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MyStake Casino

Chicken Game review mystake

Chicken Game Demo Review

Let's dive right into the game in question with a detailed look at Chicken's unique design, various sounds, what you can expect from the experience of playing one of the best casino games at the moment and the range of betting options available to you.

Game Theme

A game like this should have the name Chicken; as it turns out, you need quite a bit of bravery to carry on clicking, especially since the option to 'chicken out' is always present!

Chicken's design is extremely simple, consisting of a collection of 25 plates with domed metal covers (or cloches, as they're called) in a 5x5 layout. Under each cloche, you'll find either a steaming roast chicken or a sad-looking meatless bone.

Though there isn't much to this game in terms of graphics, the chicken and bone images are clear and colourful enough to appear reasonably modern. The clocked plates present the only animation in the game, with a simple click resulting in the cloche being removed in one smooth and very brief motion.

The simplistic design and theme of the game take the focus off the images and graphics and place it squarely on your free slot experience and whether or not you're ready to lift that next cloche!

Game Sounds

Increasing the intense atmosphere of Chicken are the sounds, but not in the way you might be expecting. There are, in fact, no sounds at all in this game, not a soundtrack nor any kind of sound effects, other than the brief click upon opening and closing the chat bar. This may seem cheap, but it only heightens the intense thrill of the game as, once again, the focus is on you and how brave you are in deciding on your next move!

Game Experience

Chicken is an extremely playable game. You will undoubtedly find yourself clicking that Place Bet button many times as you challenge yourself to uncover just a few more chickens than last time for a bigger win.

The game's intensity is determined by you thanks to the bet and bones variables (which we'll describe in more detail later), with the table to the right displaying your win coefficients, helping you keep track of the effectiveness of your strategy. This game's popularity is down to a combination of very easy gameplay and adjustability, perfect for complete beginners and experienced punters alike.

Maximum and Minimum Stake

One of the most attractive features of Chicken is the fact that you can choose from a wide range of bet values per game. You'll find the best values at the bottom of the game next to the large Place Bet button. You can choose how much you want to bet by clicking on the + and - buttons.

The minimum bet amount is set at just $0.10, and you can play up to $1,000 per game. Additionally, by clicking the bet value itself, you can choose any amount you like in increments of $0.05 simply by typing in a value, giving you lots of freedom.

Chicken game review bonus

Chicken Game Bonuses

Did you know you can easily find bonus funds to play the Chicken game? There are several casino bonus offers on the web that you can claim for extra funds on whatever you choose to deposit so that you can play the game for even longer.

You may even be lucky enough to find no-deposit bonuses from time to time that can also be used to fund your Chicken gameplay. Here is a few Chicken bonus offers to get you started.

Get the Chicken Game Bonus on MyStake

Right now, the Chicken game is exclusive to MyStake Casino, so most of the site's bonuses can be used to play (as long as the game isn't excluded in the T&Cs).

New players can get started with extra funds to play the Chicken game by claiming the MyStakes Casino welcome bonus. You'll be able to claim up to €/$1,000 in bonus funds on your first deposit at MyStakes Casino, as long as that deposit is at least €/$20. The amount you deposit affects how much your bonus will be as follows:

  • Deposit €/$20-€/$200: 150% bonus.

  • Deposit €/$201-€/$1,000: 100% bonus.

As you can see, the smaller your deposit, the larger the proportion of your deposit you'll get as a bonus. However, you can still expect to get at least double your money to play with, no matter how much you choose to deposit.

Bear in mind that this bonus carries wagering requirements of 30x the deposit plus the bonus amount that must be completed within 30 days before withdrawals can be made. Since Chicken is one of the mini-games at MyStake Casino. It might be worth claiming the site's Mini-Games welcome bonus instead, especially if you're only interested in playing mini-games.

For a deposit of at least €/$20, you can claim a bonus of 100% up to €/$500 exclusively for mini-games. The benefit of this bonus is that the wagering requirements are more attractive, with the bonus plus deposit amount required to be wagered 20x within 30 days.

New Bonuses Are Often Available

Luckily, you're not just limited to the first deposit offers for funding your game of Chicken. The site also offers a second deposit bonus of 100% up to €/$500.

MyStake Casino regularly offers many bonuses and other play perks that you can take advantage of, such as reload bonuses and casino cashback. As at many other online casinos, available offers are changed on an ongoing basis, so bookmark the site's Promotions page and keep an eye on it to ensure you get the most out of every deposit.

How does the mystake chicken game work

How Does the Chicken Game Demo Work?

It's time to get into the finer details of what this Chicken game is all about! Let's start with what the game looks like.

