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In the world of online slot games, you are bombarded with terms like “Free Spins”, “Wild and Scatter Symbols”, different “Ways to Win” and “Multiplier features” and as a rookie slot player this casino jargon might seem a bit daunting. But fear not because here at Casino Tops Online we will provide you with a handy dandy slot game feature guide to answer all your questions! Whether you are a die-hard classic slot player or enjoy spinning the reels of some brand-spanking new video slots, they all come with their own unique features that need some clarification.

Every single software provider implements slot features in a different way, and every software provider has their own “crutch” they like to implement in their games as well. Take Red Tiger Gaming for example, this provider has developed a special feature you will not find on other games, the Megaways feature, which allows for a jaw-dropping amount of ways to win. Within this article you will find descriptions for both universal as unique slot features, features unique to classic 3-reel slots or 5+ reel video slots and a small overview of slots where you will find said features or which software providers offer unique features.

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Slot Machine Features Explained


These features can be found on most 3-reel classic slots, the ones that resemble the old slot machines you found in your town pub. Particularly popular among the older generation of players. Straightforward and easy to get the hang of, these types of slots never really seem to go out of style.

FRUIT MACHINE SLOT SYMBOLSMystery Reels table symbols

A typical characteristic of classic slots. The well-known symbols consisting of cherries, lemons, bells and BAR-symbols, each with their own assigned value from low to high paying. Your bog-standard, run-of-the-mill slot machine.


Progressive Jackpots have been around since the brick and mortar casinos, making it a highly volatile yet rewarding feature. By having a bunch of slot machines lined up together, the collective loses will be pooled together into a communal jackpot, making one lucky player very happy once the jackpot it hit! Most online casinos offer progressive jackpot slots.


An open goal to mention this one in this list, but necessary nonetheless. Coins are used to place your stakes on the slot machine you’re playing on. The coin size determines the value of your stake and how much your wins pay out. The higher the coin size you place on your stake, the higher your payout will be.


Not necessarily a slot feature, but more of a mechanic of how the slot machine functions. Volatility is usually stated within the review of the slot game that is currently being played. The higher the volatility, the less the wins the player will land but the higher the payout will be once the player does manage to land a winning combination on the reels. The lower the volatility on a slot, the more frequent the wins are, but the less the player will get paid out.

RETURN TO PLAYER (RTP)Gold lab slot winning payline

Something that is completely in the hands of the software provider when the develop the game. Like the volatility, the RTP will always be stated before playing the slot game. RTP can range from anywhere between 90% to 98%. The lower the RTP, the higher the volatility on a slot machine is.


The word paylines might confuse rookie players at the beginning, but the definition of the word is actually quite straightforward. Paylines simply are the winning combination that can be made on a slot machine, ranging from a humble 20 or 25 to a whopping several thousand depending on which slot you are playing.


There are far more features to be found on video slots these days, it may be hard for casual players to see the forest for the trees. From Stacking Wild symbols to Reload Bonuses, to different ways to wins, players can be overwhelmed by the different features you will find on slot games. We’re here to help you on your way and make sense of it all.


One of the most common features on any online slot games, whether that be on classic or video slots. Free Spins can be awarded to the player by various means, depending on the type of slot machine. For classic slots this means landing a specific symbol in an adjacent fashion and but video slots this means lining up scatter symbols or an otherwise stated method.


While phrased differently, both definitions come down to the same thing. Being able to retrigger a bonus round always works in favour of the players and often times results in massive wins. The player can retrigger a bonus round or a Free Spin round by aligning certain symbols or making certain combinations as dictated in-gamed.

WILD SYMBOLSNinja Ways wild symbols

Although they may be called Wild Symbols, there really isn’t that much to wrap your head around with these bad boys. Remember the Joker card when playing card games? Wild Symbols work exactly the same way as that: they can be substituted for any adjacent symbol and increase the chances of winning for the player.


Specialised symbols that stand out from the rest of the pay table symbols. These symbols usually come with a dedicated function attached that allows the player to progress from the base game of a slot to the bonus round (Free Spins round or Bonus feature)


Like the normal Wild Symbols on video slots, these adhere to the same functionality: taking on the same symbols as adjacent symbols. However, with Stacked Wild Symbols they can, like the name says it, stacked on top of each other. Stacked Wild Symbols are able to cover an entire reel in a vertical fashion, amounting to 4 or more in total depending on the height of reel.


Usually working in tandem with the Stacked Wilds Function, but might be found on its own as well. Sticky Wilds are able to stick to the reels for a duration of turns, accumulating any consecutive Wild Symbols that the players manage to land on the reels.


There are several Ways To Win features, one being specific to one game provider. Although they are not very commonly implemented on many slot games, you will find them from time to time.


Like the name suggests: this feature allows the player to strike up matching combinations using both ways on the reels. Whereas normally players are only able to utilise combination made from left to right on the reels, the Win Both Ways features goes both ways, increasing win chances.


The 243 Ways To Win was the first one of the features to be developed and implemented on online slot machines. Like the name gives it away: slot machines with this features allow the player to land a winning combination in up to 243 different ways, increasing chances to win and landing a higher payout as well.

1024 WAYS TO WINLaser Fruit slot win ways

A massive upgrade from the original 243 Ways To Win feature. 1024 is always played on a slot machine with 5 or more reels, making it possible to combine different symbols into this whopping amount of winning paylines.


Perhaps the crème-de-la-crème of the Ways to Win features. This slot technology has been developed by the software providerRed Tiger Gaming and is one of their biggest trademarks on their online slots. The Megaways feature allow up to several thousand winning paylines.