Do Online Slots Remember You?

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Slot players sometimes feel that slot machines remember their plays, wins, and losses. Our Casinotopsonline experts discuss land-based and online slot mechanisms in detail and tell you why this isn’t true.

RNGs and RTPs

The science behind an RNG eliminates any rumours that slot machines can track players’ winnings and losses. The RNG technology generates random numbers linked to an unpredictable outcome, which are then shown on the slot’s reels. 

You may get paranoid when you experience a losing streak, thinking that the slot machine has sensed that you’re getting too many winning combinations and then recalibrates itself to produce fewer wins. This is simply not the case. The RNG guarantees unpredictability, and results can’t be recalibrated.

Additionally, each slot has an RTP percentage that’s calculated over a certain amount of spins on the machine. Developers and casino operators have the RTPs of their slot games verified by third-party auditors to ensure that the RNG is working correctly and that the slot gives fair results. The RTP percentage ensures that the slot machine can’t be tampered with. Players can, therefore, not escape a winning or losing streak. Results are based purely on the luck of the draw. 

Can Land-Based Slots Remember You 

A slot machine can’t remember when you’ve played and what you’ve won. Slot machines don’t have memory cards like PCs or mobile devices. Instead, a slot machine has an RNG that determines each spin’s outcome. For a slot machine to remember you, it needs to have specific technology in place. 

A camera with face recognition software would need to be installed in order for the device to recognize a new player or recognize you every time you return to the slot to continue playing. It also needs fingerprint recognition software to recognize your fingerprint every time you press the spin button. Either of these technologies would be required (or even just one). 

The device would then require a memory card to store all this information. There isn’t a single slot machine out there that has these technologies. Therefore it’s impossible for any slot machine to keep track of you or your activities on the device. 

Can an Online Slot Remember You 

The conspiracy theory that online casinos keep track of all players’ wins, spins, and losses in an extensive secret database is entirely untrue. Furthermore, online slot games also have no memory of players’ spins, losses, and winning combinations. 

As with land-based slot machines, each online slot is powered by an RNG and has a certain RTP percentage. The RTP percentage is calculated after millions of spins, and third-party auditors then verify it.

All online slots are thoroughly tested for fairness by developers to ensure that results are fair. Developers won’t release a slot game into a casino’s games library if it hasn’t passed certain credentials set out by the iGaming licensing authority and the software testing lab.

Once the online slot is released into a gaming site’s games library, it’ll undergo more stringent tests by third-party auditors on a regular basis. This is done to ensure that the casino hasn’t tampered with the mechanics or RNG of the game. 

It must be mentioned that online casinos keep records of the games you play as a customer. They use AI technology to record what slot games you often play so that they can formulate better casino bonuses and promotions specific to your online gaming needs and habits. For example, you’ll find that some online casinos may email you a special promotion on your favorite slot game.

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