Belgium is regarded as one of the most accommodating European countries when it comes to online casino gaming, with a logical setup for regulating the industry that's very similar to that of US states like New Jersey. But what's the reality of the online gaming industry as a resident of Belgium?

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Best Ranked Belgian Licensed Online Casinos

Here you can find some of the best-ranked online casinos in Belgium, divided by category.

🎰 Best for online slotsBetfirst Casino
🎲 Best for table gamesLadbrokes Casino
💎 Best live casinoCasino 777
⚡ Best for payout speedBetway Casino
💳 Best for banking methodCircus Casino
🤵 Best for supportUnibet Casino
📋 Best for securityNapoleon Games Casino
🚀 Best for our team Supergame Casino
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Is online gambling legal in Belgium

The first step to understanding the best online casinos in Belgium is to look at the legal aspect. The main act in Belgium that outlines the legalities of gambling in the country, in general, is the Gambling Act of 7 May 1999. This act defines gambling activities (i.e. games of chance) and details what circumstances these activities are permitted to be offered. It covers land-based casino gaming, sports betting, and the national lottery.

When online gambling sites became more abundant their popularity grew, and so it became important to update the law. As such, amendments in 2010 and 2019 were made to keep pace with developments in the online gambling industry.

So what is the legal situation regarding online gambling in Belgium? Like some US states such as New Jersey, those seeking a licence to operate online within the country must already have land-based permission to apply. As a result, only a few licensed online casinos currently work in Belgium.

A large and growing number of online casinos based outside the country accept Belgian players, as well as other EU players. Though this is frowned upon by the Belgian authorities, with operators found to be in breach of the law facing fines, it falls to the country's legal system to decide whether or not to pursue a legal case against such operators. 

From the side of Belgian players, the government issues a blacklist of online casinos that haven't been licensed in the country and are, therefore, not permitted by law to be visited and used by residents. ISPs usually block such sites, not allowing players to access them.

Belgian Gaming Commission

Established in 1999 to oversee and regulate the industry in line with the original act of the same year and its subsequent amendments, the Belgian Gaming Commission has the following advisory, licensing and monitoring roles:

  • Advises government and parliament on games of chances and protection of players
  • Issues licences for the legal operation of games of chance and betting services
  • Monitors compliance with the Gambling Act and imposes sanctions, including warnings, suspensions, licence revocations and fines.

The Belgian Gaming Commission issues seven different licences, three of which pertain to online gambling. In each case, the applicant must already hold a land-based operating licence to be eligible for its online licence counterpart:

  • A+ licence: This licence is required by those looking to offer casino games online. Only those holding an A licence can apply for the supplementary A+ licence. There are a maximum of nine A licences that can be granted at any one time, and four casinos currently hold these in Flanders, four in Wallonia and one in Brussels. Consequently, only nine online casino licences (A+) can be held anytime. A/A+ licences are valid for 15 years.
  • B+ licence: This licence is required by those looking to offer slot games online. Only those holding a B licence can apply for the supplementary B+ licence. A maximum of 180 B licences can be granted at any one time, and slot machine arcades in the country currently hold all. Consequently, only 180 B+ licences can be held at any one time. B/B+ licences are valid for nine years.
  • F+ licence: This licence is required by those looking to bet (e.g. sports) online. Only those holding an F1 licence can apply for the supplementary F+ licence. A maximum of 31 F1 licences can be granted at any one time, and all are currently held by sports betting companies in the country. Consequently, only 31 F+ licences can be held at any one time. F1/F+ licences are valid for nine years.

The Belgian Gaming Commission website contains a list of all current licence holders operating in the country, making it easy for players to check an operator's status.

Choose the best Belgian online casino

How to Choose the Belgian Online Casino

So you're looking for a decent Belgian online casino to join and have some gaming fun, but how do you choose the best place to play? Luckily, thanks to the stringent rules overseen and enforced by the Belgian Gaming Commission, there are a limited number of BGC licensed online casinos to choose from, namely, nine A+ licence holders (online casino games operators) and 42 B+ licence holders (online slot game operators).

However, that's still a total of 51 different sites to trawl through. Doing that on your own would take way too much time. Thankfully, you don't have to do all that as we've done all the legwork for you! We take a detailed look at every aspect of an online casino's operations, from their company background to the variety of games on offer at their site, to ensure that it's a safe, trustworthy and fun place to play.

Numerous factors go into the decision-making process regarding rating the best online casinos. Here we'll take you through three of the most important ones that you can check out for yourself, so you can make an educated decision as to which Belgian online casino you should join.

Gambling Licence

The most indicative factor of a trustworthy place to play is the online casino's licence status. Since we're talking specifically about Belgian online casinos here, ideally, you'll be looking for operators with a valid Belgian Gaming Commission licence, either A+ for online casino games, B+ for online slot games, or F+ for online casino games and sports betting.

