InstaDebit Casinos


fees: None to Max. $2
deposit: Instant
Cashout: 3-5 days

For all Canadian online casino players out there, InstaDebit is probably your go-to banking method when it comes down to topping up your online casino account. Not only is it extremely reliable as a banking method, it is also extremely fast and user-friendly. Being an e-wallet solution, all players have to do is connect their credit card or bank account to their InstaDebit account and transfer some basic funds into the account. These funds can then be used on any online casino accepting InstaDebit as payment method. Deposits made through Instadebit are instant which allows for players to immediately start betting on their favourite games. No nasty waiting times!  Deposits can, of course, be made in CAD with no fees attached. However, when withdrawing funds there will be a small fee attached, like with most e-wallet solutions. Instead of asking for a percentage of the amount withdrawn, InstaDebit will attach a set fee of $2 per withdrawal. So you are better off making a big withdrawal at once than several smaller withdrawals. 

Online Casinos that Accept InstaDebit

The Story Behind Instadebit

When Instadebit was initially established in 2004, it provided its services to a number of different countries, where it quickly gained popularity in the online gambling community.

However, in 2014 Instadebit decided to stick to its customer base in Canada, and although the usable currencies include both USD and Canadian Dollars, the site is now tailored for Canadian users only. This focus on their Canadian consumer base allows them to provide a high-quality product to their customers.

Using Instadebit in Online Casinos

For Canadian users, using Instadebit as their primary payment method comes with a lot of convenience and ease. Cashing out instantly along with unique bonuses that Instadebit casino users can be eligible to avail are just some of the advantages that are associated with Instadebit. Of course, as with any payment method, Instadebit does have some disadvantages.

Advantages of Instadebit Casinos

There are several advantages associated with using Instadebit as the primary means to pay for your virtual casino ventures.


Instadebit Makes use of the same security system that is present in the bank you have signed up with. This means that all transactions are fairly secure, and a user’s security is highly guaranteed. Furthermore, any transactions you make with Instadebit will not be listed on a user’s bank statement.

Additionally, Instadebit is certified by both TRUSTe and McAfee, and it is also secured by Norton.

Quick Deposit Timings

Instadebit allows players a lot of convenience with their instant cash in options, as payments can go through instantaneously, as opposed to the longer time it takes in comparison with credit/debit cards or bank transfers.

Special Attention Is Given to Canadian Consumers

Although it may seem like a disadvantage to some, the residents of Canada may disagree. Due to Instadebit being offered only in Canada, casino players rejoice whenever they see this payment method is allowed in casinos. This is because Instadebit is able to concentrate all of its effort on its Canadian clientele, which provides users with a unique and extremely fast service nationwide.

Disadvantages of Instadebit Casinos

There are also some disadvantages associated with Instadebit, as there are with any other payment method. These factors are listed below.

Payments Cannot Be Split

One major disadvantage of Instadebit is that users cannot register more than one bank account per person. This means that users cannot enjoy the convenience of splitting payments into different accounts if they need to do that.

Instadebit Does Not Have Many Varieties of Currency

Unfortunately, Instadebit has only two major currencies in use, which include the US and Canadian Dollars.

Instadebit Is only Available in Canada

 While one of the biggest strengths of Instadebit may be their concentrated focus on Canada, the fact remains that individuals in other countries are unable to make use of this excellent product. This is definitely a major downside of this payment method.

Why Choose an Online Casino Offering Instadebit

A major reason to pick Instadebit for online casinos is the fact that casinos are highly compatible with this payment method. In fact, Canadian gamblers are highly inclined to use Instadebit due to the ease of access, coupled with the easy user interface.

Best Instadebit Online Casinos

Listed below are some top online casinos that offer Instadebit as a payment method.

Betway Casino Accepts Instadebit

Betway casino is a well-known casino that has a huge variety of more than 500 casino games available for players. Other positives of this casino are that players are offered fast payouts and withdrawal times, making it extremely easy for players to cash out whenever they want to. The casino itself is highly trusted as it was established in 2005, where it has managed to build quite a loyal customer base.

  • Impressive variety of 500+ games;
  • Reputable and safe company;
  • Offers fast cashouts.

Check out the review of Betway Casino.

