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Evolution Gaming
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Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 96.08

Crazy Time is a live show game by world-renowned developer Evolution, a company that is already famous for its innovative casino creations. Featuring a giant wheel containing multipliers of up to 10x and four different bonus games, which offer even bigger multipliers, Crazy Time promises a wild ride and the cash-in potential of up to 25,000x your bet!

Learn all about this magical live casino game in our review below.

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a live show game that was launched by Evolution in 2020. Hosted by a real person and played live via interactive elements, Crazy Time builds upon two of Evolution's previous wheel-based live show games, Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live, which were extremely well-received by players from all over the world.

What makes Crazy Time particularly appealing is the chance to win up to 25,000x your bet thanks to the innovative top slot that sits above the giant wheel and assigns up to 50x additional multipliers to either the wheel's numbers or one of the four thrilling bonus games.

With its circus and candy dreamland-style theme, enthusiastic live host and massive win potential, Crazy Time have become one of the industry's most popular live show games.

How it Works

The hit live-hosted game show Crazy Time is set in an elaborately designed studio and centres on a large wheel consisting of 54 segments, each of which contains the numbers 1, 2, 5 or 10, or one of the four bonus games: Pachinko, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt or Crazy Time.

Above the wheel is a large 2-reel slot, referred to as the top slot, with the left reel featuring the four numbers and each bonus game, while the right reel contains multipliers of up to 50x. The interactive element of the game displays each of the four numbers and each bonus game, with your goal being to bet on which segment you think the wheel will land on next.

In amongst all the fanfare, the live casino host will spin the wheel, and you'll have 15 seconds to place your bets before the wheel stops. Here's a closer look at how the game works, from the main round to each of the four bonus rounds.

Main Game Round

Every round consists of a spin of the giant wheel, but the large 2-reel top slot above it also spins, revealing a number of bonus rounds on the left reel together with a multiplier of up to 50x on the right reel. If the symbols align correctly on each reel, the multiplier will apply to the number of bonus games shown on the left reel for the current spin.

The numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 on the wheel represent the multiplier you'll get if you win. If the top slot shows an extra multiplier on the number you've bet on, your winnings will also be multiplied by that number! If you bet on one of the four bonus rounds and the top slot shows an extra multiplier, any winnings you get from that bonus round will be boosted by that multiplier.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

The Cash Hunt Bonus Game looks a bit like a shooting gallery that you might find at a fair, and your goal is to shoot the target you think is hiding the highest multiplier for a big boost to your original bet.

The shooting gallery-style setup consists of 108 symbols, each of which hides a multiplier of up to 200x. A crosshair will appear on the interactive screen, and allowing you to move over the symbol you think hides the biggest multiplier. Once the countdown has finished, the selected symbol will be removed to reveal the multiplier, boosting your original bet.

Coin Flip Bonus Game

The Coin Flip Bonus Game adds extra excitement to the age-old coin toss decider, except here, you'll choose red or blue for a whopping bet multiplier.

If the main game wheel lands on this bonus game, the host will turn to the Flip-O-Matic machine, which will then reveal two multipliers at random of up to 1,000x and assign each one to red or blue. A red and blue coin will then be flipped, with the colour it lands on determining which multiplier will be awarded.

Pachinko Bonus Game

If the Pachinko Bonus Game is triggered, the action turns to a large pink wall filled with various pins, into which a puck will be dropped to determine the multiplier for the round.

Every 16 wells at the bottom of the Pachinko wall features a random multiplier from 10x to 500x or a Double well. If the puck lands in the Double well, all displayed multipliers will double in value, and the puck will be sent down the wall again. Once the puck lands in a multiplier well, all bets will be boosted by that multiplier, reaching up to 10,000x!

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The pinnacle of the Crazy Time show is the Crazy Time Bonus Game, which is hosted in an entirely different set decorated like a sugar-coated, sweet-filled dreamland, as you might expect! The focus of this bonus round is a giant 64-segment wheel containing various multipliers, plus Double and Triple segments, and, uniquely, three different coloured flappers in blue, green and yellow at the top.

Players active in this round must choose a flapper before the wheel spins. Players will see their bet boosted by that multiplier if the chosen flapper reveals a multiplier when the wheel stops. However, if the chosen flapper reveals a Double or Triple, all multipliers will be doubled or tripled, and the wheel will spin again. This gives players the chance to win a maximum multiplier of 20,000x!

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Our Verdict on Crazy Time

You'll certainly have a crazy old time playing Crazy Time! Simply betting on which number the wheel will land on next for a boost of up to 10x is exciting enough. However, when you add in the extra win-boosting power of the four bonus rounds, the thrill factor is sent through the roof - who doesn't want to win up to 25,000x their bet?

Though the game can seem complex at first, between the top slot, the huge main wheel and the four different bonus rounds, the gameplay is made super simple, with the interactive part displaying your options. That means you can place your bet, then sit back and watch the magic happen!

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