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Software Spribe
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The Aviator crash game for online casinos represents a new kind of social multiplayer game, which consists of an increasing curve that can crash at any given time. It’s a fascinating way of engaging in casino gaming, and in this guide, we’ll give you some further insight into it. Join us to learn more about the game and how to play it successfully.

Overview of the Aviator Crash Game

The game known as Aviator is a new type of gambling entertainment option, offering a unique way to enjoy placing bets. It was created in January of 2019 by the Spribe company, which is based out of the United Kingdom and creates iGaming products. 

Crash games, in general, have been growing in popularity, with one or two others having been launched in recent times. Aviator is another one to add to the selection, and it brings its own unique style to the scene. The idea behind it is to stop the flight before the plane flies away, and if you do so, then you collect winnings, rather than have them fly off with the aircraft.

Theme of the Aviator Casino Game

The theme behind this game is, as its title suggests, aviation. Therefore, you will see an aeroplane on the screen when you play it, and at the start of each round, this takes off into the skies. It forms an increasing curve as it ascends through the sky and takes you into a unique world of flight, and the possibility to win money from it the higher the plane goes. Thi game is pretty similar to his big brother JetX.

How the Casino Aviator Game Works

So, how is it that such a thematic game operates and provides you with the chance to win money along the way? Well, if you have ever heard of or indeed played crash games before, then you will already be aware of how it works in general. It follows in the same sort of vein as the other games in this category, providing a graphic display that is based on a random number generator (RNG), which ensures random results occur in every round. So, have a look at this guide to how the Aviator game plays out.

One Game Every 8 to 30 Seconds

Gameplay is swift in Aviator, with the duration of each round being between 8 and 30 seconds in general. Of course, it depends upon how high the plane ends up going in around as to how quickly it is over. The timeframe within which you get to place your bets for the upcoming round lasts for about 5 seconds, so be sure to get those wagers in before that time runs out.

Set Your Initial Stake

At the bottom of the game screen, you will see two sections that both feature the same buttons and options. This is because you can place two different bets on the same round if you so wish. Simply use the + and – buttons or select a specific value to bring into play as your initial stake. 

The countdown for the betting round will be displayed, and this lasts for about 5 seconds. Therefore, it would be ideal to know what wager(s) you would like to place for the upcoming round, as that 10 second counts down pretty quickly.

Take the Winnings

Once the betting period is over, the aircraft will take off into the skies. As it ascends, a multiplier will be displayed next to it, which increases as the plane soars higher. It is up to you how long you leave this multiplier increasing before you pull out. At the bottom of the game screen will be the button that states ‘Cash Out’, and the amount of money you will obtain from cashing out will also be displayed there. 

Whenever you are ready to click on this, you should do so, and then the payout will be provided.

You need to ensure that you hit this before the plane flies away and off the game screen in order to win something. Otherwise, you lose out altogether. Rounds of flight can last one second, five seconds, 10 seconds or sometimes even longer, and the longer you leave it (without the plane flying off), the higher your reward will be for it.

Aviator game features

Important Aspects of the Aviator Game

Crash games generally all operate in the same sort of way, so they all come with very similar aspects to experience. However, each one also presents something slightly different on-screen for you to see, too. The Aviator crash game from Spribe is exactly the same in this instance, and there are one or two aspects of it that you need to be aware of when playing.

This Game is Multiplayer

If you look at many standard RNG casino games, they tend to place you as the focus, as you are usually the only player that you can see playing it. This is despite the fact that probably many other people are also playing it around the world. You just don’t know it. With Aviator, it is a very highly multiplayer game, so you can see everyone else that is betting on the round at the same time as you. 

In this respect, you can see the bets that other players are making, as well as if and when they cash out (plus the prize they receive upon doing so). This makes it a bit more of a social game too, as it incorporates an in-game chat, allowing you to communicate with others if you so wish.