Legitimate BGC licensed online casinos will display the Belgian Gaming Commission's logo in their website's footer, which is usually linked to the regulator's website. You can also check the list of licensees on the Belgian Gaming Commission website to see if the online casino is included in the most up-to-date list.

Many online casinos outside the country accept Belgian players holding licences from other legitimate issuing authorities. If you play on one of these sites, we recommend you choose one with a trusted licence from highly respected authorities, such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. These organisations have been set up to protect players, so you're more likely to have a positive experience at these licensed sites.

Belgian Native Customer Support

Because of how the law around online gambling works in the country, with only existing land-based organisations allowed to hold online gambling licences, you will likely find Belgian native customer support at licensed online sites. That means it will be straightforward for you to get help in one of Belgium's official languages of French, Dutch or German, whether that's directly on the website via an FAQs section or by one of the various contact methods such as live chat, phone or email that may be on offer.

Many online casinos based in other countries take a global approach to customer service, offering help in various languages, with French, Dutch and German being amongst the most popular.

Getting help in your native language is crucial, especially if you encounter difficulties with monetary transactions. Look for a site that offers instant attention in the form of live chat or phone support so you can get the help you need as soon as possible.

Belgian Player Reviews

Another excellent way of determining the best Belgian online casino is to see what players of these sites have to say about their experience. In the same way, you might read through customer reviews of a product you're thinking of buying; exploring the feedback of online casino players can give you an idea of what you can expect from these sites before you join.

Player reviews are more likely to be honest about their brand experiences than the brand itself, as they don't usually have a vested interest in that brand's performance. While it's common to see a few grumbles here and there about individual cases of, say, delayed responses from the support team or withdrawals that have taken a bit longer than usual to process, you should take more notice of a large number of player reviews all complaining about the same thing as that may suggest fundamental issues with the site in question.

It pays to do your homework when choosing a quality Belgian online casino to join, but remember that people can say anything they want online, so take it all with a pinch of salt!

Here are the best bonuses for Belgian casino players

Casino Bonuses for Belgian Players

Quite often, online casinos offer players bonuses to encourage them to play. These bonuses include extra funds on top of whatever you choose to deposit at the site, giving you a little more to play with. The most popular type of bonus that's generally found at almost all safe online casinos is the welcome bonus

Often called the first deposit or new player bonus, this type of bonus gives you extra funds and sometimes free spins on top of your first deposit at the site, so you have more to explore the available games.

You may already know that many Belgian online casinos aren't massive on advertising bonuses on their sites. That's because the Belgian Gaming Commission has banned bonuses offered to players by their licensees. However, plenty of other Belgian-friendly online casinos worth considering that offer bonuses if you're keen to claim one.

Here are a few of the top casino bonuses currently available to Belgian players:

Best Casino Games in Belgium

Perhaps the most popular of all online casino games in Belgian casinos are the ones that are still the most popular in land-based casinos to this day. 

These include the timeless beat-the-dealer game of Blackjack, the lucky numbers game of Roulette, the many variants of Poker and the sophisticated yet straightforward Baccarat game. These are the titles you tend to find at almost all good online casinos, and they can come in both RNG-driven and live dealer formats.

Other games you can expect to find at Belgian online casinos include online bingo, keno, dice games and even some classic card games like Cribbage, Trumps and Solitaire.

Each online casino has its unique collection, so it's worth looking around to see which of them stocks your favourites before taking the plunge.

Most Popular Online Slots in Belgium

As slot machines tend to hold a prominent position in most land-based casinos, it's also the case that online casinos feature an extensive slots collection. 

While many Belgian online casinos stock plenty of the best online slots, you'll also find another type of game that you don't tend to see so much at other online casinos, and these are dice slots, which operate in a similar way to traditional video slots but with the involvement of dice on some level.

Whether you like dice slots or prefer the standard style of classic or video slots, here are the most popular online slots you're likely to find at Belgian online casinos:

slot background image slot background image

Bonanza Megaways

RTP: 96%

slot background image slot background image

Bier Haus

RTP: 96%

slot background image slot background image

5 Lions

RTP: 95.51%

slot background image slot background image

Book of Dead

RTP: 96.25%

slot background image slot background image


RTP: 97%

slot background image slot background image

Steam Tower

RTP: 97.04%

slot background image slot background image

Captain Venture

RTP: 95%

slot background image slot background image

Halloween Jack

RTP: 96.28%


Mobile Casinos Accepting Belgian Players

These days, almost everyone has a mobile phone. As a result, many online casinos offer players the ability to explore their range of games on modern smartphones and tablets, and the situation in Belgium is no different.

Playing casino games on mobile devices can be done in one of two ways: downloading and installing a standalone app onto your device or simply visiting the online casino's website via your mobile device's web browser.

