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Finding a suitable online casino that accepts players from the United Arab Emirates is no easy task, especially when you consider that most forms of gambling are considered illegal in the UAE. There are hundreds of best casino sites out there these days, many of which do not accept UAE players, but don't worry, we've done all the leg work for you!

We've scoured the internet in search of online casinos that not only accept players from UAE, but also offer a superior service in terms of their wide and varied games collectionplentiful supply of special offers, and sometimes even bonuses in your own currency of Dirhams! Our research revealed it's even possible to find online casinos UAE players can use in Arabic, which is ideal!


Find the Best Casino in the United Arab Emirates

So how do you go about finding the best casino in the UAE? That really boils down to what the current situation is in the UAE regarding online gambling and what you personally want to get from your experience of playing at an online casino. Taking those two factors into consideration is the best way to find something that's perfect for you!

Residing in the UAE presents something of an issue when it comes to online gambling as it is quite strictly forbidden by the country's laws, many of which are determined and influenced by the dominant religion of Islam. As a result, there are no 'home grown' UAE based online casinos as there is no legitimate market for them. But that doesn't mean people don't want to be able to play online casino games all the same! What's happened is offshore online casinos have presented themselves to UAE players by accepting them as new members and allowing them to play. Just bear in mind what the legal status is: prosecution can lead to jail time! However, it's very difficult for law enforcement to catch and prove online casino gameplay in an unregulated market such as the UAE.

Having said all that, what does an online casino have to offer for you to consider it to be 'the best'? For many people it's an attractive welcome bonus. For others it might be a wide range of on-going promotions or incentives to keep playing. Others still might prefer to see a large selection of games from big name providers. One thing all players will agree on is that they want to feel safe at an online casino, both in terms of their money and their sensitive data.

Safe Gambling Environment

What exactly does it mean to be a safe online casino? Thanks to modern technology, anyone can play online casino games from anywhere in the world. However, the downside is that anyone can set up an online casino and take your money, with very little protection or guarantees for you if they decide not to pay out if you win.

One of the most critical factors to look out for to prevent this nightmarish situation is to ensure that the online casino you're considering has a legitimate gambling authority issued licence. This means that all their activities are held to account and regulated by a third party, ensuring that nothing unscrupulous is going on regarding your money or confidential information.

A number of requirements often need to be met by online casinos before gambling authorities will even consider issuing them a licence. These include having a digitally encrypted website, offering trusted payment methods, having detailed T&Cs, privacy and cookies policies, providing links to responsible gaming resources and carrying out player ID checks to prevent fraud. You can see why having a proper licence is often regarded as one of the most reliable indications of the safety and security of an online casino, so take that into consideration.

Bonuses Available in Dirham

Bonuses Available in Dirham

Perhaps one of the most common questions regarding online casinos that accept players from the UAE is regarding bonuses in Dirham (AED). So, can you get online casino bonuses in Dirham? The answer is a little more complex than a straightforward 'yes' or 'no'.

To start with, due to the fact that online gambling is illegal in the United Arab Emirates, and that Dirham is not a widely used currency outside of the UAE, you will be very hard-pressed to find an online casino that offers bonuses in AED. However, that's not the end of the story…

Those online casinos that do accept UAE players may offer the ability to deposit in Dirham using your favourite payment methods. What will most likely happen then is your funds will be converted into your choice of the site's currencies, most commonly GBP, EUR or USD. In this situation, you may well be entitled to a bonus in one of the site currencies.

Bear in mind that some online casinos have restrictions when it comes to bonuses based on certain criteria, such as your country of residence or what method you use to deposit. Just make sure you choose one of our recommended online casinos for UAE players!

Free Bonuses to Test Casinos

There is a whole range of bonuses that online casinos can offer you, many of which are designed to encourage you to start exploring the games and find something you enjoy. Deposit bonuses are perhaps the most common, where you make a deposit and get an extra bonus amount as a percentage on top. However, that's not the only kind of bonus you'll find…

Free bonuses are offered by online casinos to get players to sign up and start playing before even making a deposit, effectively giving you free funds to play their games. It's a great opportunity to get a feel for the online casino you're considering, without actually depositing any money, yet!