A Whole New Gaming Experience

Even though a couple of other crash games have been created, each one is relatively novel in its own right. The mechanics behind them are very much the same, but how they have been designed and what they focus on are different on the whole. The Aviator crash game is all about a plane taking off and you needing to cash out before it flies off the screen altogether.

And while it is considered a casino game, it is a completely new and alternative way to engage in gaming when compared with slot machines or table games, for example. It’s simple to understand, only requiring you to select a bet and then cash out when you’re ready. This makes it not only a new gaming experience, but an easy one to enjoy as well.

Aviator Crash Game is Mobile-Friendly

You don’t have to be at home on your computer to play Aviator, either. Instead, it is highly accessible from a mobile device, be that a tablet, a smartphone or a laptop. You simply load it up in the same way and everything adapts to your mobile handset screen, allowing you to have a fantastic gaming experience from wherever you are. 

Through a smartphone or a tablet, you are only able to place one bet per round, whereas on the desktop variation, up to two can be wagered per round. However, everything else remains exactly the same, including the quality and speed of the game itself.

Aviator game bonuses

Aviator Game Bonuses

We all like to receive bonus offers when we join a top online casino, and this includes those of us who want to play the Aviator crash game. As things stand at the moment, this game is not active at a huge number of casino sites. This doesn’t mean that bonuses are not available, though. Take a look at the Aviator game bonuses below.

The Aviator Casino Game Tips to Win

If you do decide to play the Aviator casino game, and you haven’t ever played it before, then perhaps a few tips on how to win would be welcome? Fortunately, we have one or two of these hints that you can follow in order to try and increase your chances of winning when playing it. Take a look at them.

Study the Other Competitors

Because you can see the other competitors who are partaking in Aviator at the same time as you, it may be ideal to study how they play and when they cash out. So, take a step back from betting on a few rounds yourself and watch what they do when the plane is ascending. Some people will doubtless have their own strategy or time when they specifically choose to cash out, so perhaps you can incorporate their way of playing Aviator into your own strategy.

In Aviator, the other players can be seen down the left-hand side of the screen. You can view all the bets being placed on the game, just your bets or the top players. The latter category allows you to display the others in terms of Huge Wins, Biggest Wins or Multipliers earned. And this way, you can see what they have wagered, how much they have won, and so on.

Practice with the Aviator Game Demo

As is common for many casino software developers, Spribe has made this Aviator crash game available in demo format. This allows you to play it in the same way as you would for real, but with free-to-play funds instead of your own deposited funds. 

In doing so, you won’t be risking anything, and you will still be able to practice placing bets and cashing out to see how everything operates in Aviator. You can play this way as much or as little as you like, and it serves as an ideal way to get to know about it. Once you’re ready to move on to the real money version, you can join a casino that hosts it and deposit some money.

Remember: Don’t Be Greedy

There is nothing worse than a greedy gambler. And this doesn’t just relate to playing Aviator, but any best casino game. Greed pretty much leads to the downfall of a gamer, and this is definitely something you should apply whenever you engage in gambling. Aviator crash is a gambling game, and you should always remember not to be greedy when you’re playing it.

Instead, try to build up a decent enough profit that makes your balance stand above the amount that you deposited for playing with. And if you’re not successful with it, then come away from the game and try again another day. Don’t hastily try to make back anything you have lost, either. 

Just play the game recreationally, and if you win a little bit of money, then that’s great. Again, come away once you’ve acquired this and then return later for a bit more of the action.

Make Use of the Auto-Cashout

You don’t have to be the one who is responsible for cashing out when a round is in motion. Instead, you can use the game’s Auto section at the bottom of the game screen. Switching to this still requires you to place a bet of your choosing, but then you select a multiplier level that you would like your cash out to take place at. Simply set this at a level that suits you and then wait for the plane to take off.

If your multiplier level is reached before the plane flies off, then the game will automatically cash the funds out for you. This means that you don’t have to press the button yourself. Of course, it is also the case that if the plane flies off before that auto cash-out level is reached, you still lose as standard.

