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Learn everything about the congo casinos

History of Gambling in Congo

DRC, or the Democratic Republic of Congo, has legalized gambling since 1927. Originally, it was only lotteries that got the go-ahead. Later, it started legalizing other components such as sports betting, online casino games, bingo games, etc.

In 2005, all forms of gambling were legalized in DRC. At this point, we usually disclose that online gambling is regulated in the country. At least, it has been the case for most African countries. You'd be glad to know that DRC is an exception. It legalized online gambling back in 2011. The Ministerial order number 041/MJS/CAB/2100/2011 made it possible.

As for the Republic of Congo, we couldn't find any sustainable information regarding its history. However, we know that gambling has been legal in the country since the French Colonial days. Online gambling, on the other hand, is unregulated in this part of Congo.

Gambling Law in Congo

As we've said in the previous section, gambling is legal in the DRC and the Republic of Congo. While one has regulated all forms of gambling, including the online paradigm, the other is yet to regulate online gambling.

But it's nothing to worry about for the Congolese players because they get to explore the fantastic world of iGaming. An unregulated jurisdiction may not have any local operators, but offshore operators exist in all countries.

It means you can not only play online lottery games for real money but also all kinds of casino games you want to explore. In DRC, even Bingo, Keno, Scratch cards, and other forms of gambling are also legalized. So, it's safe to assume that online casinos in Congo are just as inclusive as you'd expect them to be.

For the most part, international casinos are what the Congolese players go for. Because the economic condition of the country is yet to flourish. And so, there are no prominent gambling operators. Even those operating from within the country struggle to make the experience worthwhile.

Land-Based Casinos in Congo

If you're not aware yet, Congo is the 2nd largest country in Africa and has a massive 92 million population. Despite this fact, the gambling industry is not developed in the country at all. If we have to guess, we'll have to go with the country's overall economic condition, making gambling a luxury.

Currently, there are four major land-based gambling destinations in the country. Three are in the Congo-Brazzaville (Republic of Congo), and the others are in DRC. It's also no wonder that the state-owned lottery Congolaise de Gestion de Loterie is the biggest gambling corporation in the country.

The Future of Online Gambling in Congo

The manpower Congo has is massive, no matter what context you put it into. The internet penetration rate is also improving, at least when compared to previous years. According to a 2022 study, 17.6% of individuals use the internet in the country.

Considering everything, we believe Congo has the potential to become a good gambling jurisdiction. It just needs better internet infrastructure and more enthusiasm.

Can You Bet on Sports in Congo?

You surely can. Congo is one of the fastest-growing betting markets in all of Africa. Online betting sites are more common in the country than online casinos in Congo. Most premier operators that you already know of have overall operations.

Africa is a few jurisdictions where you can play at a pay-by-mobile casino. It's sometimes known as pay by SMS casino because you get to send an SMS for deposits and place a bet!

Best feature of these online casino sites

The Best Features of Congolese Casinos

So, what features do you think to make the online gambling Congo sites worthwhile? Not sure? Well, why are we here then? Let us help.

Safe Casino Environment

It should never matter where you are in the world. Your goal should always be to play at safe online casinos because safety precedes any other features, in our opinion. The nature of the iGaming itself makes it quite prone to scams. And in a desolate territory like Congo, it's an even bigger risk.

That's why we always recommend online casinos licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and the Curacao government. Brands that boast these two licenses tend to be the most global.

Fair Gaming

Like security, fair gaming is a major concern for both the operators and the players. Operators are worried that crooked players might try to rig a game remotely for personal gain. This is why many operators employ 3rd party companies whose job is to check the fairness.

Now, testing the fairness of a game can go two different ways. For most mainstream casinos, it's the RNG that does the magic. So, if the testing agency ensures that the RNG hasn't been tampered with, it's safe.

Then there are unique ones like NFT casinos, for example. Any platform that runs on the blockchain will need additional seeds from players for the hashing algorithm. Currently, these operators are considered the safest.

Casino Payments Available in Congo

From what we've seen, bank transfer casinos are quite popular in Congo. The lower internet penetration is the culprit, and most players don't own a reliable online payment method. That's where the local methods come into play. Every country has some. All you have to do is find them.

