3 of the Easiest Online Casino Games to Win

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When we play the top casino games online, we are always looking to win. After all, isn't that the point of playing games with real money? For many gamblers, it is. Doubtless, some will be on the lookout for the best games to play that are beatable. In the online casino world, there are a few that players enjoy for this reason. Here, we will look at the top three games that are the easiest to win at online casino sites.


Card games may seem daunting for anyone who is new to casino gaming. Yet blackjack is a popular game around the world, and very simple to learn. In fact, you can find one or two of the best sites for online blackjack in Finland, the UK, Ireland, and across Europe. Blackjack is easy to beat because of the odds that are in your favour. It comes with such a low house edge that you can often find yourself beating the casino. 

The game sees you playing against the dealer. You receive cards and have to make a hand as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding that number. This happens by hitting more cards or sticking with your hand as it is. Your cards are then compared against those in the dealer's hand. If your hand outdoes the dealer's, you win. That's the simplicity behind playing blackjack.

It is easy to become proficient enough at blackjack through online play. Yet even an inexperienced player only has a rough 2% house edge against them. That works very much in your favour. This will differ depending on the version of blackjack that you opt to play. Sticking with a standard variation of it is ideal for anyone looking to come out on top, though.

Video Poker

Not a huge number of people are familiar with playing video poker. That's a bit of a shame, considering how much it plays in your favour. The likelihood is that players see the word poker and turn away. While video poker does utilise some features of standard table poker, it is different. The game merges those features with a sort of slot machine setup

In video poker, you don't need to be so aware of the poker hands as you do in table poker. Plus, you're not playing against others. You're up against the RNG system at your chosen online best casino site.

As long as you have a basic level of poker knowledge, then this game is suitable. Paytables do matter in it, so take a look at what the payouts are in your chosen version. Options like Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, and others feature different paytables. Yet the general idea behind them all is the same, which is why they are easy to win on.

The game provides you with a hand of cards, and you need to decide which you want from them. Discard the ones that you don't like first of all. You're trying to create the best five-card poker hand that you can in video poker. After discarding any (or holding them all), the game will provide new cards in their place. From that selection, you will see any poker hand that forms. Of course, the better the poker hand in view, the better your payout will be.

The house edge in video poker varies depending on the version you're playing. Yet this can be as little as 0.5% in some titles.


You can imagine that anyone new to casino games would look at a roulette table and run. After all, it features a lot of numbers and colours, which can seem confusing. Of course, if you're betting on single numbers, then there is a huge risk related to it. Yet you don't have to proceed in such a way with roulette gambling. There is an easier way that can result in better payouts over time.

We always recommend playing a European version of the game first off. That's because the house edge is lower due to the wheel only having a single zero on it. All safe online casinos should provide such versions of the game to access.

Then, we also suggest placing your bets on simple choices. This means that you should gamble on red or black, or odd or even. Why? Because these give you the biggest chance of winning. The ball will very infrequently land on the green zero. So, it should land on a red or black number at 50/50 odds. 

The same is true for odd and even number selections. If you want to bet on something with a bit of a better payout, then you can tackle such. This includes rows of numbers of adjacent numbers. Yet there is a higher risk with wagering on smaller selections of numbers. Covering more of them with a single wager gives you more of a chance. It is this that makes roulette one of the easiest games to win.

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