Gambling Statistics

How has the gambling industry grown throughout the years? We've gathered all the financial numbers and other figures to help you get a better understanding of the gambling industry - both online and offline. On this page, you will find all the important global gambling statistics as well as additional gambling statistics by country.

Global online gambling statistics

Gambling Market Analysis

There's a massive amount of data in gambling and online casinos. There's tons of information from the countries that like to play casino games the most to who are the most influential groups who want to play. Here's a quick overview of some of the most exciting data on the online casino world. How does your experience rank with the averages? Check below to find out.

Gambling Market Size 2010 to 2020

Gambling certainly isn't new, but online gambling hasn't been around for all that long! However, with the increase in players using online gambling sites on their mobile or own computers, the number of players online has only increased dramatically since 2010, when our data begins. Only time will tell if these numbers will continue to grow!

Online Gambling Market Size (US Billions)

Gambling Licence Cost

Running a casino isn't easy – and it sure isn't cheap! On top of the standard overhead charges that any business has, several costs are associated with operating a casino. One of the biggest of these is the cost of the licence, which often even needs to be renewed yearly. Without a licence, the casino cannot operate in certain jurisdictions. Which country has the steepest fees, however?

CountryLocationCorporate TaxLicense Cost
Alderney (Guernsey)Europe0%€167,700
Isle of ManEurope0%€111,180
United KingdomEurope15%€120,890
Antigua and BarbudaCaribbean0%€243,750
Dominican RepublicCaribbean0%€323,810
St Kitts and NevisCaribbean0%€169,550
Delaware (USA)North America0%€48,930
Florida (USA)North America0%€115,850
Kahnawake (Canada)North America0%€105,950
Nevada (USA)North America0% 6.75%€889,950
New Jersey (USA)North America15%€813,050
Pennsylvania (USA)North America36%€6,827,150
BelizeLatin America0%€52,350
Costa RicaLatin America0%€54,530
PanamaLatin America0%€90,650
AustraliaAsia-Pacific0% 30%€177,450
Anjouan (Comoros)Africa0%€46,850

Gambling Losses Top Countries

Although there are winners in gambling, there are also people who don't strike it lucky. Usually, this is because they're generally playing more, so as a result, collectively, more is being lost, too. Some of the biggest losers are listed below – some of the ones shown might surprise you!

Countries With Biggest Annual Losses (US Billions)

Gambling Losses per Adult

Each player has a certain amount they're happy to stake on their bet. The appetite for games, income levels, and playing at online casinos can all affect this general figure. Despite how many winners can win when playing the best online slots or casino games, losers still make a loss too – but who came out at the bottom in terms of their loss amount?

Gambling Losses Per Adult (US Dollars)


Gambling Market Shares

Gambling may well be an almost ancient pastime, and casinos are undoubtedly popular among players, but did you know that online casinos have been overtaking traditional casinos for a long time! As there are so many top-notch options that give players the possibility to play games they wouldn't otherwise have or to try games from the comfort of their own home, they've exploded in popularity.

Gambling Market Shares (% Percentage)

Demographic Statistics

Different people want different things from online gambling. It may be apparent where people are gambling from due to local trends, but it's less clear who is playing what! We've dug into the data a little to determine what we can, given that different demographics prefer to play differently.

Casino Players Profile

Each casino play wants something a little different. But who is playing online? Judging by age and gender splits, it's clear that men prefer to gamble instead of women by a small margin and that generally, players online are, on average, 27 years old. A close runner up in age brackets is the 35-44 age bracket, however.

Who are the Online Casino Players (% Percentage)

Other Players Statistics

There's more to a gambler than just their age, however! Did you know that most online players are employed, over a third of them have completed tertiary education, and over a third of them are married? People who gamble are varied and unique, as plenty of people find online casinos and what they offer great fun!

DetailsAverage Numbers
Completed College or University40.0%
Married or Common-Law45.7%
Employed Fulltime65.9%
Household Income$74,600
Western European Ethnicity63.4%
Gambling Types Played4.7
Net Win/Loss Monthly Average-$541.09
Net Win/Loss Monthly Median-$89.00
CPGI Total1.62
Rate of Problem Gambling17.1%

Where Gamblers Like to Gamble

Gamblers can enjoy their favourite online casino from plenty of locations with the advent of online casinos. Simply log in from your phone, and you're able to get spinning or playing your favourite table games. Overwhelmingly it seems that gamblers prefer their home comforts – and why not, when you can play your favourite games without even needing to go out?

Places Where People Gamble (% Percentage)

Preferred Time to Gamble

There's more to a gambler than just their age, however! Did you know that most online players are employed, over a third of them have completed tertiary education, and over a third of them are married? People who gamble are varied and unique, as plenty of people find online casinos and what they offer great fun!

Preferred Time to Gamble (%Percentage)

Global Device Share

Many players log onto their casino games from their desktop computer, some from their tablet, and plenty from their mobile. There are pros and cons to each device, including how easy it is to play your favourite games and how a mobile casino is laid out. What do people usually pick to play on?

Devices Used to Gamble (% Percentage)

Casino Games Statistics

There are plenty of choices for players when they come to select the best online casino. As everyone's playstyle is different, it opens up many opportunities for them when deciding what they want to spend their money on. But which are the ones that come out on top for players when they pick?

