Take Control of Gambling Activities

Last Updated: October 25, 2023

Fact-checked by Valerie Lizotte

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Control your gambling habits

If you are spending too much time and money on gambling or if it is starting to impact other aspects of your life negatively, you need to regain control of your gambling activities and take steps to accomplish this.

Recognizing and taking the necessary steps to manage your gambling can help you to avoid the negative impact that problem gambling can have. You can instead enjoy healthy gambling online, which is fun.

Responsible Gambling Actions

  • Money Limits – Players can set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits to control the amount they deposit at an online casino. You can increase, decrease or remove these limits.
  • Limits on Losses – After you lose a set amount, the limit will be triggered, which helps avoid chasing losses.
  • Time Checks – also called reality checks, these are triggered to assist you in keeping track of time.
  • Budget Calculators will help you determine how much you have spent on gambling.
  • Time Limits – You can set the time you want to be logged in. Once you have reached your session limit, the online casino will log you out.
  • Self-Assessments – Trustworthy online casinos allow players to take a self-assessment. This is a set of questions to determine how much of your life is affected by gambling.
  • Self-exclusion – you can exclude yourself from gambling for a set period, usually six months, or opt to permanently self-exclude.

Know the Signs

Gambling, like anything, may not be an issue at first, but the more you play, the more risk of it turning into a problem. It is important to recognize the signs of having a problem so you can take action sooner rather than later. Here are the most common signs that your gambling could become an issue:

  1. Gambling is always on your mind, and you will do anything you can, even miss work and other events, to continue gambling.
  2. You start to chase losses and believe that you just need one win to turn your luck around.
  3. You start to hide and lie to those closest to you about gambling and how much time you spend gambling.
  4. You're experiencing changes to your personality, mood swings, irritation etc., especially after gambling.
  5. You continue to gamble even though your finances aren’t looking great, or you start borrowing money, selling items etc., to fund your gambling.
  6. You use gambling to escape the realities of life and stress.

Healthy Alternatives to Gambling

If you are worried that your gambling is becoming a problem, there are many other great activities you can substitute it for that can give you the same buzz or feeling you get from gambling. Some great alternatives to try include:



Exercise is a fantastic way to release daily stress and tension. Consider joining a local sports team, joining the gym, running, or cycling. Exercising for just 30 minutes a day can uplift your mood and overall well-being.


Learn Something New

Often addictive behaviours come from loneliness or boredom, but there are plenty of things to do that don't involve gambling. You can take your time and learn a new skill or find places like community centres to meet new people in person or even online.


Try Something New

If you are chasing the excitement of gambling, you may find that trying something new can give you that same feeling. This can be anything from trying a new restaurant to volunteering or discovering new hobbies.


Try to Relax

Players often see gambling as a way to relax, but if gambling has become an issue, there are plenty of other ways to relax and release stress. One such way is to practice meditation. Some great apps like Balance and Insight Timer are free, and others like Headspace offer a free trial. Another great way to unwind is to practice yoga; you will find plenty of yoga classes online.



Journaling is a great way to put down your thoughts and feelings. If you get the gambling itch or are feeling stressed, journal instead and express yourself. This can help reduce stress and reduce your craving to gamble.