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Software Yggdrasil
Reels 5
Paylines Win All Ways
Bet Range 0.10 - 125
RTP 96.2
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot 164,700

If you have played several Yggdrasil Gaming slot machines then you already know that these guys have a very creative streak when it comes down to building their games. This software provider always gives a silly and artistic spin to any innovative concept they get their hands on. With their newest slot machine, Penguin City, we are taken to a world where Penguin seem to be ruled under a harsh capitalist regime. The Emperor Penguin bullies and exploits his workers by making them work long and hard hours in a food factory. 

Review of Penguin City

We can only imagine the horrible minimum wage these poor birds are being paid. It is time for an uprising, the proletariat has nothing to lose but their chains! In true Industrial Revolution and Karl Marx fashion, the players needs to help the poor avian labourers escape from their dreadful working conditions. How Yggdrasil Gaming manages to come up with this idea is a mystery to us, but we are more than excited to try out hand on this fantastic-looking and silly slot machine. All political hidden meanings aside, let’s dive right into this review.

Game Mechanics of Penguin City

Penguin City is Yggdrasil Gaming’s newest slot machines and has some real horsepower under the hood. Like always, the game is build on Yggdrasil’s patented iSense 2.0 technology, a high-end HTML5 framework which allows for Penguin City to run smoothly across all devices, whether that be mobile of desktop. This ensures that the quality of both graphics and soundscape will always be the same, no matter what device you are using.

This cleverly build slot offers all the modern features and specs that we know of this renowned software provider. The game is played on 5 reels in and 3 horizontal lines, making up the 5 x 3 grid that Yggdrasil likes to use on most of their slot machines. Instead of the standard 25 fixes paylines, Penguin City makes use of the Win All Ways features, allowing for a whopping 243 amount of winning bet lines. This also means that winning combinations can be made from left to right and from right to left instead of the the standard left to right combination rule. Coin sizes can be altered at any point of time in between spins and range from a very safe 0.10 cents to a very daring 125 credits. 

With it’s funny theme and silly animations, Penguin City can be enjoyed most by players looking for a more casual gambling experience. This can also be seen in the Return to Player percentage of the game, which has been specifically designed to make Penguin City fall in the low volatility slot category. The theoretically calculated RTP is 96.2%, meaning that payouts will be rather frequents, but the payout will be lower than the wins you will find on high roller slot machines. Speaking of payouts, there is maximum win available on this slot of 167,000 credits, which is not too shabby.

Slot Features of Penguin City

The symbols on the reels are modelled after the dishes you would find in a dodgy Chinese takeaway. Like with all modern video slots, the pay table symbols can be divided into high paying symbols and low paying symbols. The high paying symbols can be recognised by the following symbols: A takeout box, premium soy sauce, a less-than-appetising fish soup, a bowl of ramen noodles and oddly enough, a “chicken” breast on a chopping board (no wonder these penguins are trying to escape, this slot has some macabre undertones). For more information, take a look at the paytable below. 

The low paying symbols are modelled after the classic playing card symbols of Diamonds, Hearts, Spades and Clubs, as is a classic trait of all Yggdrasil Gaming slots. 

Wild Symbols and Sticky Wilds

If you have been a fanatic slot players for a while, then you are probably already familiar with the mechanics of a wild symbol. These symbols function much like a joker would in a card game and can be substituted for all other symbols. This dynamic allows for more ways to land a winning bet line and increases the frequency of which players can land a winning combination. However, on Penguin City, the wild symbols have been spiced up a little to fit the theme better. If the player manages to land a wild symbol during a winning spin, the wild symbol will become sticky and stay in its position on the reels for the next turn. If the player manages to land a win in the re-spin turn, they will trigger the Penguin Escape Mode bonus game. 

The Penguin Escape Mode Bonus Game

This is a nice little gameplay feature that Yggdrasil has decided to implement on Penguin City. Adhering to the dark theme of underpaid penguin labourers looking to escape their horrible working conditions, the penguins will stage an attempted prison break. The interface will be replaced with a new stage on which the bonus game will take place. During this bonus game one penguin will try to escape per spin. There are three scenarios that can be triggered. If the penguin fails to jump the gap and escape, the next spin will be triggered the player won’t win any bonus funds. However, penguin that do manage to make the jump will either trigger and extra wild symbol to be placed on the reels or create a winning combination by swapping any of the losing symbols. This way, players are assured of a win and can really amp up their bankroll. 

The Penguin Escape Mode will end if there are no more winning combinations to be made. 

Stacked Emperor Wild

Although he might the villain in this story, the Stacked Emperor Wild can still allow for the player to land some big wins. This massive wild symbol covers the entirety of the third reel when it appears. This symbol can only appear during the Penguin Escape Mode and guarantees a win. However, the downside of this mechanic is that no penguins will dare to make the jump to freedom if this symbol is present and thus ending the bonus game. 

A Final Word on Penguin City

Although the whole idea and look of the game might be funny and silly, we are still getting some macabre vibes from this slot machine. Perhaps it is Yggdrasil’s way of making a political statement or they are just here to make a point through satire. Either way, this clever little game has brought us a smile on our face and we hope it will do the same to you. There certainly is some money to be won on Penguin City and low rollers will enjoy the relaxed gameplay and volatility of this slot machine. 

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