The way they tend to work is you sign up at the online casino in question, which is free, then the free bonus is added to your new account. Then you can start exploring some of the games and play using the bonus funds. Remember though that all bonuses have terms and conditions. Free bonuses often come with limitations such as which games you can use it on and how much you can win, so be sure to check those out before you claim.

Support Available in Arabic & English

If you happen to run into any issues once you've joined an online casino, or even have some questions you want answered before joining, there are a number of ways to get support in Arabic or English.

Your first option is to consult the site's FAQ or Help section. Almost all online casinos have these as a way to help players find the answers to their most common questions and, of course, cut down on contacts to the support team. An online casino that accepts UAE players may well offer Arabic as a site language if this is something you would prefer, but almost every online casino will have English as the main site language.

These language options are also often extended to the support services offered by online casinos. Contact methods don't vary much from one online casino to the next, with most offering live chat and phone support on a 24/7 basis, with email contact also available. Simply choose your preferred method and the knowledgeable and friendly support team will sort you out.

Our Favourite Uae Online Casinos 2021

It's one thing to talk about the top online casinos serving UAE players, and it's certainly a good approach to start with, but it's quite another matter talking about our particular favourites.

We put a lot of time and effort into researching the specific situation in the various countries regarding online gambling to come up with online casinos that are not only trustworthy and safe, but also go above and beyond in terms of bonuses, promotions, game choice, variety of providers, payment methods, currency and language support, and all the other details that make your experience that little bit more enjoyable.

It's in these all-important details that we find our favourites, allowing you to bypass all that time-consuming research and get straight to the action in your choice of trusted and approved online casino environments, as recommended by us.

Here's our favourite UAE online casinos for 2021:


Jackpot Village

Online Gambling Laws in United Arab Emirates

It's time to get into the tricky territory of online gambling laws in the UAE. What is the situation when it comes to the legality of online gambling in the United Arab Emirates? It's very important you read and understand the rules that govern the UAE, whether you live there or are visiting, as finding yourself on the wrong side of the law can have serious consequences.

Given that horse racing and camel racing are an accepted part of the culture in the region, you may think it somewhat strange not to allow online casino gameplay within the country. In fact, you may assume that it's fine and find yourself in trouble, which is what we want to help you avoid with this section!

First, we'll take a look at the legal situation regarding gambling in the UAE, as there are some exceptions to consider. We'll then look at the minimum gambling age as it pertains to those exceptions, as well as the unregulated online casinos that accept UAE players. Then finally we'll look at the local gambling laws and how they affect UAE residents.


Is Gambling Legal in The UAE?

It's crucial to bear in mind that the laws of the UAE are influenced by the dominant religion of Islam, which does not permit gambling. However, as with many things, that's not the whole story.

Due to the fact that many activities such as camel and horse racing, many sports, shooting and strength competitions are an inherent part of the culture in the United Arab Emirates, placing wagers on these events is considered accepted, but only for certain individuals. The competitions in question must also meet a number of requirements surrounding the certainty of prizes, the person giving the prize and the scope of the competition.

Raffles are another type of gambling that is permitted in the UAE as these again fall under the strict criteria as set by the country's laws.

When it comes to online gambling, the reason for its prohibition in the UAE is down to several factors. Firstly, most online casino games have nothing to do with skill, being games of chance, which do not fall into the exempted category. The other issue is the involvement of third parties, which again means it falls outside of the category of permitted gambling. And finally there is the potentially damaging influence to young people and women that online gambling advertising and the act itself is claimed to have.

Keep in mind no-account casinos are not allowed here.

What is The Minimum Gambling Age in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is a strict group of nations in many respects.

This hard-line approach also extends to the minimum age at which you are permitted to take part in the few legal forms of gambling that exist in the country. In the United Arab Emirates, you must be a minimum of 21 years old to take part in legal betting on horse and camel races, shooting, sports or other competitions that are permitted.

