Desktop vs Mobile Casinos: Which is best?

Published by Danny on February 12, 2020 IN Casino Tips

Desktop vs Mobile CasinosThe casino industry has changed a lot over the years giving players more ways to access their favourite casino games. In the past, before the days of technology, you had to drive to a land-based casino if you had hopes of playing any casino games.

Thanks to technology and the rise of online casinos you have instant access to any casino games from anywhere at any time.

The constant improvement of technology has also made it possible for game developers to create bigger and better games. Giving players more variety and options to choose from when visiting their online casinos.

Unlike land-based casinos where you are limited to the closest casinos to your current locations, with online gambling you have access to almost all online casinos. And the best part is that technological equipment has made it possible for you to access these casinos from any device.

Desktop Casinos

The golden oldie is the Desktop, the master and starter where online casino gambling began. This bad boy has withstood the test of time and is still used by the masses to enjoy their favourite online casino games on. You can access your favourite online casino directly via your web browser, or with some casinos, you still have the option of downloading their software and playing straight from your desktop home screen.

What makes Desktop Casinos remain more popular than other options to this day is the fact that they are still bigger. As these are the devices that were used from the start, the range of games available on them is almost always more. Plus, the majority of the population are seated in front of a desktop for the majority of the day and night anyway making it the most obvious of choices.

This device also has a larger selection of payment methods available and higher limits in place perfect for high rollers. The disadvantage of playing on this device is that you have to remain seated in one place in order to play. The minute you want to go somewhere you have to stop playing.

Mobile Casinos

A few years ago, the mobile gambling industry began to rise and, in a way, it also breathed new life into the online casino industry as a whole. More and more players started paying attention to the industry purely for the fact that it was something instantly accessible from their mobile or tablet device.

Mobile Casinos can be accessed in a number of ways starting with casino apps, these have some advantages starting with instant access, exclusive bonuses and plenty of gaming options. Unfortunately, the mobile casino apps are not accessible on all devices and they also tend to take up a lot of memory space.

Luckily as technology advanced, online casinos were able to create their platforms using HTML5 technology. This meant that their websites were now running faster on regular browsers and could be accessed on mobile browsers. Thanks to this small update it was no longer necessary to wait until you’re home or try download an app to play your favourite games.

Instead, you can access your favourite online casino directly from your iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows mobile or tablet browser. This meant that you could play your favourite games or try new ones while on the move. You no longer have to stay in one place for a chance to spin your way to instant big wins.

In the beginning, very few mobile casino games were available but over the past few years, game providers have worked hard to create more mobile-friendly slots and games. They’ve also taken the time to remaster some old favourites making them perfect to play on any device.

Some downsides to playing on your mobile device is that there will be some restrictions. You will still not have access to the full range of games available on the desktop casino unless it is a fully-fledged mobile casino. Some payment options might be inaccessible, battery consumption is higher and you won’t be able to play unless connected to a secure Wi-Fi connection.

The connection is extremely important as there’s nothing worse than losing connection mid-spin. Wi-Fi is also the top suggestion as it could be heavy on your mobile data to play online casino games without.

Desktop Casinos Remain King

When playing online casino games via your mobile device it would always be suggested to have a charger or power bank nearby. And of course, be somewhere with high-speed Wi-Fi or have access to enough data so you don’t run out in the middle of the game.

Mobile Casinos are amazing and they are perfect for those short term gaming sessions when travelling or to kill boredom. When it comes to the more serious gaming sessions or participation in Slot or Poker Tournaments Desktop Casinos will remain the preferred.

They are trusted, secure and will always offer more stability in terms of power supply, internet connection and game stability.

The great news is that you don’t have to choose as most top-rated online casinos give you the advantage of gaining access to your account via both Desktop and Mobile browser. No matter where you go you can still get your fix of gaming fun whether it’s at home or on the go.