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Learn everything about the equatorial guinea casinos

History of Gambling in Equatorial Guinea

Most of the countries in the African continent were part of the French Colony. Equatorial Guinea is a screaming exception as it was part of the Spanish colony. Interestingly, it gained independence around the same time as the other Central African countries in 1968. Back at that time, gambling was illegal.

Last in 1995, the government decided to legalize gambling with Ley Num. 2/1995 por la que se regula las modalidades de autorizacion, explotacion y control de los juegos de recreo y de azar en la republica de Guinea Equatoria. In simple words, it’s the 1995 Recreational Gambling Act.

The primary legislation legalized poker, slots, card games, keno, bingo, and lottery. Thanks to the law, online lottery casino sites are now abundant in the country.

Equatorial Guinea Gambling Law

Currently, the gambling laws in Equatorial Guinea only regulate land-based gambling. The prospective operators must obtain a license from the Ministro de Cultura, Turismo y Francofonia. Even the refresh of the gambling act in 2005 didn’t include the idea of online casinos.

As for online gambling, it’s unregulated. It means you can play casino games at international sites whenever you want.

Land-Based Casinos in Equatorial Guinea

As you already know, land-based gambling is properly regulated in the country, allowing tourists and locals to play casino games. Despite the weak economy and very little tourist traction, there are six land-based casinos in the country!

Casino Joker, Casino El Barco, Joker Casino Bata, and so on. All of these casinos are based in Malabo, the capital city.

The Future of Online Gambling in Equatorial Guinea

The popularity of online gambling in any country is directly related to the internet penetration rate and the overall economy of the demographic. Equatorial Guinea is not a strong economy, but it has great potential for the future.

The internet penetration rate is 26.2%, one of the highest compared to surrounding countries. However, it’s still way below the standard rate worldwide. As the number of internet users increases, we can hope for a great iGaming future.

Sports Betting in Equatorial Guinea

According to the Gambling Act of 1995, sports betting is illegal in the country. Thankfully, it only applies to land-based betting shops. As the government doesn’t bother with the online gambling industry, you can hope for some excellent offshore bookmakers at your disposal.

Most online sportsbooks in Equatorial Guinea are also pay by phone casinos. It means you can play your casino bill along with your phone bill. There are also pay-by SMS casinos that let you send a deposit request via a simple SMS.

Best feature of these online casino sites

Top Features of Equatoguinean Casinos

Equatorial Guinea's online casinos are no different from the other online casinos. They have all the modern feature sets players are a fan of. Let’s explore them together.

Safety First

The primary aspect of an online casino’s safety is associated with the license. As all online operators in the country are offshore, you can rest assured that safe and secure online casinos are abundant. Any operator with a valid license is fair game.

Casino Games Fairness

Casino games are considered “games of chance”. It means no one knows what a game's outcome will be. When you leave things up to fate, some people will try to manipulate them for personal gains. That’s where provable fairness comes into play. If we have to choose, our vote goes with crypto casinos as all the games are “provably fair”.

Traditional RNG casinos often have 3rd party auditors who check the RNG software for fairness. Casinos in Equatorial Guinea do the same thing.

Accepted Banking Methods

No matter what you do, you can’t bypass the need to use online banking methods for online casinos. It’s just as true for Equatorial Guinea as for the rest of the world. We’ve seen that credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers are the most popular. You can also use mobile payments.

Quick Payout

Our experience tells us that 24 hours is the sweet spot for withdrawal processing at iGaming brands. Thankfully, all of the Equatoguinean online casinos we recommend are same-day withdrawal online casinos.

Customer Service

Live chat, telephone, and email are considered the standard set of customer support channels. Our recommended operators offer all of them. Or, at least a healthy combination of communication channels. Some operators even offer social media!

Our test of the equatorial guinea casinos

Testing the Equatorial Guinea Online Casinos

It’s wonderful how all of the modern features are persistent in the online casinos in Equatorial Guinea. But how did we know about them?

Equatoguinean Casino Reviewers

The best way to source information on anything is from the local people. So, all the casino reviews you read on our platform are done by Equatoguinean reviewers.

Transparent Opinions for Gamblers

If the opinion we share with you isn’t genuine, then what’s the point, right? Hence, what you read on our platform are unbiased opinions on the casino brands.

Reviews of Casinos in Depths

There are plenty of terms that an average casino player won’t be able to pick up on. We come in such situations and read between the lines for you.

Details about the mobile casino sites

Equatorial Guinea Mobile Casinos

Mobile gambling has become a pretty standard practice all over the world. The country's economy might not be as flourishing as the first-world countries but the number of smartphone users is massive. That’s why all the Equatoguinean online casinos accepting players from the country have excellent mobile support. It often includes downloadable apps too.

Mobile Internet Choice

Mobile connectivity is not very good in the country. Any network doesn’t cover the majority of the landscape. But you can expect a strong 3G and 4G network around Bata.

Our final thoughts on these online casinos

Yes, we do recommend online gambling in Equatorial Guinea. As the practice is unregulated, you have the unique opportunity to explore all types of top casino games and gambling activities online without violating any laws. Also, many reputed operators accept players from the country.

Casinos FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions surrounding casinos in Equatorial Guinea. Take a quick look at them below:

Are online casinos legal in Equatorial Guinea?

The answer is yes and no at the same time. The Equatorial Guinea government doesn’t regulate online gambling in any way. So, it’s not explicitly illegal. However, as there are no regulations, there are no restrictions for Equatoguineans to play the games.

Which is the best online casino in Equatorial Guinea?

What online casino you’re most comfortable with is the best one for you. Our experts have evaluated a lot of brands to check out different features of the brands. And according to our findings, 888 casino is the best so far.

Which Equatoguinean online casinos have the best payouts?

Pretty much all online casinos on our list have a very good payout rate. You can’t go wrong with any of them. But if you want the absolute best payout, go for PlayLuck casino.

Do all Equatoguinean casino sites take debit cards?

Yes, most of them do. There will always be some operators who don’t follow the standard paradigm.

Do all Equatoguinean online casinos offer secure deposits and withdrawals?

All from our list of casinos do. Safe deposits and withdrawals are ensured by proper payment methods as well as the license. Our recommended casinos have them all.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Equatoguinean casino players?

In most cases, casino operators don’t impose any charges. But payment processors do. And some online casinos will charge a fee if your withdrawal frequency goes beyond the "free withdrawal" policy.

Can I play with Central African CFA Franc at Equatoguinean casinos?

Surely you can. This is the native currency of the country. If the casino operators don’t accept it, they would fail to draw an audience.

What payment methods are available for players looking for online casinos in Equatorial Guinea?

Bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards are the most used online payment methods in the country. Unfortunately, reputed e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are not available for real money payments.

What age should I be to play at an online casino from Equatorial Guinea?

According to the government policy, you must be 18 years old to walk into any land-based casinos in Equatorial Guinea. Also, most offshore casinos impose the same minimum age restriction. However, you can buy lottery tickets regardless of your age.

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