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NameEesti LotoTicket Price€1 - €4
DrawEvery dayBiggest Won€10.8 Million
Winning OddsDependsCountriesEstonia
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For the residents of Estonia, Eesti Loto is the biggest lottery program run by the state. You can purchase tickets online and offline and get a share of the massive prize pools offered every week! In our post today, we’re going to focus on the online version of the Eesti Loto. Below you can find some online casinos available in Estonia.

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How to Play Eesti Loto?

The process of playing the Eesti Loto is more or less the same as any other lotto program on the internet. You first need to buy tickets and then wait for the draw to see if your number increases. On the official website, there are four different types of lotteries offered. The Bingo, the Keno, the Vikinglotto, and the EuroJackpot. Each of them has a separate prize pool. 

Bingo Loto

Bingo is the simplest offering on the Eesti Loto website, with a massive prize pool. The results are drawn on a TV show every week. It’s the "Big Lottery Wednesday". There are five parts to the game. The central square, the corner game, the diagonal play, the full play, and the one-miss play. The Eesti Loto follows the same mechanics if you’ve played Bingo games at online casinos

  • Ticket price: €1
  • Allowed countries: Estonia

Keno Loto

Like the Bingo Loto, you need to purchase tickets for the Keno draw. It’s a 64 number game where players get to select between 1 to 10 numbers. The numbers are then drawn on TV to declare the winners.

  • Ticket price: €2
  • Allowed countries: Estonia


This is an international lotto that goes beyond the scope of only Estonia. Rather, it’s a joint lottery program between Finland, Norway, Iceland, Belgium, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, and Estonia. The draw for Vikinglotto takes place once every week on Wednesday. The draw happens in Hamari, Norway. The draw ends at 7:00 PM Norway time. 

  • Ticket price: €1.50
  • Allowed countries: Estonia


This is an international lottery as well. But don’t confuse it with EU casinos that offer lotteries. It combines participants from major European countries like Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Span, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, Slovakia, and Hungary. The draw happens twice every week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

  • Ticket price: €2
  • Allowed countries: Europe

Odds to Win the Prize 

For any lottery program to work, it must have odds of winning. There are four different lotto programs on the Eesti Loto website; the odds will be other. As Bingo is the first offered lottery on the Eesti Loto website, let’s start our discussion on the odds to win the lottery with Bingo. Also, you know that there are five parts to the game. So, the odds will vary for each part, and we have to list them all for your proper understanding. 

  • For the central square game, the odds are 1 in 15. 
  • For the corner game, the odds are 1 in 30. 
  • For the diagonal play, the odds are 1 in 770.
  • For the one-miss play, the odds are 1 in 6700.
  • Last but not least, the odds for the Bingo jackpot are 1 in 1.7 million!

For Keno, the biggest prize comes when you hit 10 out of 10 numbers on the draw. And for that to happen, you first need to decide to select ten numbers. The chances of all the stars aligning are 1 in every 819,855. For the Vikingslotto, the biggest prize is the jackpot, and it has a winning probability of 1 in every 61,357,560

Last but not least, the EuroJackpot has the longest odds of winning. According to the website, the probability of winning the EuroJackpot main prize is 1 in every 139,838,160!

Price of Eesti Loto Ticket

The tickets start from €2 for single playgrounds for the Bingo lottery and €4 for double playgrounds. You can buy tickets for ten playgrounds if you want for €20. Considering the odds of the game, the more tickets you buy, the more likely you are to win. 

When it comes to the Keno draw, calculating the ticket price is tricky. It would help if you considered your bet value, the number of playing fields, and the number of draws you’re going for. You can participate in 1, 2, 4, and 6 consecutive draws for a single ticket

So, the price of the ticket for Keno will be: your bet value x the number of playing fields x the number of draws. If you place €1 on three playing fields for four consecutive draws, your ticket price is €12. Once you buy the ticket, you’ll find our lottery numbers, date of the draw, your selected numbers, etc., information right on it. 

Coming to the Vikinglotto, the ticket prices are very affordable despite being an international lottery program. Each ticket goes for €1.50 only for one playground. You can buy up to 10 playgrounds for yourself. In that sense, the ticket price can go up to €15. 

Finally, the EuroJackpot tickets. The lowest it can go is €2 for one draw and one game combination. The more game combinations and draws you include in your ticket, the higher the price. For example, if you purchase the ticket for five draws at only one game combination, your ticket will cost €10. 

Learn more about the Eesti Loto jackpots

Eesti Loto Jackpot

For any lotto program globally, the biggest attraction is always the jackpot. The same is true for the Eesti Loto. If you still haven’t got the pattern, let us enlighten you. Just like the ticket prices and the odds are different for the four other programs, the jackpots will also be different. 

For starters, we have the Bingo jackpot. The authority has listed the minimum jackpot prize as €200,000. The jackpot can increase even more if you’re lucky on a particular week! Then we have the Keno. The winnings range will vary from online casino Keno games. The maximum you can win from online lotteries is €2,000. If you win more than €2,000, you need to collect it from the Eesti Loto office in Tallinn. 

The jackpot calculation for the Vikinglotto is a little different from the previous 2. There are victory levels ranging from I through IX. The minimum winning for the IX level is €1.50. The jackpot prize pool can go from a humongous €3 million to €25 million

Last but not least, the EuroJackpot. It’s one of the biggest lotteries for European countries, ranging from a mind-boggling €120 million! Even the minimum for the main jackpot is €10 million! The more tickets you buy, the more likely you may win. If you’re a high-roller at online casinos already, it should be no problem.

Biggest Win Made

When it comes to massive jackpot wins, the Vikinglotto seems to give the other programs a run. To date, the largest win has been a €10.8 million jackpot, awarded to an unnamed individual from Estonia! This is the biggest win in Estonian history, putting the previous record of €1.155 million to shame. 

Results of Eesti Loto 

Results of all previous draws are listed right on the website of Eesti Loto. You can check the current winnings right after the draw on the same page. If you’re certain that you’ve won a lottery but can’t find the number on the results page, contact the Eesti Loto office. 

How to Claim Eesti Loto Prizes?

In all cases, the winners must apply to the Eesti Loto office against the account they’re registered with within ten days of the draw. For some lotteries, winnings up to €35 are directly paid by the lottery seller. In some cases, it can go up to €650. But anything more than that, you’ll need to write an application to the authority. 

Taxes on these Winnings 

If you’re talking about international lotteries like the Vikinglotto and the EuroJackpot, the taxes will depend on the winner's country because tax laws vary from country to country. As for Estonian winners, they can relax because winnings from Eesti lotteries are income-tax-free!

Our honest opinion about the Eesti Loto lottery

Our Opinion on Eesti Loto

We love all kinds of lotteries. But there’s no doubt that we love Eesti Loto more. The four lottery programs are very inclusive of all the participants, and the terms are fairly straightforward. If you’re a resident of Estonia and looking for an online lottery program, look no further than Eesti Loto. 

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