When you first open Chicken, you'll immediately see an array of 25 metal dome covered plates arranged in a 5x5 format. You'll find a small bone image and a little roast chicken image, with numbers next to each. Below is a small section showing you how much you'll get if you win your next pick and your total win so far.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll find your best value and bones variables next to the very large green Place Bet button. At the top of the screen, you'll find the game's minimum and maximum bet values, the maximum total payout you can expect and your balance.

To the right is a stats panel that allows you to track your bets and when they were placed, how much you won, and your win coefficient (i.e. your win to bet ratio).

This game aims to reveal as many chicken plates as possible without revealing any bones. You can either pick a few and cash out your winnings or be brave and try to find all chicken plates without finding a bone for the maximum payout!


What makes this game even more thrilling is that you get to choose the intensity level. You can select how many bones will be included out of the 25 plates, from an easy one to an insane 24! But how does that affect the game's payouts?

As you can imagine, your chances of winning with 24 bones and just a single chicken are pretty small, but the payout is increased to reflect that, as displayed by the win multiplier.

Located right under the number of bones and chickens in play, the win multiplier can be found where it says Next Tile Win. This is how much your bet will be multiplied if your next pick is a chicken, with the total displayed. These multipliers vary depending on the number of bones and chickens in play, from 1.03x for playing with just one bone to 24.75x for playing with a single chicken!

Of course, since the chances of revealing a bone increase as you continue to play, the multipliers also increase to reflect that, with the potential payouts climbing with every correct pick! If you're lucky enough to find all of the chickens without revealing any bones, you'll win the jackpot!

Cash Out at Any Time

The beauty of this game is you are free to 'chicken out' and take your winnings at any point, so you are never cornered into continuing if you don't want to. If you decide you've picked enough plates during the game and want to collect your winnings, look for the red button where the green Place Bet button was. On it, you'll see the word Cashout and a value, which represents your winnings up to that point.

If you're happy with the winnings shown, click the button, and that amount will be added to your balance. The game will be finished, and you can then play another one if you fancy it!

Fair Play

If you sit and watch the winning bets placed by the high rollers in the stats panel to the right, you may see a collection of huge wins and wonder if there might be something fishy going on.

Luckily, you can immediately quash any such suspicions knowing that this game is classed as provably fair. But what does that mean?

Chicken is a mini-game whose blockchain technology checks and verifies every bet and action. The layout of the game at bet placement is given a hash (long string of letters and numbers), which can be checked against the outcome hash to ensure it hasn't undergone any alterations between the bet's initial placement and the game's outcome.

Anyone can check these hashes at any time, which should provide a lot of confidence in the game's fairness.

Chicken game mystake mobile play

Play the Chicken Game on Mobile

Since Chicken is such a simple game, it doesn't require extreme performance levels to run it. That means you can easily play it on any device you like, from your PC or laptop to your mobile devices.

Very quickly and easily, you can access and play Chicken on any modern Android, iOS, Windows or other OS smartphones and tablets, making it perfect for a bit of thrilling gameplay anytime you like, no matter where you are!

Chicken Game Download Not Required

Thankfully, there's no need to download anything to play Chicken. Visit the online casino that hosts the game, create an account if you don't already have one, claim the site's welcome bonus for some extra funds to play with, and then click the game to start playing. 

Thanks to the site's responsive design, you can play at a casino on any mobile device, which sees all of the game's content adjusting for optimal performance on your specific setup. Perfect!

Chicken Game Demo

Ready to have a go on Chicken? There's no need to get out your wallet just yet! See what this thrilling little game has in store for you by trying it for free in demo mode.

You'll be able to choose your bet value and number of bones just like you will in real money mode. The only difference is you'll be playing with play funds. It's perfect for a try-before-you-buy experience! Where can you play the Chicken game demo? Right here, of course! Click below to start playing.

Final thoughts on the mystake chicken game

What Do We Think of Chicken MyStake?

We loved playing around with this little game! Chicken is a variation of the mines game you might have already played, with the theme playing nicely on the game's overall premise: keep playing for bigger wins or chicken out! Rather than being filled with dazzling graphics and animations and blasting elaborate soundtracks and audio effects, Chicken lets the simple mechanics of the game do the talking, with the focus brought squarely onto your next decision.

Instead of being stuck with one level of play, you can make adjustments as you see fit to get the perfect game intensity for you, with win multipliers adjusting accordingly. And if you decide to 'chicken out, rather than being punished, you'll get to keep the winnings you've gathered up until that point. This game reminds us the popular JetX game, also.

Will you be brave enough to keep on picking? Play Chicken to find out!

Chicken Game FAQs

Want to learn more about the game of Chicken? Check our FAQs.

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