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Learn everything about the angola casinos

History of Gambling in Angola

You could list the history of online gambling in Angola with just one line; there is none. Online gambling in the jurisdiction was legalized back in 2020 by Presidential Decree No. 131/204. The history of physical gambling is a bit longer than that, but not by much. The act was legalized in 1970, and the law was adjusted in 2016.

Angola Gambling Law

Angola does have laws in place for gambling, and general laws apply to online gambling. However, online gambling is currently not properly regulated in the country because of how recently it was legalized.

The Angola laws have decreed certain gambling activities to be legal. But since the law isn’t comprehensive for the gambling sector, it is a rule of thumb that any gambling activity that isn’t licensed is considered illegal.

Since online gambling in Angola has very little regulation, there isn’t a licence or registration process. A few online Angola casinos are operating in the country, but besides that, it’s mostly operators with an international licence.

There has been talking about creating a licensing procedure for online casinos in Angola. Authorities are also cracking down on properly regulating existing casinos to make them safer for players. According to LCB, land-based casinos in the country do, however, require a licence approved by all 18 provinces. And these Angola casinos are regulated by the National Lottery Company.

Land-Based Casinos in Angola

The land-based casinos in Angola are a monopolized market. Most sources report that Plurijogos owns most of the market share in Angola for the gambling industry. And as such, it has created a chain of casinos throughout the country named Casino de Angola.

The chain consists of multiple casinos in the heart of the capital Luanda, Ingombota city, Belas, Lubango and many other cities. Many of the chain casinos of Casino de Angola are open 24/7, so gamblers can take their time to visit the locations and take their pick of games.

The casinos offer some of the best slots and table games, including poker, blackjack, baccarat, and online roulette games. A few of the casinos also have hotels integrated into the facilities. The hotels come with conference rooms so you can hold an informal business meeting with refreshments and entertainment prepared ahead of time.

The Future of Gambling in Angola

Now that it’s been legalized, the government is taking initiatives to regulate it and turn it into a sustainable industry. But it’s still too early to say whether a brand new online casino has the potential to hit big in Angola.

Regulations for online gambling in Angola are centralized using federal regulations. This is to ensure the protection of both the operator and the player so that neither faces legal issues for providing and obtaining the services.

The operator must contact Gaming Supervision Institute (Instituto de Supervisão de Jogos) to obtain an Angola online casino licence. The regulatory body has also set requirements stating that the company must be Angolan, the purpose of the business must be centred around gambling and a few other details that you can find on the official website.

One issue online casinos might face becoming more established in the country is taxes. According to the General Tax Code of Angola, the tax rate for online gambling is very high at 15% for prizes.

Again, we can’t give a definite opinion on this since there isn’t much information out there to begin with. However, we will say that it’s more likely than not that online gambling might be a smaller industry in Angola. Considering that many parts of the country suffer poverty and high tax rates, the industry doesn’t look bright for online gambling.

Sports Betting in Angola

Sports betting is legal in Angola and has been since 2020. Angolan residents can access local and international websites to bet on sports. However, any sites used for sports betting must be licensed by the Gaming Supervision Institute.

Licenses issued by the Gaming Super Vision institute are valid for 10 years. However, operators need to be patient since issuing an Angolan licence takes time.

In our opinion, the future of online sports betting in Angola would be similar to online casinos. The government is taking steps to regulate the industry and turn its tax into a revenue source. However, we can’t say for certain since there is always a chance bettors won’t be willing to pay such high tax rates.

Best feature of these online casino sites

Top Features That Make an Angolan Casino Great

So far, we’ve established that Angolan land-based and online casinos are legal. And that the industry can flourish in Angola based on steps taken by the authorities and preferences of the general people. Now, look at some of the perks you can get with an Angolan casino.

Trustworthy and Fair Games

When you’re playing games at an online casino, you probably assume that the technology behind it randomizes the outcomes. There are ways to test this and see whether the game is fair. Check whether any 3rd party agencies have conducted audits to determine whether the games at your operator’s site are provably fair.

Usually, crypto casinos use an algorithm that is provably fair and safer for consumers.

A Bunch of Casino Promotions

Bonuses are the cream of online casino crops. Since bonuses and promo offers are unique to online casinos, you’re likely to see similar ones competing over customers, with the deciding criteria being the bonus. So, having frequent and exciting bonuses and the best free spins offers an operator stand out from the rest.

Available Payment Methods

If you’re a gambler from Angola, you would expect casinos operating in the region would accept Kwanza and offer local payment methods. Debit cards are the most common payment option in Angola, and the operator you frequent should accept them.

But keep in mind that there may be conversion fees for offshore casinos. Fees for casino bank transfers differ based on the jurisdiction.

Quick Casino Withdrawals

When you win a big prize at a casino, you’d naturally want to withdraw it as fast as possible. A lot of international casinos list withdrawal times as little as 15 minutes. The average casino might require 24 to 48 hours or even more.

Again, some casinos might take up to 7 or 8 days. Check the listed withdrawal times and pick the casino that requires the least.

