What is the future of online gambling technology?

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on April 4, 2017 in Industry News

Online gambling technologyThe casino industry has been growing since the day it first sprang to life many years ago. Since then, casinos have expanded, online casinos have been introduced, and the industry has shifted and evolved as technology became more advanced.

Now, many years later, even the most advanced online casinos are starting to evolve. Gone are the days when being able to play from your mobile device was considered high tech. Instead, a whole new world of possibilities is being introduced.

We’re going to take a closer look at what the casino industry can expect to see and enjoy thanks to technology in the very near future.

Virtual reality in online casinos

From mobile headsets to VR stations that transport you to a new world, virtual reality is currently all the rage. While the start of the virtual reality industry began many years ago, the graphics were basic to say the least and the equipment was expensive and bulky.

As with any new form of technology, VR soon slimmed down, shaped up, and can now be enjoyed in your home thanks to the purchase of cheap headsets such as Google Cardboard or Samsung’s Gear VR. That same technology is now being incorporated into online casino games and it’s making for an exciting experience.

One of the first casino software providers to dive into the VR space is none other than NetEnt. By changing certain aspects of their popular slot, Gonzo’s Quest, NetEnt has made it possible to enjoy VR casino games from home with the use of one of the previously mentioned pieces of hardware.

While WebVR technology is still in its very early stages, it’s believed by many (including NetEnt) that it will have advanced enough to make VR casino games viable by 2018.

Augmented reality and online casinos

If you’ve played games such as Pokémon Go, you’ll have experienced Augmented Reality. At its core, AR is about bringing an experience to you, while VR is about inserting you into an experience.

Online casino punters may enjoy the convenience of playing from wherever they please, but AR can bring the online casino straight to your living room with the help of technology. More specifically, with the help of wearable technology such as specialised glasses and gloves.

While AR casino games are still a long way off from being viable for the average user, the ability to bring a table game, other real players, a friendly dealer, and big wins to your home is an exciting prospect we can’t wait to experience for ourselves.

Skill-based casino games

It’s said that millennials currently run the world and decide the fate of many industries. If this is true, it can be seen in the latest casino craze – Skill-based games. Essentially, skill-based casino games combine the world of video games and casino games into one exciting amalgamation. 

Already available in Atlantic City, the introduction of skill-based casino games took place with the arrival of Video Gambling Machines (or VGMs). The first of its kind, players can dive into an exciting action-packed game called Danger Arena where big wins can be earned through more than just luck.

Created by Gameco, VGMs are focused on creating stories that intrigue players while also providing a new way to win through brilliant graphics and interesting characters. We can expect to see much more of this in the future as land-based casinos look to draw in younger crowds that prefer online casinos.

Interesting eSports

The world of eSports is taking the online space by storm. If you’ve never experienced an eSport before, imagine the intensity of a fantasy football fan coupled with online war games. 

What makes eSports so intriguing is that what once was a fun pastime for youngsters, is now a multi-million Dollar industry. Teams of passionate computer game players stream their matches (and play in front of live audiences) in tournaments that can make the winners very wealthy. Due to the excitement that surrounds these matches while playing games such as DotA and League of Legends, eSports draws thousands of spectators every day.

The question begs to be answered: Will eSports soon take over in homes around the world and boot games such as football from their coveted spots? Will eSports be featured on popular sports betting sites as a legitimate betting option? We can only wait and see!

All in all, the online casino industry is in an exciting phase of growing and evolving. We can only strap in and enjoy the ride as new technology changes the face of this industry forever.