Responsible Gambling

Last Updated: October 25, 2023

Fact-checked by Valerie Lizotte

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Responsible Gambling in Canada

Gambling is a favourite pastime for many people; however, sometimes, people might get out of their depth, which can become an issue. Players need to practice responsible gambling so that it doesn’t cause any harm to themselves or those around them. 

We take responsible gambling seriously. Here you will find some great gambling tips, resources and global help organizations if you or someone you know needs help.

Gambling Responsibly: What Does it Mean?

At CasinoTopsOnline Canada, we want to ensure that players are always practising safe gambling. We are committed to promoting responsible gambling and offer several initiatives to provide you with all the information and tools you need for a secure gambling experience. 

One such initiative is that we only recommend licensed and regulated online casinos. We have our rating process to ensure that the casinos we promote reach the highest standards and meet our CasinoTopsOnline TrustScore process. Besides finding only the best, we also provide various tips for safe online gaming.

Our Pledge to Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling ensures that any gambling activities don’t become a problem by minimizing the risk of such through valuable tools. Trustworthy casinos will offer tools and information to minimize this risk. They will be licensed by a legitimate government body like the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which enforces Responsible Gambling regulations. For instance, players should be allowed to place limits on play.

Safe Gambling Tips

You can practice responsible gambling by following these tips:


Setting Limits on Time and Money Before You Play

Legitimate online casinos should allow players to limit the time played or how much they can spend. This means you are in control of your gambling activities, and once your time or deposit limit is up, you should exit the games and return at another time.


Stay Within Your Budget

It is a good idea to work with a gambling budget. This should be money you have available and not needed for other expenses like bills and food. You should also never borrow money from others to gamble.


Don’t Chase the Losses

If lady luck is not on your side, rather walk away. If you are on a losing streak, chasing these losses until a win could result in more significant losses. Chasing losses and spending more money will cause stress, and you may be unable to make sound decisions.


It Should Be Fun

Gambling should be fun and not seen as a way to make money; after all, the house always has the edge. Gambling should be seen as a hobby and a fun activity. It is a good idea to have other pursuits and balance them with gambling so that gambling is not the only thing you do for leisure.


You Always Need Good Judgement

It is never a good idea to gamble whilst under the influence, as this can lead to poor decision-making, and you may lose more than you can afford. You should have a clear head when gambling to make the best decisions.


Don’t Get Lured by Casino Advertising

Online casinos will send promotional emails to players to attract them to the site and gamble. It is best to unsubscribe from these emails to avoid the temptation they offer.


Don’t Get Caught Up in the Tier Reward Chase

Tier rewards work by the higher your tier, the better your rewards, but you will need to wager more to climb the ladder. It is best to avoid these as most tiers are only achievable for high-rollers.

Play Safe Always

Gambling can be addictive, so you should stop if you are no longer having fun. We urge all our players to gamble responsibly, but if you believe it is becoming a problem, seek help as soon as possible.