Canadians have many traditions related to Christmas and Santa Claus; they decorate their houses with Christmas tree lights, eat roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and vegetables, and sweeten things with the famous eggnog dessert and plum puddings.

What about creating a new tradition – a Christmas-themed casino party

This guide will lead you through the process that ensures everyone attending your casino-themed party has a great time and returns with new memories. Prepare yourself to roll the dice for an evening in the comfort of your home packed with laughter, joy, and the fun of a casino experience.

Christmas party casino themed

That Canadian Casino Ambiance

What’s the difference between a good party and a party that people can't stop talking about? It’s the right ambiance, including decoration, music, dress code, table settings, casino-inspired food, and most importantly — casino-inspired games.

“Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” is the perfect party decoration for guests at the entrance. When you open the door, let them be transported to the buzzy floors of your own Caesar’s Palace. Follow our tips:

  • Hire a professional to set up lighting and a red carpet to evoke the ambiance of a real Las Vegas casino. 

  • Set a Christmas tree with sparkling lights, red and golden lanterns, Christmas ornaments, golden tinsel and tree ribbon. 

  • Set the poker and blackjack tables. Buy a minimum of 4 decks of cards and casino chips. Set the proper lightning above the table and find a friend who’ll be a croupier (dress him like a real one). Don’t forget to place fake cameras in the corners of your room.

  • Create the right mood by setting up a playlist with crooning jazz hits and soft rock music. 

  • Immerse your guests in the experience with true casino decoration. Find a giant inflatable dice, spread the Las Vegas circle confetti throughout the table, attach the LED balloon table toppers to your vases and flower decorations.

Create the Most Exquisite Christmas Banquet

Help your guests feel like real gamblers by serving them fancy appetisers, such as bruschetta or crab artichoke dip. If you want it more casual, serve mozzarella sticks or buffalo wings. No deposit is required, ho ho ho! 

You can't go wrong with a casino-inspired menu that must contain:

  • Spicy brined chicken wings

  • Quesabirria tacos

  • Dried meat and Canadian bacon

  • Sandwiches, gourmet burgers, pizza and poutine

  • Asian food and seafood

  • Chicken fingers

  • Eggnog

  • Butter tarts

  • Tarte au sucre

  • Martini mocktails

Choose the Right Multiplayer Games

What is a casino-themed party without games? Check out these party ideas for hosting an incredible casino party, after which you’ll be announced among the top 10 Canadian casinos.

DIY Casino Games

These party games will help you replicate the casino floor's thrill, glamour, and excitement in your own home.

  • Shot Roulette - Make a roulette wheel out of cardboard, replicate the numbers of European or American roulette wheels, and connect each number to a shot. The player spins the wheel and must drink the shot connected to the number where the ball lands. Use non-alcoholic drinks for the shots. You don’t want the casino party night to end before it even starts.

  • Dart Poker - This game is ideal for casino-themed parties. Place the cards on a big board, take darts, and aim at the board. The objective is to construct a full poker hand. But before that, players have to place a wager on whether or not they will receive a good hand after using all the darts.

  • DIY Wheel of Fortune - The Wheel of Fortune game can provide countless laughs. It’s simple to construct out of cardboard. You can split the wheel into portions of different colours, each representing a chore or a possible reward. Playing for pennies, chores, or even something a little spicier might make things more exciting! Use your imagination.

Deck the DJ Halls

A very important but sometimes overlooked part of setting up the Christmas casino-themed party is choosing the right music. You can make a playlist out of casino-themed songs such as Waking Up in Vegas (Katy Perry), Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley), Poker Face (Lady Gaga), Ace of Spades (Motorhead), The Gambler (Kenny Rogers), and more.

If you're up for more calming and relaxing music that won’t interrupt you while playing Texas Hold’em, you can set a smooth jazz playlist and concentrate on the game.

Set Up your Canadian Promotional Gifts

Oh, you mustn’t forget the gifts; your home is the casino tonight. Certainly, you cannot give Christmas casino bonuses to your guests, such as a match deposit bonus. Still, you can create a dice gift box and place inside chocolates, Canadian sports gear, maple syrup, Canadian Ice Wine, a bracelet, wax candles, all Canadian snacks, maple leaf wood coasters, or whatever comes to mind that won’t cost a fortune. 

Assign a number to each box, write the same numbers on pieces of paper, and place them in a bowl. Make this giveaway a fun, rewarding, and sweet surprise.

Casino Tournament Prizes

The one that finishes as a winner at the end of the party may receive:

  • “Deadwood Hot Slots Gambler’s Oil” - made from roots and herbs that bring good luck

  • Handmade money

  • “Casino Took All My Money” Mug

  • Slot machine pendant

  • Monopoly game

  • Gambling socks

  • Small jar for casino winnings

Plan Ahead and Party Responsibly!

We hope that these ideas will give you a proper start for your unforgettable Christmas casino party. It's all about bringing cheer and creating a good atmosphere for the night that has just begun. There’s no need to go all out on planning your party. Don’t blow your Christmas budget on the decorations and food. Keep the guest list small, set a budget and stick to it.

The most important point is to enjoy this time with your friends. You can kick back, make memories, tell fun stories, while you spin your handmade reels.

Have a great Christmas night, and remember to party responsibly.

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