Can You Take Pictures Inside a Casino?

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We all carry our smartphones with us everywhere, and taking selfies or photos with friends while you’re having fun is now very much standard practice. Many people that visit casino venues want to know if they’re allowed to take pics while on the casino floor. 

Nobody wants to live through the embarrassment of being forcibly removed from the casino by security. So our experts CasinoTopsOnline did some research and made some queries to bring you their findings.

Restrictions on Photography

In the past, casinos have strictly forbidden photography on the casino floor for privacy and security reasons. Today, most casinos will allow some snapshots as long as they’re not taken while at a table game or at the cashier’s cage. Taking photos of unsuspecting employees is also forbidden. 

Many casinos have begun to appreciate the social media age we live in. However, there are etiquette issues that need to be considered. For example, you could ask a casino employee to take a photo of them before you assume it’s allowed. Since casinos may differ in their rules regarding photos, you should always keep an eye out for any signage posted explaining the particular casino’s photo-taking rules. 

Additionally, it’s widely accepted that should a casino not have any signage, you can take photos. If no photography policies are posted, you can do as you please. However, it’s better to ask first to avoid an embarrassing situation

Should you decide to go ahead anyway and you’re approached by a security officer, you can ask them to point out any signage that says you’re not allowed to take photos. If they can’t, then they’ll most likely move on and leave you alone to continue taking pictures as you please. 

Security Issues

Millions of dollars pass through casino doors on a daily basis. When there’s money involved, there’s always a risk of theft, and casino security has to be highly vigilant at all times. So it makes sense that no photography is allowed at the cashier’s cage. High volumes of cash are exchanged for chips. Areas vulnerable to theft are their primary concern. Taking photos in the table playing areas is also under constant monitoring by casino security. 

Cheating is a huge security risk for casinos. Cheaters could take photos of hands being played at table games. Enough photos could reveal a player or a dealer’s hands and strategy at a poker table. The same could apply to roulette tables and slot machines. 

Cheaters are so cunning these days they could turn the house edge in their favor. This is, of course, the last thing a gaming venue wants. After all, they’re in the business of making money, and disallowing photography makes them feel more secure in knowing that their business is safe from theft and cheaters.

Privacy Issues

Players at casinos don’t appreciate being photographed as a part of a background in someone’s selfie, which is posted on someone’s social media page. Once people take too many photographs, the casino could lose customers who prefer playing casino games in a safe and private environment. When taking photos, you need to be aware that you may infringe on someone’s privacy, and they may not take too kindly to your activities. 

The Bottom Line

Casinos must adapt to the times since every person now carries a mobile device. Some casinos even see customers taking photos of their establishments as a free marketing tool. However, in most casinos taking photos of the cashier’s cage, at gaming tables, and of employees is forbidden. To avoid an embarrassing situation, we suggest you first ask to be sure.

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