When it comes to online gambling, most online casinos implement a minimum age limit of 18, with players required to provide proof of their age by sending documentation such as a copy of their passport or ID card.

What Are Local Gambling Laws?

Dubai is one of only three main regions in the UAE where some forms of gambling are legal, but these are still very restricted. Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law in Dubai can result in serious consequences involving hefty fines or even jail time, so it pays to know what you can and can't do.

Horse and camel racing are part of the culture but betting at the race is only permitted at two courses: the Nad al Sheba and Jebel Ali.

There are no casinos in Dubai and even visiting cruise liners are not permitted to offer casino gaming on board while they're docked in Dubai. There are a number of underground casinos to be found, as is common in any unregulated market, but these are best avoided.

Local law enforcement is highly unlikely to come banging on your door to arrest you for online casino gaming in the UAE, but if you are extremely unlucky to be caught doing so, you will face prosecution. However, this doesn't stop many thousands of UAE players from joining the growing number of offshore online casinos, usually through a proxy to hide their country.

Mobile Casinos in the UAE

Mobile Casinos in the UAE

Mobile casinos in the UAE give you the opportunity to play casino games from your mobile devices from wherever you are and wherever you go. It's like having a casino in your pocket! But how do you get access to a mobile casino?

You'll find that many online casinos that accept players from the UAE operate a website that can be viewed on any device. The website is said to be responsive in that it adjusts the presentation and performance of the site content for the best experience according to the device you're using.

What that means is you can visit the website using your smartphone or tablet, log in, open the games and playwithout the need to download any apps, which is the no-fuss option most players prefer.

The other option for mobile casinos in UAE is the download of an online casino mobile app, which some real money casinos offer. Designed specifically for mobile devices, mobile casino apps are still a popular choice for those who prefer a standalone app to visiting a website on their mobile browser.

Payment Methods at the UAE Online Casinos

UAE online casinos offer a variety of payment methods that allow you to deposit and withdraw to your account. It's worth bearing in mind, however, that some payment methods may not be available to you due to legal issues in your country.

Where this may be particularly relevant is in the case of Visa and Mastercard. While these are two of the most popular credit and debit card providers in the world and are as such extremely common payment options at almost all online casinos these days, you may find attempted transactions using Visa and Mastercard are rejected by your bank. This is down to the fact that gambling is illegal in the UAE and banks will not permit the funding of such activities through their services.

However, there are other options available to those residing or visiting the UAE who want to deposit and play online casino games. A number of online payment service providers allow you to use your existing bank card to upload funds, which you can then use as a payment method for depositing at an online casino. Such services include Skrill and Neteller, which are two very popular choices, especially with those in countries with unregulated markets.

Finally, many new online casinos also offer the option of depositing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This is another popular choice with players from countries with restrictive laws thanks to the inherently anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies.

Favourite Games of Emirian Players

So, what are the popular games amongst Emirians? Like many other people, Emirians are fond of the popular card game of Blackjack, the lucky numbers wheel-based game of Roulette, and the sophisticated Player v Banker card game of Baccarat. These games also come in live dealer variants for a touch of realism. Video and big money jackpot slots are also an ever-popular choice with players from the UAE.

History of gambling in the united arab emirates

History of Gambling in the United Arab Emirates

Even though most forms of gambling in the UAE are strictly forbidden by law, there is one form of gambling that has persisted due to its strong ties with the Emirati culture. Camel racing dates as far back as the 7th century in the country, serving as both entertainment and a form of sports betting. The camel itself is revered in the region due to its ability to survive in the harshest conditions and is said to be a gift from god.

However, it wasn't until around the 1970s, when Sheikh Zayed started investing in the sport and racetracks, that it became the popular pastime it is today. Horse racing is another common form of gambling that is permitted in the region, though it's not quite as popular as camel racing.

