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Review of Cubes Slot

Clearly, when Hacksaw Gaming decided it was going to create Cubes, it wanted to take the very notion of slots into an entirely different direction. And as soon as you load the game up, you’ll get to see how successful the developer was with this. 

Don’t let that be of any barrier to you playing it, though. Just because the interface and gameplay are different to the norm, doesn’t make Cubes any less of an inviting and entertaining release to play.

Furthermore, the game doesn’t just provide a standard cluster pays slot, but one with a couple of inbuilt specialities as well. So, why not check into this full review of the game before you play it, and then you’ll be well-informed over how it operates?

Cubes Slot Theme

If you were to take a look at this slot and think about its theme too much, you’d make yourself crazy. Essentially, its title pretty much describes what it is all about – cubes! That’s what you’ll see upon loading it up for the first time, with the 3D shape being visible from the get-go.

All of the cubes are displayed in different colours, and it is these that spin around every time you hit the spin button. Wins are formed when clusters of the same colour cube appear on the screen, and that is basically what it all comes down to in the end.

Now, it may not seem so difficult to create a slot game that centres itself on cubes. And actually, you could be right. However, this developer makes a fantastic job out of designing vibrant cubes for its symbols. So, even though they maintain a high level of simplicity when compared with other online slots, Hacksaw ensures that the theme still appeals, with the flashy colours pouring out from the screen when you play.

Things We Like

Unique interface

Cluster pays instead of paylines

Middle Multiplier and Free Spins

Things to Consider

May appear difficult on first viewing

Game Mechanics

It would be normal for us to describe the reels, rows and paylines of an online slot game here, but Cubes is very much a different pot of chips. Rather than having reels and rows, the layout consists of a 5x5 grid made up of the aforementioned cubes. 

A standard online slot would have multiple paylines running across this interface too, but Cubes does not follow this pattern. Instead, you create your winning combinations by bringing clusters of at least five of the same-coloured cubes into view on a spin. It is from doing this that you receive your payouts.

What’s more, from every win that you form, the size of the grid will expand in all directions. This improves to 7x7, 9x9 and then finally 11x11, should you continue creating wins upon this occurring. Your payout is then rewarded to you once the grid stops expanding and no further wins can be created. Therefore, you can secure multiple clusters from just a single round.

The maximum win that you can obtain from playing the game stands at 3,167x your stake. And this is something that can be achieved via the base game, through free spins or anything else. Of course, to be in with a chance of receiving the biggest payout from Cubes, you will need to be betting with the maximum wager per round.

Speaking of placing your bets, you can change the value of such by using the up and down arrows next to the spin button. These provide for a wager of between 0.20 coins and 100 coins per spin in the game. On the other side of the spin button is the function for setting auto spin-off in operation. This allows you to play up to 1,000 rounds in succession at the same bit rate without having to click the ‘Spin’ button each time.

You will also find that there is a Middle Multiplier in action on every single spin. This can be seen on the very central cube of the grid, and if this one forms part of a winning combination, the displayed multiplier will apply itself to your winning payout. 

Every cube within the cluster containing the middle multiplier will add 1 to the multiplier shown. Through this, you will have the chance to experience a maximum multiplier of 22.

Soundtrack & Symbols

It seems clear to us that Cubes by Hacksaw Gaming should be marked down as one of the best casino games to play. And we think this is the case just judging by the soundtrack alone. Bringing a sort of sci-fi feel to things, the sounds that play while you’re placing your bets and spinning ensure that everything is of the most enjoyable quality.

Normally, online slots feature a variety of symbols on their reels, but, as you may have guessed from our repeatedly announcing it in this review, Cubes is not a normal slot. Instead, the grid features six different coloured cubes – blue, purple, aqua, red, yellow and green

All of these symbols come with the same sort of payouts, dependent upon how many are present within a cluster. Clusters must be at least five cubes large to secure a win, and they can go upwards to 25 and beyond, depending upon how large the grid expands. 

The largest payout that any cluster of cubes can provide is 4,000 coins – to reach that amount, you also need to be placing the maximum bet on a spin.

Apart from these cube symbols, there are no inclusions on the grid. So, you won’t experience a wild, a scatter, mystery symbols or anything like that. The only alternative you will see is the aforementioned Middle Multiplier inclusion.

RTP & Variance

The theoretical payout from the Cubes online slot is 96.35%. This is quite an appealing level and is slightly higher than the general average of 96%. At the same time, you can look forward to playing a medium variance slot. This means that the payouts will come at an average rate and will be of average size, too.

Bonus Features

It’s true to say that Middle Multiplier is a great addition to the Cubes slot machine. Yet it isn’t the only exciting prospect to look forward to when playing the game. You see, it also hosts a free spins round, which has quite a twist of its own for you to enjoy. How so? Because it also includes something known as the ‘Color Blast’!

Free Spins

The only way that you are able to trigger the slot’s free spins round is by achieving five clusters in different coloured cubes. Up to 10 free spins are given to you at this point, as well as a random colour. All of the winning clusters that you form with that colour cube remain sticky for the duration of the free spins round. 

It is features like this that make Hacksaw Gaming casinos so compelling. The size of the grid that is in operation during the free spins round is also sticky, meaning that once it has increased, it does not shrink down in size for later spins.

Additionally, during this free spins round, you may also find yourself triggering the Color Blast function. This will activate whenever you manage to reach a cluster of 70 cubes during free spins, and in this instance, you obtain an instant win of 2,500x your overall wager. Now that’s quite the exciting payout to be on the receiving end of, right?

Slot Tricks

Online slot games, regardless of how standard or out-of-the-box they are, cannot really be altered with tricks. Instead, they simply require you to select a wager and then hit the spin button before waiting for an outcome to take place. Fortunately, that is a simple method of gameplay, and even though Cubes may look slightly bizarre to a standard video slot gamer, it remains simple to grasp.

The most important thing to remember when accessing such a slot game is to keep control of your bankroll. Maintain your emotions and don’t let any losses get the better of you. Don’t try to recover your losses and simply move on to the next spin as normal or leave. Responsible gambling is a key element to consider when playing any online slot.

Shall I Play Cubes Slot?

The Cubes slot from Hacksaw Gaming is a fantastic option to go for if you like things a little different to the norm. For those who are newcomers to the world of slot gaming or for those who like playing something that is on the straight and narrow, it probably won’t have any appeal. 

However, it features some excellent special features with its free spins, expanding grid size, cluster pays and Middle Multiplier. Plus, the fact that it incorporates amazing graphics and a stellar soundtrack for you to enjoy makes it all the better.

Would we recommend it as a slot game to play? Yes, for sure! Why wouldn’t you want to try something new and slightly off the beaten path? And we will be the first to say that Hacksaw has done an absolutely wonderful job with Cubes.

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