Casinos Privacy Policy

We’ve already mentioned looking out for encryptions on the casino website. The standard is 128-bit SSL encryption for most casinos. To find out whether or not the site is encrypted, check to see whether there is a padlock symbol on the left of your URL. Take a look at the casino's T&Cs and the privacy policy to see what information might be shared with third parties.

Our test of the angola casinos

Testing the Angola Online Casinos

We had a baseline standard for testing all the biggest online casinos that we mentioned in our list. The following are some of the criteria:

Angolan Casino Reviewers

Casino reviews give some of the best insight into how a casino performs and treats its customers. There could be a thousand articles about how a certain online casino in Angola is great, but the moment you see a negative review from an individual, that could sway your decision to sign up.

Natives of Angola would know the most about Angolan casinos, and therefore they are the ones who contributed the most to creating our list.

Personal & Transparent Casino Reviews

We strive for honesty anytime we give an opinion on a casino. And all the casinos on our list were cut because they were all reliable options for gamblers in Angola.

All or most of the opinions in this guide are personal, and you can choose whether or not to trust them. However, the great thing about the internet is that you can verify the information yourself. Just make sure you’re going to trusted sites for your security.

Deep Analysis of the Angolan Casino

A deep analysis of an online casino is more than just listing the best online gambling sites or ones that offer the best casino games. In one article, this guide was created to give you all the resources you need to learn about online gambling in Angola.

Details about the mobile casino sites

Angola Mobile Casinos

While Angola has had significant economic development in recent years, not everyone in the region wants to invest in a computer setup. They certainly wouldn’t do so just for online gambling. This is where mobile phones come in.

Many Angolan and offshore operators will offer a mobile app for their customers. And usually, the mobile apps have the same features and run just as smoothly as the website version.

Options to Connect With the Mobile

Unitel and Movicel are the primary operators for mobile connectivity in Angola. They provide 3G, 4G, and 5G connections. Besides these, the region has a state-owned telecommunications provider named Angola Telecom.

Our final thoughts on these online casinos

For the most part, we do recommend these safe online casinos real money. The Angolan government has worked to create a safe environment for Angolans who visit online casinos by layering regulations and mandating licenses.

However, it becomes an issue when you’re trying to visit a blocked site or one that doesn’t have the proper licenses and registration. We only recommend the casinos we have listed since we’ve researched them. These casinos are trusted licensed operators who won’t disappear with your hard-earned money.

But that isn’t to say that these are the only good Angolan online casinos out there. You’re welcome to go ahead and find an online casino by yourself as long as you’re aware of the risks involved.

Angola Casinos FAQs

We’ve provided plenty of information regarding casinos in Angola. But if you are still confused, we’ve answered some of the more commonly asked questions below.

Are online casinos legal in Angola?

Yes, online casinos are legal in Angola. Online gambling was legalized in 2020 by Presidential Decree No. 131/204. There is no regulatory body yet for online gambling in Angola, the general laws are abided and operators would need a licence issued by Gaming Supervision Institute (Instituto de Supervisão de Jogos).

Which is the best online casino in Angola?

One of the best online casinos Angola has to offer is 888 casino. The casino is licensed by the Gaming Supervision Institute and offers a secure platform for gamblers. The casino also offers a wide range of casino games including table games and slots from some of the best software providers.

Which Angolan online casinos have the best payouts?

It’s hard to say which Angolan casino has the best payout. When we compare casinos, we look at them as a whole. But if we had to pick, we would go with Betway casino.

Do all Angolan casino sites take debit cards?

Debit cards are one of the most common payment methods anywhere in the world. It would be unusual to find an online or even land-based casino that won’t take debit card payments. While there can always be exceptions, we’re mostly sure all the Angolan casinos take debit card payments.

Do all Angolan online casinos offer secure deposits and withdrawals?

We can’t say for certain that all the online casinos in Angola offer secure payments. Since the industry hasn’t developed to the full extent, there are plenty of scam casinos that have taken up shop. But all the casinos we’ve listed for you do offer secure deposit and withdrawal methods.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Angolan casino players?

For the most part, casinos in Angola don’t charge any withdrawal fees. However, depending on which payment method you use, there might be a fee that you incur. Particularly with bank transactions, you might have to pay a fee when withdrawing your winnings from an online casino.

Can I play with Angolan Kwanza at Angolan casinos?

All land-based casinos in Angola accept Kwanza and local payment methods. For online casinos, it depends on where the operator originates. But usually, if an operator is accepting Angolan visitors on the platform, it will accept payments via Angolan Kwanza.

What payment methods are available for players looking for online casinos in Angola?

Cards and e-wallets are the most commonly accepted payment methods for online casinos in Angola. These include Visa, Mastercard, NETELLER, Skrill and Trustly.

What age should I be to play at an online casino from Angola?

The acceptable age to be able to play legally at an online casino in Angola is 18 years. For most online casinos, you would have to verify your age during sign-up and also possibly with a KYC form.

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