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Learn everything about the chad casinos

History of Gambling in Chad

If you're looking into the history of gambling in Chad, you won't find anything fascinating. Essentially, gambling has always been legal in the country, even when it was part of the French Colony. It finally got its independence back in 1960.

However, it didn't happen overnight for the country. It evolved with the French laws back in the day. Initially, only lotteries were legal. Sports betting shops and land-based casinos were later included in the paradigm.

Chad Gambling Law

So, you already know that gambling is legal in Chad. It always has been. It might seem fairly normal to normal eyes, but it's not. It's because Chad is a Muslim majority country. Gambling is mostly illegal in other countries with a similar ratio of religions. Even if it's legal, Muslims were not allowed to participate.

In Chad, there's no law barring the locals or people from any religion from accessing the casinos. Rather, all parties can openly play online casino games and walk into a land-based casino.

The casino games are denoted as "Games of Chance" in the Penal Code of Chad. It mentions that operating unauthorized operators is strictly illegal. But any operator with a valid National Agency for Investments and Exports license can make gambling halls.

While the penal code doesn't explicitly mention online gambling, you will find plenty of Chadian online casinos and online lottery games for real money in the country.

Moreover, international online casinos are always welcome to accept players from Chad. The country's biggest hurdle in popularizing online gambling options is the lack of internet penetration. According to a 2020 report, it's just over 10%. It's even lower than some less internet-savvy countries like Benin or Burkina Faso.

Land-Based Casinos in Chad

At the time of writing, there are at least 4 land-based casinos. All of these are based in the capital city, Ndjaména. The number of tourists visiting this country is very low, so the locals are welcome to gamble in them.

Just like all other jurisdictions, the operators must take a license from the government to operate legally. You already know who the legal authority is in this case. The biggest casino in Chad is Grand Casino Ndjaména.

The Future of Online Gambling in Chad

Considering all aspects, Chad has the potential to become the kingpin of gambling in Central Africa. It has a very streamlined regulatory body that doesn't discriminate between players. Also, the penetration of offshore operators is considerably improving the internet penetration rate.

Can You Bet on Sports in Chad?

You certainly can. Sports betting has been the better half of casinos, fulfilling the gambling paradigm. Just like online casinos Chad, there are many online sportsbooks. And in some cases, casinos offer a component for betting on the same platform.

In African countries, you might be familiar with the phenomenon of a pay-by-mobile casino or a pay-by-SMS casino. These essentially let you pay for the initial deposit from your phone balance. Or, if you're a postpaid user, you can pay the bill during your billing cycle.

Best feature of these online casino sites

The Best Features of Chadian Casinos

The online casino's Chad hosts are not dramatically different from online casinos in any other country. In fact, all operators follow more or less the same modality. It's the features that attract the players. So, let's go over the top features you can find in the country.

Casino Security & Safety

If playing at safe online casinos is a priority for you, which it should be, Chad is a great jurisdiction for you. It allows both local and offshore operators to accept gamblers from the country. The National Agency for Investments and Exports is the designated authority in Chad.

Any operator who wants to operate from within the country must have a license from this particular government organization.

Then again, the Chad government allows offshore operators. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Curacao Government, Malta Gaming Authority, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and Gambling Commissioner in Ireland are all valid organizations for a license.

Frequent Bonuses & Promotions

Of course. How can we ignore the bonuses and promotions, right? There's no way you'd want to miss out on a welcome bonus or, even better, a no-deposit bonus casino bonus! Although there will always be various terms and conditions you need to adhere to, bonuses are a big attraction for online casinos Chad.

Casino Payments Accepted

Whether you accept it or not, the availability of online payment methods can be a deal-breaker for casino gamers. You wouldn't want to sign up for a casino where you can't use any of your known methods for the deposits, right? That's why the top casinos in Chad must offer local methods. You may also find bank transfer casinos in the country.

Quick Payout of Winnings

You surely want to get your hands on the money won from casino games as soon as possible, right? What if we told you that it's possible at regular online casinos and crypto casinos in the country?

