Aztec is the theme and what a Bonanza this unique slot game is! Prepare to be impressed by the 2-4-6-4-2 unlockable stone grid that expands from 384 ways to an incredible 7,776 ways to win as you trigger tumbling wins. Awaken all four of the gold and gem adorned totem heads to witness their powerful effects and unlock the entire grid for spectacular free spins! Read more below to find out all about this amazing slot.

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Aztec Bonanza

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Aztec is the theme and what a Bonanza this unique slot game is! Prepare to be impressed by the 2-4-6-4-2 unlockable stone grid in Pragmatic Play's game that expands from 384 ways to an incredible 7,776 ways to win as you trigger tumbling wins. Awaken all four of the gold and gem adorned totem heads to witness their powerful effects and unlock the entire grid for spectacular free spins!


Reveal the reels in this fascinating game and you'll quickly notice they are about as far from 'reels' as you can get! The Aztec Bonanza symbols are all gems of various colours set onto different stones, which fall into the uniquely shaped 2-4-6-4-2 starting grid that is itself carved in stone. Your backdrop in this game is a lush South American glade complete with sparkling river, Aztec pyramid to the left and to the right a rather impressive looking totem of four gold and gem encrusted heads, each of which is wrapped in gold chains.

Three or more matching symbols in consecutive columns triggers a win before involved symbols disappear, with remaining symbol stones falling from above to replace them, potentially creating additional 'tumbling' wins. Mystery and intrigue is the overriding theme here, with the four corners of what would otherwise be a 6x6 grid hidden from view, at least initially! Start triggering those tumbling wins and you'll see each of the corners in turn crumble away to reveal additional symbols, indicated by the dramatic unchaining and lighting of each head of the totem. It's this progressive unlocking of the grid that leads to big wins in the game's rewarding free spins feature!


Adding to the air of mystery is an atmospheric soundtrack consisting of wavering pipes that builds from a gentle floating melody to a slightly more energetic xylophone punctuated rhythm with vocal chanting as you progress. This building intensity hints at your closing proximity to the game's richer stages. Sound effects are equally intriguing, with the stone symbols falling into their place in the grid with a gentle but rather satisfying crumbly clatter.

As you trigger tumbling wins and unlock the hidden corners of the grid, they will crumble away in a rubbly explosion and the totem heads will awaken with their own unique cry before adding their individual power to the symbols, further accentuating the mysterious air of this game.


In addition to the tumbling wins mechanism, which can be regarded as a feature in itself, there are another two features, one which leads to the other: Symbol Unlocking and the Free Spins Feature. Let's take a closer look at each of these in turn.


For every two tumbling wins you trigger, another hidden corner of the grid crumbles away to reveal additional symbols, increasing the number of win ways up to a maximum of 7,776! Each time a new corner is revealed, one of the totem heads is unchained and adds a special effect as follows:

  • Top left corner: Mystery Symbols are revealed, which then turn into a random symbol.

  • Top right corner: Up to three low value symbols are replaced by up to three high value symbols.

  • Bottom left corner: All symbols in columns one and two are replaced by large 2x2 symbols.

  • Bottom right corner: All symbols in columns four and five are replaced by large 2x2 symbols.


Once you've unlocked all four corners of the grid via Symbol Unlocking above, you'll trigger the Free Spins Feature. Here you'll be playing on the fully unlocked grid of five columns with six rows of symbols, giving you the maximum 7,776 ways to win! You'll get five free spins on this expanded grid and on each spin, one of the following special effects will be applied at random:

  • Mystery Symbols: These appear at random and transform into a symbol.

  • Symbol Transform: Up to three low paying symbols transform into high paying ones.

  • Giant Symbols: Large 2x2 symbols appear in columns 1-2 and 4-5 and remain in place through any tumbling wins.


Aztec Bonanza's theoretical Return to Player is stated as 96.53%, making it an attractive game in terms of maximum payout over time.


Obviously the big payout in Aztec Bonanza will come from the free spins feature, which means your goal should be to reveal all four of the hidden corners by hitting a string of tumbling wins. Once you've cracked your way into the feature, those wins will start stacking up, especially if you manage to trigger more tumbling wins during your free spins!


Absolutely! But why? Here's our top five reasons for exploring this mysterious slot:

  • Cool ancient Aztec theme: The crunchy stone symbols, gold and gem encrusted totem heads, and gentle wavering soundtrack give this game bags of intrigue

  • Tumbling wins: Trigger a chain reaction of payouts with the mesmerising tumbling wins mechanism

  • Unlockable grid: Turn 384 ways to win into a maximum of 7,776 ways to win with corners of the grid that unlock as you progress

  • Progressive effects: Each unlocked corner results in rewarding special effects granted by each of the totem heads

  • Rich free spins feature: Unlock the entire grid to enjoy free spins with all the special effects!


Ready to start triggering rich Aztec tumbling wins for real money? Here's your fast track guide to real money playing Aztec Bonanza:

  1. Sign up at one of our reviewed online casinos that offers the game
  2. Make your first deposit and claim any available welcome bonus
  3. Find Aztec Bonanza, open the game and start playing!


Aztec Bonanza is a fascinating game to play with a really unique 'reel' setup and mysterious atmospheric soundtrack. The unlockable sections of the grid give great incentive to keep playing and see what new effects will be added for your winning pleasure! The progressive nature of the game culminates in a fantastic free spins round that adds all the special effects together with really rewarding results!


Got questions? See if we've covered them below.

Is aztec Bonanza safe to play?

Yes, Aztec Bonanza has been produced by a company called Pragmatic Play, who are well known for developing provably fair casino games.

Is aztec Bonanza available on mobile?

Yes, you can play Aztec Bonanza on any HTML5-compatible device, which is most modern smartphones and tablets.

What is the rtp of aztec Bonanza?

Aztec Bonanza's RTP is 96.53%.

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