that this is not like participating in fish table gambling. It is just a fish-themed slot release.

3. Pesca Bingo

Another game that, while it does not follow the standard fishing game process, is a great release is Pesca Bingo from Woohoo! This combines bingo gaming with an underwater theme, offering a maximum payout possibility of 6,000x your bet. It has an RTP rate of 93.6%, and you play bingo on four cards simultaneously. Bets between €0.10 and €10 per game round can be utilised, while the simple gameplay requires you to hit 'Play', which draws bingo balls. If any numbers on them match those on your cards, they will be marked off. 

Twelve possible winning combinations per card exist, providing the payouts. If you get a bonus pattern on one of the cards, you will play the Fishing Bonus round, requiring you to pick fishes until you match three values for a payout.

4. Golden Dragon

This game is much more in line with the type we have discussed, allowing you to fire at fish and capture them for wins. In it, you have a variety of weapons to choose from to catch the fish, and you compete against other players at your chosen online fish tables. Make sure you watch the Boss – the titular Golden Dragon – because he pays out the largest reward. This game has been designed and released by the appropriately named Fish Games brand, and it also offers exceptional graphics and animations for you to experience during gameplay.

5. Fishing Master

Fishing Master has been released in a variety of formats for different gaming consoles, including in the form of a fish game app. This way, it is readily accessible and enjoyable via mobile devices and desktop computers. Again, different fish provide alternate payouts for you, so you'll receive exciting rewards when you hook them. If you capture the Boss Fish, then you earn massive rewards as a result. You can earn coins within the game to level up your fishing equipment, which appeals even more to Fishing Master.

6. Koi Garden

The Koi Garden option is one of the best for an online fishing shooting game for real money in the USA. It is most heavily available and played within the country, but it is once again a slot machine release featuring fish upon its five reels. Makitone Gaming launched it, and it comes with 25 paylines for you to wager on. Up to 15 free spins can be won by three or more dragonfly symbols coming into view anywhere, while a bonus round can also be triggered with three or more waterlily symbols. Up to 15,000 coins can be won from spinning the reels, and it offers a wonderful gaming experience.

7. Fish Catch

It's not likely that Real Time Gaming (RTG) would miss out on getting involved in this type of game, and it certainly hasn't where Fish Catch is concerned. Building on the popularity of fish hunting games, the developer launched this option in 2018, offering it to players across Asia and providing it as another possibility to play a fish table game online for real money in the USA casinos. It's not similar to the fish games already described. 

Instead, you battle up to three other players to be able to shoot fish for prizes. Each player sets the denomination for each shot when entering, and your stakes can be quickly upped by choosing a larger weapon. A Mermaid's Luck wheel can randomly appear during gameplay to multiply your payouts by up to 250x.

8. Lucky Catch

Similarly, RTG released Lucky Catch in July of 2021, bringing a high volatility game to the fore. This one is much more of a slow release, though, featuring five reels and different fish as symbols on the reels. The shark is a wild symbol in the game, while the game's logo is its scatter addition. This one can trigger up to 20 free spins for you to experience, and this features bursting wilds. During any base game spin, you can also experience the random prize award feature. Bets of up to €25 per round can be placed across the slot's 25 paylines.

9. The Angler

Betsoft has also made its mark on the fishing theme, releasing The Angler slot in 2017. This is fish game gambling at its best because this developer is known for being so prolific about graphics and animations. Once again, it's a slow release with five reels and 20 paylines to win on. 

It also comes with a 97.1% RTP rate and a maximum win possibility of 1,300x your stake. Three scattered oyster symbols will activate the slot's free spins round, and clingy wilds in the shape of an octopus can occur during the feature. The Angler also includes a Time to Fish bonus game, giving you the chance to try and catch as many fish as possible for bigger payouts. And there is a double-up button to utilise for gambling your winnings.

10. Good Fishes

The final addition to this list of the top 10 is Good Fishes, Revolver Gaming's take on Goodfellas…but with fish. Again, it serves as an online slot game rather than something considered fish game gambling. Five reels and four rows exist, while 30 paylines can be won. 

Good Fishes incorporates a 96% RTP rate and a maximum bet possibility of €300 per spin. Wild symbols exist on the reels, substituting to help form wins, and you can also trigger Frankie's Fishmonger bonus round with three or more bonus symbols. The Big Catch also exists as a great bonus round in the slot, and it has sticky wilds and both ways to pay in this feature.

