5 Ways to Spot an Unsafe Online Casino

Updated by Giuseppe Faraone verified symbol on November 24, 2022

The online casino industry is an ever-growing beast. There are exciting promotions, the chance to win huge amounts of cash, and fun casino games waiting to be played. But do you know how to play as safely as possible? 


Tip #1 - Look for the License 

The number one way to know that you’re playing at a safe online casino is to look for a license. A regulated online casino will have its license clearly displayed on the site along with its regulator. 

It’s imperative to play at an online casino in Europe that is regulated and licensed. Why? Because if you ever find yourself fighting for your withdrawal (or for any other reason), the regulator should fight on your behalf. 

A licensed online casino will also be required to follow specific rules that can keep you and your fellow punters safe

If an online casino has a license number on display, you can verify that it’s safe by visiting the regulator website and searching for the license number. All the information you need should be available in an instant. 

Tip #2 – Keep Your eye on the Terms and Conditions 

When playing at a top 10 online casino, it’s a good idea to keep your eye on the terms and conditions found on the site. If you spot big changes to the terms on a regular basis, this could be a red flag.  

By changing terms and conditions on the fly, online casinos will often try to avoid paying customers. 

Tip #3 – Does That Bonus Have a Crazy Wagering Requirement? 

Playing with bonuses and promotions can be a lot of fun, but always read the terms and conditions first. If the bonus you have your eye on has an unreasonable wagering requirement or a restriction that inhibits your ability to cash out your winnings, it’s best to walk away. 

Tip #4 – Take a Look at Their Social Media 

The marketing practices of an online casino can tell you a lot about whether or not a specific site is safe. Visit the social media accounts of the online casino that you’re considering, and you’ll soon see if they follow the rules. 

An online casino that targets underage children or seeks to lure in problem gamblers is more than likely not a safe bet. 

Tip #5 – Read Casino Reviews

Last, but not least, read casino reviews! Trusted sites with online casino reviews are a great way to get a real look at what a big online casino has to offer. You should also search for comments by real players who share their experiences and mishaps with online casinos before signing up for an account. 

Always do your research, protect your information, and protect your pocket. 

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