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Interac is a Canadian payment provider which was formed back in 1984, back when only a handful of companies were providing financial services. Since hardly any companies in Canada provide a debit card service, Interac filled the void and provided customers with the much-needed service. 

Interac is well known throughout Canada as they have over 59,000 ATM’s that are available and over 450,000 locations accepting Interac debit payments. Interac has now ventured into the casino payment service due to its’ ability to process payment seamlessly and at incredible speeds. It’s still early days in the casino industry, but with decades of experience processing payments across Canada, we have no doubt that all their operations will be robust and secure. 

Interac has been offering online payment services for years and one nifty approach to their service has been to not share any financial information with the online merchant, which makes it more secure than other credit card services. In a world where fraud has been the pinnacle threat to payment providers and online merchants, safety and security measures will always be paramount to all the concerned parties. 

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More Info on Interac

When signing up to an online casino, players have a number of options to choose from when it comes down to payment methods, however, the most commonly used are credit and debit cards. In a nutshell, companies like Interac allow players to make deposits and withdrawals effortlessly and the companies take a very low percentage for the services offered. Each company has different fees set, so it’s always important to dig a little deeper to discover if the payment provider ticks all the right boxes. 

Canadian casino players will be delighted to discover that Interac has taken the lead to provide payment services across the nation, mainly because they are industry leaders and well known across Canada. 

Depositing methods are so cheap when using Interac that it’s impossible not to consider the payment method. It’s almost free and the company charges a flat rate for every transfer of funds. Regardless of the amount being transferred to an online casino, payments are still processed at light speed and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about fluctuating fees which usually depend on the amount being deposited.

Fees are ridiculously low and stand around €1 per transaction, sometimes slightly higher, but keep in mind that fees vary, based on where you bank. Some Canadian banks offer complimentary Interac transfers which is always welcomed, even if the fees are minuscule. 

One element which makes Interac a favourite payment provider amongst Canadian casino players is that there will be no need to lose any time in creating an account with Interac itself. All that needs to be done is to pick your bank and you’ll quickly be redirected to a window that will prompt you to fill your online banking details. Any online casino that accepts Interac will not be privy to your financial information, which gives players peace of mind. Not that any online casino will abuse of your financial information, as these companies will have their own controls to protect your data. 

Lightning Speed Deposits and Withdrawals

We’ve all heard the revolting encounters when Canadian players had to wait for hours and sometimes even days to get their funds deposited to their accounts. Can you imagine the frustration if a certain casino bonus was about to expire and you’ll be excited claim the bonus, only to be halted by an inefficient payment provider? These horror stories have been taking place for years and now that Interac is finally working with casino operators, players will be delighted to learn that all their transactions will be instantaneous. In this modern-day and age and our advanced technology, we expect all transactions to be seamless and anything less will be considered as an extreme inconvenience and a disappointment.

If you're Canadian and getting ready to hit the tables or online slots, then choosing an operator who supports Interac deposits is essential. An Interac transaction takes just a few seconds to complete and you can rest assured that you’ll be playing all your favourite game a few seconds after clicking ‘deposit’. 

Why Canadians Choose Interac

There are many reasons why Canadians are choosing to use Interac for their financial needs. Firstly, the company is affiliated with the biggest banks of the nation and works around the clock to ensure your sensitive data is never compromised or shared with any online merchants. Secondly, they offer a wide range of services to their clients to help them move and send money between bank accounts easily, whether it’s through mobile or otherwise. 

Interac E-Transfer

Interac e-Transfer is a fast and easy way to move money directly from one bank account to another and has quickly developed into a globally-leading platform for P2P, P2B, B2P and B2B money movement. Two years ago in 2016, more than 158 million e-Transfer transactions were conducted with a total value of over $60 billion. That fact alone goes to show the seriousness and the magnitude of the Interac. 

Security Implementation 

Security in the financial industry is always going to take centre stage and it’s paramount that all companies adhere to this commitment. Interac takes security very seriously and has implemented many measures to protect all sorts of financial information, such as encrypting transactions. 

There is absolutely nothing to worry about when making a deposit to an online casino with Interac, as it’s extremely easy and safe. All you need to do to fund your account at an online casino through Interac is by opening your online banking page and log into your account. The second step is to choose the option to send money and pick who will be the recipient, in this case, the online casino in question.  

After entering the funds you want to transfer, you will be asked to choose the account you’ll be using for the transaction. After that’s done, you’ll need to pick a security question and an answer which in turn will let the receiver accept the funds. Every online casino has a different procedure of accepting payments with Interac. Some casinos will demand that the answer to the security question beforehand, while others prefer their customers to use a specific answer. Regardless, your money will be transferred almost instantly and without revealing any sensitive financial data.

Conclusion of Interac Casinos

By opting to use Interac, Canadian players will be able to deposit funds to any online casino that accepts Interac as a payment method. The company processes payments and withdrawals at lighting speed, which is paramount when dealing with online casinos and the sheer volume of payments that are processed every day. Another noticeable plus is the fact that Interacts' security measures are second to none and they constantly strive to ensure your financial data remains private at all costs and at all time. The company gives peace of mind to Canadian casino players who struggled to get their funds deposited in a timely manner in the past, which is why it's a favourite amongst the nation. 

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