Privacy for the Casino Players

We know how tedious of a job reading the terms and conditions, and the privacy policy pages are. But for your safety, you should do it for all Chadian online casinos. Good operators will clearly outline what information they're collecting on you and what they plan to do with it.

Our test of the chad casinos

How do we Test Chadian Online Casinos?

Near the beginning of this post, we've listed the best online casino, Chad. Did the last drop out of the sky? No, right? So, our experts must've followed a procedure to evaluate the casinos before listing them.

As we're big advocates of transparency, we will share the ranking criteria with you in this section.

Chadian Casino Reviewers

Any reviews, whether gadget reviews or casino reviews are done best by people who know what they're talking about. And for Chadian online casinos, it's the Chadians who will have the clearest idea. Hence, we seek help from Chadian reviewers to craft content on our page.

Deep Analysis of the Chadian Casino

Whether we're reviewing the best online gambling sites in Chad or any other country, it comes down to how well we can analyze them. And no, analyzing doesn't mean looking into the T&C section and going over the game library for a while. It means contextually interpreting the message a casino is trying to convey.

We Read the Casino's Fine Print

The idea of writing something in fine print is nothing new for businesses. Regular consumers are often not experienced enough to interpret these writings and how they can affect the overall experience. That's where we come in.

Details about the mobile casino sites

Chad Mobile Casinos

If you prefer playing casino games from your smartphones or tablets, know that the online casino Chad will make it happen. Especially the brands on our list have spectacular mobile compatibility. The mobile sites are designed with HTML5 to fit any screen size. Some of them even offer casino apps for download.

Mobile Connectivity

The overall mobile infrastructure is quite weak in Chad. You may get a 4G signal in the capital. But for the most part, finding a steady high-speed network is challenging.

Our final thoughts on these online casinos

We do. But there are lots of difficulties along the way. For example, if you don't live in the capital city, chances are you don't have access to the internet. But if you can manage to get a stable connection, go for Chad online casinos.

Casinos FAQs

Are you planning to play at online casinos from Chad? Then, you'd want to read the questions asked by fellow players and the answers to them.

Are online casinos legal in Chad?

Yes, they are. Chad is one of the very few countries with the longest-running history of legal online gambling. And no, it’s not explicitly mentioned in any of the official documents of the gambling legislation.

Which is the best online casino in Chad?

The idea of the "best" online casino is going to vary quite drastically from player to player. Because every player wants different things from different online casinos. Overall, Slots Heaven casino seems to be covering all grounds in Chad. So, our vote goes with this one.

Which Chadian online casinos have the best payouts?

By payouts, we often refer to the RTP of the games. The higher the RTP of the individual games, the higher the average RTP for an online casino goes. And thus, it becomes a high payout casino. From what we’ve seen in terms of Chadian online casinos, Melbet casino is the highest payout so far.

Do all Chadian casino sites take debit cards?

Well, maybe not all of them but they surely do. At least, the online casinos Chad we have on our list offer debit cards. Debit cards are better payment options than credit cards because you don’t have to rely on borrowed funds. You can simply spend money from your bank account directly.

Do all Chadian online casinos offer secure deposits and withdrawals?

We’re going to answer it similarly to the previous question. Maybe not all of them offer secure deposits and withdrawals. Payment security relies on the overall safety features of the casino operators. So, as long as it has a valid license, you shouldn’t worry. And yes, the Chadian online casinos from our list offer secure deposits and withdrawals.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Chadian casino players?

There might be. There might not be. It completely depends on the individual operator. Usually, if an operator is based far away and the payments have to go through multiple authorities, there might be a fee. But in most cases, the only fee you need to pay is the fee for your payment method.

Can I play with Central African CFA Franc at Chadian casinos?

At the time of writing, the Central African CFA Franc is Chad’s official currency. Operators who accept players from this country accept Central African CFA Franc as well. So, to answer your question, you can play with this currency at online casinos Chad.

What payment methods are available for players looking for online casinos in Chad?

All the available payment methods in Chad are open for gambling transactions. Except for direct bank transfers, of course.

What age should I be to play at an online casino from Chad?

To legally participate in one of the online casinos Chad, you must be at least 18 years old. It’s not optional as your casino account is subject to KYC verification before withdrawals.

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