Here are the top mobile-friendly online casinos that accept players from Belgium:

CasinoOSHow to Play on Mobile
Ladbrokes CasinoAndroid, iOSMobile-first Site
Betway CasinoAndroid, iOS
Casino App
Circus CasinoAndroid, iOS
Casino App
Unibet CasinoAndroid, iOS
Casino App
Supergame CasinoAndroid, iOS
Mobile-first Site
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Belgian Mobile Culture

Like many developed Western countries, Belgium has a thriving mobile phone market. In 2020, there were some 9.31 million smartphone users, just over 80% of the country's 11.56 million population. Such widespread usage is supported by a robust mobile communications network covering the country's vast majority. As a result, Belgians spend an increasing amount of time on their mobile devices, doing things like online shopping, catching up with family and friends, working and playing games.

An increasingly popular way to kick back and enjoy your free time in the country is to log in at your favourite live casino and play some games, all from wherever you happen to be at the time, simply by using your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Thanks to today's technology, doing so is possible at almost all modern online casinos, so you'll have plenty of variety to explore.

Best casino payment methods in Belgium

One aspect of playing online casino games that is of concern to many people is payments

The first issue that comes to mind is the safety and security of your personal and transaction data at these online casinos. Though it's understandable to be concerned, you should know that licensed online casinos are under intense scrutiny, especially regarding transactions, ensuring that your information is always kept safe and that payments are completed securely using the same digital encryption technology banks and credit card companies adopt.

Once you're satisfied that it's safe to make deposits and withdrawals at Belgian online casinos, the next logical question is, which payment methods can you use? As a resident of Belgium, you can expect to be able to choose from a good variety of payment methods, many of which you're most likely already familiar with.

Here are a few of the most popular payment methods available at Belgian online casinos:

Best Klarna Casino Sites in 2024


Klarna offers a simple and secure way to deposit funds, but cannot be used for partial payments.

Top PayPal Online Casinos for Real Money in 2024


PayPal is a fast and convenient ewallet, available in many different countries worldwide.

Best Skrill Casino Sites in 2024


Skrill is a convenient eWallet to transfer funds online, with instant payments and high security.

Best Nickel Casino Sites in 2024


Nickel is a platform for online payments, allowing faster online card deposits.

Remember to Gamble Responsibly

Playing casino games can be a lot of fun, but it shouldn’t be a problem or interfere with your day-to-day life. In contrast to other types of games, playing online casino games involves betting with real money for the chance to win more back, and as a result, that little bit of fun can turn into addictive behaviour. Gambling addiction can cause significant damage to one's life, including devastating monetary losses and a withdrawal from social and work responsibilities, so it's something you should take seriously and take active steps to prevent.

Here are a few indicators that you may be developing addictive gambling behaviour:

  • Prioritising gambling over socialising, work or other responsibilities
  • Chasing your losses
  • Gambling with more than you can afford to lose
  • Spending significant amounts of time gambling
  • Getting frustrated when you lose
  • Being unable to control your gambling activities
  • Hiding your gambling activities from others

If you exhibit any of these behaviours or feel like you may be developing a gambling addiction, there are many avenues for getting help and support.

Online casinos are required to offer various resources for limiting your gambling activities, such as imposing betting limits daily or weekly or even excluding yourself from the site entirely on a temporary or permanent basis. This is called self-exclusion, and you can initiate it either in your account settings or by getting in touch with customer support.

Responsible Gambling Organisations in Belgium

Several organisations are also available to support you if you or someone you know suffers from addictive gambling behaviour. These include the Belgian Gaming Commission, which offers exclusion options,, a support website for gamblers, and a site dedicated to counselling those with gambling addiction problems.

Gambling Helplines in Belgium

If you need to talk to someone about gambling addiction, whether it's your own or someone else's, you can call the SOS Spelen freephone number on 0800 35 777, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Find the list of land-based casinos in Belgium

Land-based Casinos in Belgium

The Belgian Gaming Commission is charged with licensing online and land-based casinos in the country. As mentioned before, an online casino or slot website can only obtain a licence to offer services online if they already hold a land-based casino or slot machine establishment licence (i.e. A or B licences).

There are currently nine licensed land-based casinos in Belgium:

Middlekerke Casino

Circus Grand Casino de Namur

  • Casino address: 1 avenue Baron de Moreau 5000, Wallonia, Belgium
  • Square metres: 8721 sqm
  • Games: 330
  • Phone number: 32 (0) 81 22 30 21 
  • Website: N/A

Casino Partouche Oostende

Casino Circus de Spa

  • Casino address: Rue Royale 4, Liege, Belgium
  • Square metres: 3324 sqm
  • Games: 390
  • Phone number: 32 (0) 87 77 20 52 
  • Website: N/A

Casino Blankenberge

Napoleon Games Knokke-Heist Grand Casino

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