Your Winnings Payout

Do you know what type of online casino is the best? A fast payout casino. Because who wants to keep waiting to receive their own money, right? All of the online casino's Congo you see on our list have very fast processing times. Mostly, it's under 24 hours.

Privacy for the Casino Players

Online privacy has been the talk of the town for many years now. We see reports all the time that websites are gathering information on us and using them with ill intentions. Interestingly, a website must declare what it does with information on the privacy policy page. The problem is we don't read them.

That's why a good online casino in Congo will ensure you understand the privacy statements and take your consent before you start.

Our test of the congo casinos

How do we Test Congolese Online Casinos?

So, this is how we go over the Congolese online casinos before ranking them for you.

Personal Casino Opinions

The opinions and reviews you read are exactly what they are. We don't sugarcoat or sweeten the review for conversion. Our writers write what they experience.

Deep Analysis of the Congolese Casino

When the best online gambling sites in Congo are concerned, we want only the best to reach our readers. Hence, each casino brand goes under the microscope by our experts.

We Read the Fine Print

If you've read ads, you may know about "*" marked fine print stuff. It happens in the iGaming industry as well! But we read them for you, so you don't have to.

Details about the mobile casino sites

Congo Mobile Casinos

If you want to participate in real money gambling peacefully, there's no alternative to mobile betting. It's fast, convenient, and allows more players to jump in. Online casinos in Congo know it very well.

As a result, you get excellent compatibility on the mobile website and casino apps for download on iOS and Android.

WhatsApp & Telegram Casino Groups

Is it possible to get casino bonuses via WhatsApp and Telegram? Probably, yes. African countries are known for their tight communities. You never know what an operator might throw your way!

Our final thoughts on these online casinos

The answer is a simple yes. Congo's economy is gradually getting better over the past few years. The number of internet users has also improved by a huge margin. The regulated nature of the gambling industry encourages operators to accept players from the country. And they do.

Overall, you can have a blast at online gambling Congo sites if you know how to dial in the correct settings. That's what we've tried to incorporate into this guide.

Casinos FAQs

Let's answer some questions regarding the online casinos in Congo, shall we?

Are online casinos legal in Congo?

You might be aware of the fact that there are, in fact, 2 Congo countries in Central Africa. Online gambling is legal in both. The Democratic Republic of Congo regulates both online and offline gambling while the Republic of Congo only regulates offline gambling.

Which is the best online casino in Congo?

Whatever you think is best is the actual best for you. Because no matter how much we try to push down the idea of best, it’s you who’ll be playing the games at the end of the day. But if you want our suggestion, we can recommend 22Bet casino as the best overall iGaming brand in the country.

Which Congolese online casinos have the best payouts?

Payout ratios at online casinos depend on the RTP of the individual games. So, looking into the game library instead of the RTP rating is a better way of figuring out whether the casino is worth your time or not. Casino.com is the best contender in Congo for high payouts.

Do all Congolese casino sites take debit cards?

Most of them do. There’s no way to guarantee that "all" online casinos will offer debit cards. But it’s safe to assume that debit cards are a valid mode of payment in the country.

Do all Congolese online casinos offer secure deposits and withdrawals?

Again, there’s no way to "guarantee" that all of the deposits and withdrawals are going to be safe if you go beyond our list. We can only vouch for the online casinos Congo on our list because our experts have evaluated the safety features.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Congolese casino players?

In most cases, online casino operators don’t impose any charges on the players for real money transactions. It’s because it reflects badly on them. You usually pay an annual fee or an account fee for the method you’re using. Then again, some operators impose both deposit and withdrawal fees in Congo.

Can I play with Congolese Franc at Congolese casinos?

If an operator wants to accept players from a country, it must make sure the players get what they need. Especially, not offering the native currency doesn’t make any sense for player retention. So, we can safely say that you can play with Congolese Franc at online casinos Congo.

What payment methods are available for players looking for online casinos in Congo?

In both parts of Congo, wire transfers seem to be the most popular. However, you’ll find international options like Visa, Mastercard, and lots of others.

What age should I be to play at an online casino from Congo?

If you’re an individual living in the Democratic Republic of Congo or the Republic of Congo, you must be at least 18 years old.

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