Stake Big on Small Multipliers

Because you have two betting options when playing Aviator, you can follow a simple guide to wagering. This is a widely used technique when it comes to crash games in general. Place a big bet on a low multiplier, utilising the auto-cashout function for this. And during the same round, place a smaller bet on a higher multiplier amount. 

In essence, by using this strategy, you limit the risk in play with the big bet, whilst simultaneously trying to ensure recurrent wins occur and your balance remains at a stable level. The smaller bet is trying to hit a large multiplier which could boost your balance even more.

So, for example, let’s say that you place a €50 bet and request the auto-cashout function to withdraw at 1.40x. Meanwhile, you wager €0.50 on a 10x multiplier. If this comes to pass, then you will receive €70 from the large stake and an extra €5 from the smaller one. Therefore, a total wager of €50.50 results in a profit of €24.50.

Aviator game strategies

Top Aviator Game Tricks and Strategy

It cannot be said that there is a strategy that will 100% guarantee you a win on every single round played by Aviator. That’s because it’s very much like all other casino games, where an RNG is in use to ensure all rounds are random and fair. Yet even though this is the case, you can try to incorporate a betting strategy into how you play, which provides you with a specific way of placing wagers in Aviator. The best one of these to go for is described below.

Martingale Strategy

If you have played top online slot games before, then there is a chance that you will have heard of the Martingale betting strategy as well. Possibly you have already incorporated it into your betting strategies, too. If not though, we have a guide on how to use it here. The idea behind it is to recover any losses that you experience by increasing your bet each round until a win occurs.

So, with this, you start out with a small wager. Let’s say €2. If you lose that round with the plane flying off before you manage to cash out, you double it for the proceeding round. In this example, you would then be placing a wager of €4. This continues until you get a win, and then you go back to the smallest bet of €2 again. 

It’s a simple strategy to learn, but it can be quite risky to use, especially if you suffer multiple losses in a row. You need to have a decent bankroll in order to utilise it successfully.

Questions about the aviator game

Aviator Game FAQs

If you still have questions about the Aviator crash game, then take a look at a few FAQs about it below.

Where can I play the Aviator game?

Just a small number of online casinos incorporate the game into their lobbies. We recommend that you join one of the suggested casino sites on this page.

Where to play the Aviator crash game for free?

The game itself is available in demo free play mode at all casinos, and we have a version of it available to play here, too. Alternatively, you can visit the Spribe website and play it for free there.

How does the Aviator game work?

It’s a simple premise. You place a bet on the game, and the aeroplane flies into the sky, with a multiplier increasing as it goes higher. You need to cash out when you feel ready to do so in order to lock in profit. If the plane flies off the screen before you do this though, you lose all your bet.

How do I withdraw money from the Aviator game?

Once you place a bet and the plane takes off, there is a cash-out button at the bottom of the screen. Simply press this before the plane flies off the screen and the money displayed will be withdrawn to your balance.

How to succeed at the Aviator game?

We always recommend using a responsible gambling strategy when playing any gambling game. Success in Aviator requires you to not be greedy, to watch other players’ gameplay, practice on the demo version of the game, and utilise the auto-cashout, too.

What do you think of the casino game Aviator?

It is a unique and novel way of playing a gambling game at an online casino. The iGaming world is always adapting with new and innovative games, and Aviator from the Spribe brand provides an enjoyable option to play.

What is the best Aviator game strategy?

While there is no strategy that can guarantee you will be successful when playing Aviator, one of the easiest strategies to make use of is the Martingale system. Keep in mind that you need a decent bankroll to utilise this strategy, and it does come with its risks, too.

Can you make easy money with the Aviator game?

There is the potential there to make money while playing Aviator, and potentially you can make a nice profit from it. Yet you should never go into a gambling game with the mindset that you will be making money easily from such. Nothing is guaranteed with these games, and Aviator cannot guarantee you a profit, either. Use a responsible gambling mindset and play it for recreational purposes only for the best kind of experience.

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