Games mode available in the fish table games

Fish Gambling Games Mode

It would be common to assume that all these fish table games require funds to play, but it's not quite the case. You can access them in different modes, ensuring that you're catered to whatever your financial status.

Fish Table Online to Win Real Money

Real money gaming allows you to obtain real money payouts from your gameplay. And these require you to join a big casino online that features such games. The best games to win real money on require you to deposit into a casino account first. Take note of the betting ranges in your chosen fish table online to know your bankroll will cater to such activity. And the wins that you achieve within the game from capturing fish will be added to your balance and provide you with real money payouts.

Free Fish Table Games

Fish games are similar to slot games because you can access them in demo mode, should you wish. These top slot games give you a look at how the games work without you needing to have deposited any money beforehand. And the free fishing games work in the same way. Therefore, you can play them to your heart's content, getting used to how they work, when the special features activate, and so on. And your funds are not at risk this way, as you'll be playing with demo funds. In this respect, you can enjoy a fish table game online as much as you like and not feel like you're going to be losing any of your money.

slot background image slot background image

Gold Fish

RTP: 95%

slot background image slot background image

Fishin Frenzy

RTP: 96.12%

slot background image slot background image

Lucky Koi

RTP: 96.5%

slot background image slot background image

Big Catch

RTP: 95%


How to Increase Your Chance of Winning

We all like to know about the hints and tips which can assist with obtaining wins from a casino game, right? After all, if these ways of playing give you the chance to bolster your balance, why not try them out? Fortunately, we have some strategies you can try out when you engage in a fish table gambling game online for real money. Or perhaps you will want to test the tips out in demo format to get used to them. Take a look at some routes to increase your chances of winning at a fish table gambling game online.

Set a Good Bankroll

Make sure that you're playing with a good bankroll. This applies more to playing a fish table game online for real money, as you are the one depositing, whereas, with free play mode, you get large amounts of demo funds to utilise. If you set yourself a good bankroll, then you can look forward to being able to play for longer and focus your bullets on fishes for bigger payouts. You're giving yourself more opportunities, essentially.

Forget the Small Fish

As noted, there are different sizes of fish floating about in the water for you to shoot and capture. Smaller fish offer smaller payouts, while larger ones offer bigger rewards. It is ideal for incorporating a skill in fish games online for real money, which primarily sees you shooting at the larger fish. You may hit some smaller ones in the process, but it is much more ideal to aim for the large fish.

Know When to Stop Shooting

Don't get carried away with firing bullets at the fish because you could find yourself missing and losing out. You need to try and make as many bullets count as possible when trying to capture fish. Just be aware of how much you have shot and how many bullets you have remaining to utilise in a round. And above all, know when it is right to stop shooting at the fish targets to conserve your ammo.

Fish table apps available to download

Fish Table Game Apps

You can find many online fishing games, but the majority of these are also compatible with mobile devices. Yet some casinos provide a fish table game app for real money that you can benefit from. This is downloaded to your Android or iOS device, giving instant access to the fishing shooting game from your home screen. Alternatively, you don't need to be part of a casino to download some of the apps. 

Instead, a fish shooting game will have its app to utilise, although this only provides the free demo version of the game in most instances. The apps are free to download and install on your mobile device, allowing you to play the games from any location. If it's a casino app, you may also be able to deposit via a mobile option. Try checking out some of the best Pay by Phone casino sites to see if they offer fish shooting games.

Fish Tables Near Me

You don't always have to play fishing games at an online casino. There are physical fish table games, which can be found at land-based establishments. This is a gambling machine shaped like a casino table, with a huge screen on it, providing you with quite the immersive gaming experience. A joystick is included for you to aim and shoot at the fish on the screen.

These versions of fish shooting games tend to be quite popular in states like North Carolina and South Carolina. Additionally, they have made their way into locations like New York. Why not enter into Google or another search engine "fish table gambling near me", and you'll see all of the available casinos that provide such options in your vicinity.

Do we Recommend These Games?

Anyone looking for something different from the norm for casino gaming will likely have an enjoyable time with fish shooting options. You can even find a fish table gambling game online for real money with no deposit necessary. These serve as simple demo versions of the games, providing unlimited free cash to enjoy them, working as much of a social game. They still maintain a high level of enjoyment, though. Do we recommend playing them? Absolutely! The games often have fantastic graphics and special features to trigger during gameplay, offering stellar gaming.

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