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At CasinoTopsOnline, we use cookies to enhance the user experience. Cookies are small parcels of data that help websites remember information about visitors, allowing them to tailor the site to each individual’s preferences.

How to Control Cookies

Managing and monitoring cookie usage is straightforward on any website browser. Go to the settings or help section to review your cookies. Here are a few useful browser cookies guides:

You can also check out All About Cookies for more helpful information. Google Analytics also gives you options to opt out here. Cookies on mobile browsers can be slightly different to monitor and customize. You may have to read a specialized how-to guide from your smartphone’s creator.

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies to optimize your experience in the following ways:

  • Cookies are text-based parcels of information we transfer to your computer to help with record-keeping.
  • Cookies don’t hold any personal information like your name or age. They simply tell us what your user history and preferences are, allowing CasinoTopsOnline to generate a superior experience.
  • We use cookies to gain insights into non-personal statistical information, including how long visitors spend on a page and how many clicks specific advertisements gain. These things subsequently help us tailor our website to your preferred marketing and overall user experience.

Remember, you can disable cookies at any point you wish. This will cancel any browser customizations and/or opt-out preferences on specific websites. You may also experience a less streamlined experience with longer loading times.

Cookie Classification

Strictly Necessary CookiesThese essential cookies allow visitors to move around the website freely and use features that are only available to members. Switching off cookies can prevent this and make certain characteristics unavailable.
Performance CookiesThese cookies monitor how visitors use a website, checking their most visited pages and how long they stay. No sensitive information is collected, and everything is ultimately anonymized.
Functionality CookiesThese cookies help websites remember personalized choices, such as auto-filling a username or using the right language setting.
Targeting/Advertising CookiesThese cookies record your website behavior, the pages you have visited, any games you have played, and any financial transactions. This is done for advertising purposes so we can tailor advertisements to your user profile.
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Cookies Behavior

  • Session Cookies: Temporary session cookies are created when you visit our site and are deleted when you leave.
  • Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies remain on your device for a certain amount of time, helping websites remember your preferences each time you visit.

Cookies Used

Cookie NameExpiration DateThird-Party?Reason for UseClassification/td>
fr1 MinuteYes
Used by Facebook for advertising purposes.
__cfduid1 YearYesUsed for security and threat detection purposes (
_delighted_fst20 YearsYesUsed for security and threat detection purposes (
_delighted_lrt20 YearsYesThe last time a user responded to a delighted questionnaire with their user token. (>Targeting/Advertising
_delighted_lst20 YearsYesThe time the delighted banner (for customer feedback) was last shown to the user (
_ga2 YearsYesUsed to distinguish users (Google Analytics).Performance
_gat1 MinuteYesUsed to throttle request rate (Google Analytics).Performance
_gid1 DayYesUsed to distinguish users (Google Analytics).Performanc
btagNeverNoAffiliate referrer.Targeting
btag_data14 DaysNoAffiliate tracking, set with arbitrary data sent to us in a query string parameter when a user visits the page from an affiliate.Targeting/Advertising
BVImplmain_siteNeverYesSee cookie policy, the specific names and what they achieve is not listed however there is a general overview. Bazaar voice is used to provide reviews for various games on the CasinoTopsOnline site.Targeting/Advertising Cookies AND Functionality
clickID14 DaysNoAffiliate tracking, set with arbitrary data sent to us in a query string parameter when a user visits the page from an affiliate.Targeting/Advertising
firstTimeLoginVisitNeverNoOnce the user logs in to the site this cookie is set to detect whether in the future we should show the user the signup page or login page when they visit a page that requires authentication.Functionality
LaRunningChatNeverYesThe status of the running chat (
LaSIDNeverYesUsed to identify the session in the chat (
LaUserDetails/td>NeverYesSet the email and name that the user input when opening a chat (>Functionality/td>
LaVisitorId1 Month/td>YesUsed to identify the visitor (
LaVisitorNew/td>1 DayYesUsed to check if is a new visitor who opens the chat (
sly-ckd365 DaysNoOnce the user has accepted and confirmed our use of cookies (via the cookie disclaimer) this is set in order to not re-show the cookie disclaimer.Functionality
sly-lngNeverNoStores the user's current language to keep the site in the language they selected.Functionality
sly-pyld14 DaysNoSame as above another parameter that can be seen.Targeting/Advertising
sly-st-mins365 DaysNoThe amount of time the user (if in GB) has been on the site whilst logged in. Required for UK compliance.Functionality (?)
sly-st-modals365 DaysNoThe number of times we have displayed the session timer notification (if in GB) to the user so that we do not show the notification more times than necessary. Required for UK compliance.Functionality (?)
LastGames30 YearsNoStores the user last played gamesFunctionality
__insp_identityNeverYesSession cookie, deleted when the visit is over (
__insp_nvNeverYesSession cookie, deleted when the visit is over (
__insp_refNeverYesSession cookie, deleted when the visit is over (
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