5 Best Casino Games for Beginners

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The casino world is very welcoming to newcomers. There are various games that you can play to introduce yourself to the scene. At the same time, there are various safe online casinos for real money to join, too. These will make you feel more secure and comfortable in your surroundings. Yet when it comes to the games, where should you start? In this guide, we'll look at the top 5 games to play if you are a beginner at casino gaming.

Slot Machines

Many people already know that slot games fill the floors up at casinos. The same is true at online sites, with lobbies featuring masses of these games. There are many varieties of slot game and they come with various themes built into them, too. It is our recommendation to begin with the simpler slot games, such as the three-reel classics. Take a look at games like Lightning Joker or Hot Chilli. Then, when you're comfortable with them, move on to five-reel games and so on. 

You can also join one of the many free spins casino sites available. They provide you with free spins of the reels of one or more slots. Often, this is on video slots, so you can experience their setups and special features for free this way. Get to grips with bonus game rounds, free spins triggers, gamble rounds, and more. 


You may think that card games are difficult to understand. That's not true at all, though. Blackjack is one of the simplest card games to learn. The basic rule behind it is to get as close to 21 with your card hand as possible. Your task is to have a hand that outdoes the dealer's hand. You need to not go above 21 or you'll go bust. Keep those few rules in mind and you've got the basics of blackjack down. What's more, the game is available to play at many of the biggest casinos in the world. Thus, it's not difficult to locate a game of blackjack. 

There are several variations of the game on hand at these sites, too. They incorporate extra side bets for you to place and gameplay is a little different. Yet, the basis remains to reach as close to 21 as possible. Start out with the basic blackjack game as a beginner. Then, try your hand at one of the alternate versions of it and see how it works. 


As with blackjack, roulette tends to look quite intimidating to newcomers. That's understandable, considering there are so many numbers in view. Yet once you've had a couple of goes at roulette, you'll find it to be very compelling. The wheel is recognisable, even to someone who has never played before. We always recommend starting out with simpler bets. This means the red or black, odd or even options. These serve roughly as 50/50 bets (not taking the green 0 into account). Once you are comfortable with these bets, you can turn to something a little more advanced. 

This includes betting on a section of the numbers from the table. Or betting on a street or a corner, for example. After a few rounds of roulette, you may also want to try incorporating a strategy into your gameplay. Different players utilise different systems for their betting. Why not play it at one of the best online gambling sites for free in demo mode? This way, you can test all the systems out without risking your own money. 

Video Poker 

Whenever you hear the word 'poker', it can conjure up images of bluffing and card hands. Yet video poker simplifies things in a considerable way. While having a bit of knowledge of poker hands before playing is good, it's not necessary. You'll soon pick the hands up when playing anyway. A video poker game will calculate the type of hand you have managed to form in a round, too. 

Such a game merges the worlds of poker and slot machine gaming together in one. To start with, you receive five cards, and you need to decide how many to hold onto. Afterwards, you draw cards to try and make the best poker hand possible. Wins usually begin at a pair of jacks or better, which is why there is a version called Jacks or Better. Yet several other instances of video poker exist, like Deuces Wild and Joker Poker. 


If you want something easy to understand as a basic, then baccarat is the route to take. Playing this requires you to bet on which hand you think will be the better one. Either the player hand or the banker hand. You don't actually have anything to do with the cards themselves. It is your task only to wager on the hand you believe will be the greater one. You can also bet on it being a tie outcome, but that is full of risk you don't need. A complicated method of counting the total is present in baccarat. Yet the game will do this for you, making life easier. 

Baccarat is also available in live dealer mode, as are roulette and blackjack. Thus, it is available in some of the lobbies of the best live casinos in the world. These versions utilise live dealers streamed from casino studios. They control the flow of the game, so you'll need to be on form with your bets. Yet they are a lot more immersive and bring a more social aspect to the game.

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