Certain physical casinos used to operate in upmarket hotels and were popular before the law changed in 1998 and casinos were banned. Casino cruises offer some opportunities but only once they are outside of the UAE jurisdiction.

In terms of online gambling, the UAE tightened their rules even more with their 2012 law that made it more difficult to access online casinos by prohibiting the use of VPNs. 2017 saw the blocking of some 12 online casinos by the country, making it even harder for players. However, a number of mobile casinos still accept players from the UAE.

The Future of Gambling

So, what does the future hold for gambling in the Emirates? Taking into consideration the fact that the UAE's laws

Any loosening of the laws regarding gambling would have to involve a more relaxed viewpoint on gambling by Islam, which is highly unlikely. So where does that leave hopeful online casino players in the country? Really the only option you have, if you're adamant about playing online free play slots, is to join one of the numerous offshore online casinos that accept players from the UAE.

With the country expected to maintain its firm stance against gambling, there's little hope that a regulated market will ever be formed in the region. However, such a regulated market for gambling, including online gambling, would be beneficial to the country from an economic perspective. Perhaps we'll see some progression in the near future.

Land-based Casinos in the UAE

If you're looking for land-based casinos in the UAE and carry out a search for such, you're most likely to end up with listings of horse racing and camel racing clubs across the region. That's down to the fact that, in line with the laws in the UAE, gambling is strictly forbidden except for certain culturally embedded sports such as camel racing. That means you will not find any land-based casinos in the UAE.

The closest you may get to such a thing is the underground casinos but these are not recommended due to their criminal nature, not to mention the fact that punishments for taking part in illegal gambling in the country can be severe.

The only other option for experiencing a land-based casino is to book one of a few casino cruises, which allow passengers to play casino games while on board.

UAE Casinos FAQ

Still have questions regarding the best online casino UAE options? Here's some additional info for you in our FAQs section.

Do Emirian online casinos offer bonuses?

A number of online casinos accept players from the UAE, so you could class these as Emirian online casinos. Like most online casinos, these do offer a range of perks to keep you playing, including bonuses of all kinds.The most common bonus to find at Emirian online casinos is the welcome bonus, which gives you a percentage of your deposit in bonus funds, effectively giving you more to play with for an enhanced first experience.Though you're unlikely to get a bonus in Dirhams, some online casinos will allow you to deposit in AED, converting that deposit into your choice of site currency, usually GBP, USD or EUR, which will usually trigger the welcome bonus too.Other bonuses may be offered, such as no-deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and free spins. Just remember that bonuses come with T&Cs that dictate how funds are to be played and how much can be withdrawn, so be sure to read them beforehand.

Is it legal to gamble in the UAE?

Strictly speaking, no, it is not legal to gamble in the UAE. While there are a small number of exceptions to that rule, including horse racing, camel racing and certain approved raffles, any kind of casino gambling is not permitted. That is why you won't find any casinos in the UAE.Having said that, it is still possible to play online casino games by joining an offshore (that is, not based in the UAE) online casino that accepts players from the region. Some people also use a VPN to mask their IP address and therefore their country, which allows them to join other online casinos that maybe don't allow players from the UAE.It is important to note that gambling is illegal in the UAE and if you're caught doing so, you face a large fine or even time in prison. Having said that, it is very difficult for local law enforcement to actually enforce the law as they would have to catch you in the act.

Is it safe to gamble for players from the UAE?

Safety is a crucial aspect of online casino gambling and one that you should take very seriously. It's important to note that gambling is illegal in the UAE, so there is an element of risk to your safety in that respect, namely, the risk of getting caught.In terms of your safety online when gambling at an online casino, it's wise to join a casino that employs various features designed to protect players, such as a digitally encrypted website, detailed T&Cs, privacy and cookie policies, and player ID checks. Also look out for the online casino to offer only trusted payment methods and ensure that the site in question, or, more specifically, its operating company, holds a legitimate licence from a respected online gambling authority.The online casinos listed here have all gone through rigorous checks to ensure they are legitimate and safe for players, so you choose one with complete confidence.

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