Gamestop to become mandatory for all UK Online Operators

Published by Daniel on September 6, 2019 IN Industry News

Casino NewsThe online gambling industry has managed to blossom into a massively successful space for all to enjoy.  

While the industry is constantly achieving new milestones and successes it is forced to focus on pertinent problems.

With the number of problem gamblers increasing at a rapid rate the industry has been forced to take action.  

A time delay 

It is no secret that problem gamblers have been one of the biggest concerns for the online gambling industry. With ease of access to gambling sites increasing the number of problem gamblers have increased rapidly.  

Over the past few months a lot of time, dedication and effort has been devoted to finding solutions and ways to help and prevent problem gambling. While there are tools to help prevent problem gambling there is finally a way to help problem gamblers remove themselves from the problem completely.  

The system which allows problem gamblers to block themselves from all UK betting websites is finally ready. The new system was initially set to be release over 18 months ago but has now finally been approved by the industry regulator months after it was initially scheduled for release.  

A mandatory solution & possible problems 

The new system is finally approved and all gambling operators will be instructed to sign up to Gamestop. This will be ordered as a condition of their operating license. While it is expected that the UK Gambling Commission will announce this requirement later this week, they are currently addressing other concerns regarding the effectiveness of the new system.  

The new system has only been approved but already it has received strong criticism from many industry insiders and others on the outside. The major concern at this point is whether or not the measures of the new system will be effective. Some sources have stated that there are huge flaws in self-exclusion programs as it allows problem gamblers to avoid it if they choose to.  

Gamestop was officially launched last year in May and the UK Gambling Commission warned the Remote Gambling Association of concerns over failings within the new system. One of the issues raised was the fact that Gamestop didn’t synchronise their list of registered users with the companies’ promotional mailing lists. This is a concern as it could results in problem gamblers being bombarded with promotional material after choosing the self-exclusion option. This in return could lead to bigger problems and also result in temptation and further struggle for the problem gambler that has opted for help.  

A work in progress 

While there are many concerns surrounding the new Gamestop system it is already showing positive results. It is believed that about 99% of the UK operators have already committed to the scheme and that the rest will soon follow if they aren’t willing to risk losing their license.  

The program has just been put in effect but already it is claimed that tens of thousands of users are using Gamestop.  

It is clear that there are still some issues regarding the program but hopes that it will be sorted soon. As more news regarding Gamestop is released you can read about it right here on CasinoTopsOnline.