Jackpot City Casino Accepts Instadebit

Jackpot casino has a huge variety of 630+ casino games, which includes live dealers. The virtual casino is extremely user friendly and is available across all operating systems. Additionally, the welcome bonuses the casino offers are extremely lucrative opening offers that are still subject to a number of limitations (like a 30x wagering requirement).

  • Variety of more than 630 games;
  • Available across all operating systems;
  • Highly lucrative welcome bonus (up to $1900).

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Leovegas Casino Accepts Instadebit

Leovegas casino is a fairly well-known virtual casino that first established itself in 2001. Since then, the casino has managed to build up a portfolio of more than 550 games. Additionally, the welcome bonuses are extremely attractive to new players, as is the selection of live dealer games. 

  • More than 550 casino games across all versions;
  • Attractive welcome bonuses;
  • Highly detailed VIP programme.

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888 Casino Accepts Instadebit

888 Casino has marked its place as a successful virtual casino since 1997. The casino has its own proprietary software that supports more than 125 casino games. It also has an extremely rewarding welcome bonus of up to $1500, and their VIP programme provides players with exclusive access to special bonuses and free spins.

  • Own Proprietary software
  • Welcome bonuses up to $1500;
  • Dedicated VIP programmes.

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Spin Palace Casino Accepts Instadebit

Spin Palace Casino has a huge portfolio of more than 650 games. The bonuses within the welcome package leave nothing to be desired, as Spin Palace offers bonuses for the first three deposits a player makes. The casino is highly trusted, as its licensure is based in Malta. In addition, the casino has a dedicated VIP programme designed to make loyal customers out of anyone and everyone.

  • 650+ playable casino games;
  • Favorable welcome bonuses;
  • Dedicated VIP programme.

Check out the review of Spin Palace Casino.

How to Deposit at Instadebit Casino Sites

Instadebit is extremely easy to use, and all individuals need to do is set up their user account.  A couple of days are needed to verify their account. Once you are registered, there is no need to load in any Instadebit balance. Instead, all users can use Instadebit as a mediator between their bank and the online casino they wish to deposit money in.

Fees to Use Instadebit to Play Online

For Instadebit itself, there are no limits to how much a user can deposit or withdraw. This means that the limits are dependent on the online casino itself. However, while there may be no limit in Instadebit itself, each withdrawal does cost $CA2.

Instadebit Withdrawal Speed

Withdrawal speed is dependent on the casino that is linked to Instadebit as each casino has its own clearance or pending periods. This withdrawal time can range from a few hours to 48 hours. Overall, the withdrawal speed is pretty fast compared to other payment method to use at online casinos.

Special Casino Bonuses Using Instadebit

It is important to note that each online casino comes with its own set of unique bonuses and welcome offers. However, for Canadian casino players, some casinos do have some bonuses that are linked directly with individuals who use Instadebit as their primary payment method. For instance, Jackpot City offers $CA1600 exclusively for Instadebit users.

Trustworthiness of Instadebit Online Casinos

Instadebit is thought to be a highly reputable and trustworthy payment method for casinos. As it operates only in Canada, it adheres to the required operating methodologies that are present for online payment systems. Instadebit is also certified by both McAfee and TRUSTe.

For anyone who wishes to contact Instadebit, they can by using its toll-free number at 1877-8833248 or email that caters specifically to customers present at

License and Address of Instadebit

On the website there are no indications about the headquarter of this company. However, if we dig a bit more into the Linkedin page of this company, we can find its address is 530 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON CA. A part of this headquarter, there's a second branch in Malta. Here you can find the map with the headquarter of Instadebit:

Using Instadebit to Gamble

Canadian users can employ Instadebit for a number of online casinos for a quick and convenient means to charge and recharge their accounts. The ease of use, in addition to guaranteed security, ensures that players can comfortably make use of all the services provided by Instadebit. If you want to check out other Canadian payment methods to use at online casinos, check out the list of the best Canadian casinoson our website.

Instadebit Casinos FAQs

Can I use Instadebit at online casinos?

Instadebit can be used across a variety of casinos that operate in Canada, and at times, they come with major bonuses specifically designed for Instadebit users.

Is Instadebit free to use to gamble?

Instadebit does have a transaction fee upon withdrawal, as well as fee that come with currency conversions. This fee can, at times, vary depending on the source of the region of the withdrawal.

Which countries accept Instadebit?

Currently, Canada is the only country to accept Instadebit as a payment method, although before 2014, it was used across several different countries worldwide.