The pros and cons of skill-based casino gaming

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on October 11, 2017 IN Industry News

Industry News Skill based GamesBetting and video games have been around for centuries, while many have enjoyed it for what it is, others have formed arguments around it. One such argument revolves around how much skill it actually takes to play these games. 

The outcome has been rather neutral and has left even the U.S. government confused about whether or not games such as Poker can be counted as a skill-based game. One thing is certain and that is that the video game gambling scene has been thriving. It’s considered one of the top forms of online gaming entertainment as it allows players to test their skills and stand a chance to strike a big pay-out. 

While this is good news for the casino industry, the question remains on whether or not this growth is good or should be considered a bad idea.

Pros and Cons of Skill-Based Gaming

The biggest pro about skill-based games such as Video Games and Poker is that you get to put your money where your mouth is. In essence the outcome could be potentially rewarding based on your skill level. Another pro is the adrenaline rush players get when gaming for cash. 

Of course, the biggest benefit of skill-based games is that you have a chance to score big on easy winnings.

The con list seems to be a lot bigger and includes licensing problems and legalities that vary from country to country. Another big con is that more and more kids are growing up playing video games; one of the concerns regarding this is that skill-based video games for money might enable them and grant them access to gambling activities at a relatively young age. 

The End Result

With the main concern regarding children’s safety and exposure to skill-based gambling games it seems that these games will not be seen too often. It comes down to the operators and their plan of action to create these games in an environment inaccessible to children. 

While it is noteworthy that the emphasis is on creating a safe space for children, it should also be taken into consideration that parents could implement their own measures to prohibit children from accessing it. The rapid growth of technology makes way for the creation of solutions to these problems. 

Until solutions can be found however it seems that avid casino players will have to wait a little bit longer for skill-based video games to be fully integrated into online casinos.