Casino games like slots might be what you first think of when you think about casinos, but in reality, most players prefer to place a flutter on their favourite sports games! Lotteries are in third place, which is no surprise. Poker, Bingo, and Skill games come last, as it seems players prefer different kinds of gameplay.

Most Popular Online Games (% Percentage)

Online Slots Statistics

In the table below, you can see all the possible outcomes of the slot Lobster Mania, one of the most popular slot games in the US. This is just a generic example, as slot games can be different. This game has a standard RTP value of 96.5%, in line with most modern video slots. Before playing these games, remember to read the technical details, such as RTP and paylines, to avoid the loss of your bankroll.

Lines WageredRegular WinsLDWsLosses

eSports Players

League of Legends, DOTA, Fifa… there are plenty of titles that have colossal player bases and also a thriving tournament circuit. With eSports proving to be the biggest mover and shaker in the online betting world, including competitions with prizes in the millions, how many people take part themselves? Placing bets on the tournament can be exciting, and it differs from traditional sports betting markets in its variety.

People Betting on eSports (% Percentage)

A few casinos hold a large portion of the market, and it's no surprise as their excellent quality! Slotomania has the most significant individual piece – and it may not seem a lot at 7.85%, but that's across all casino gaming apps! DoubleDown, Jackpot Party, Cashman, and Cash Frenzy each have a piece of the pie too. 66.02% of all other apps are owned by various other casinos – meaning it's pretty remarkable how these stand out!

Popular Gaming Apps (%Percentage)

Gambling statistics by country

Gambling Statistics by Country

Each country has its quirks when it comes to legislation or its casino offerings. This is why it's so important to check the data on a country or regional basis – as the laws differ, so will the information you can gather about what players want. Dive into the information below, as this is the best way to find out more. 

UK Gambling Statistics

Players in the UK are familiar with the online gambling and sports betting world. With millions in revenue per year, casinos and online gambling are a big part of the UK entertainment world. With the data showing different data depending on the age and gender of the market, what does the UK casino world look like in data?

What British Gamble on

There are several games that the British love to play. We have, for example, the old National Lottery, which has been at the top for several years. The table below shows the trend among adult gamblers within the UK and their favourite games.

Game% UK PlayersWhere
National Lottery Draws29.62%Offline
Another Lottery12.73%Offline
Sports Betting6.71%Online
Private Betting5.63%Offline
Pub Slots4.20%Offline
Horse Racing4.02%Offline
Online Slots3.15%Online
Football Pools1.72%Offline
Casino Games1.50%Online
Dog Races0.70%Offline
Spread Betting0.28%Offline

Europe Gambling Statistics

Europe's gambling world is varied due to various country's different laws. With each country having additional regulations, overseeing authorities, and standards, things can look a bit further across the board. Whether you're into slots, table games, or just curious to see how things look across an entire European continent, the data tell the story you're after.

Last Year, GGR in Europe

What is the GGR? GGR is the gross gaming revenue. This graph shows which European countries had the highest earnings from gambling last year. Surprisingly, Italy is first, even though ADM has regulated its market since 2012 with several limitations for gaming operators.

Gross Gaming Revenue in Europe (EU Billions)

Canada Gambling Statistics

Each province has slightly different rules, but in Canada, so long as you're accessing an online casino based abroad, you can play any casino game you like. As a result, gambling in Canada is common and easily accessible, but how do the numbers reflect that? It's interesting to see how the data for these players are spread out in Canada, given their age or game preferences.

Gender of Canadian Gamblers

Contrary to what happens in some European states, in Canada, most casino and gambling players are women, except for sports and online slots, where the number of players is even. Let's look at some numbers in the table below.

GenderCasino VisitorsSports BettorsSlots Players

Age of Canadian Casino Players

How old are the casino players in Canada? Generally, the trend in Canada sees the average age of gamblers a bit higher than the average for the rest of the world. This data shows good awareness of problem gambling among the younger generations.

AgeCasino VisitorsSports BettorsSlots Players
18 to 3430%37%25%
35 to 5440%46%43%
55 & Over31%18%29%

Where are the Canadian Gamblers From

We know that in Canada, there are several regions where Canadians play more or fewer casino games. At the top of our rankings, we find Ontario, followed by the state of Quebec. It is exciting to see the discrepancies, especially in terms of numbers.

RegionCasino VisitorsSports BettorsSlots Players
Columbia British13%16%14%
New Brunswick3%2%4%
Labrador Newfoundland2%1%0%
Nova Scotia3%4%2%

India Gambling Statistics

With online gaming taking off in India, it's no surprise that a lot of exciting data is coming out from the country! With each state having its specific laws on how to run a gambling establishment, the information for online casinos is an exciting look inside the world of gambling in the country when you don't have to factor in regional differences quite so much.

India Gambling Market Size

How big is the gambling market size in India? From 2016 we saw an exponential growth of the Indian gambling market. The reason behind this growth? More and more casino brands decided to enter this market, localizing their platforms in Hindi and offering bonuses in Indian Rupee.

India Gambling Market Size (INR Billions)

New Zealand Gambling Statistics

Gambling in New Zealand is easy for local players – just log on and pick whichever offshore casino you like! As bonuses are plentiful and some excellent casinos to choose from, New Zealand players are standard in the online casino world. But who is playing from the country, and where? The latest statistics from NZ shine some light on this.

Slots Numbers & Problematic Gambling

In the past years, a study was conducted to understand the relationship between physical slots and problematic gambling. The table below shows how the decreasing number of slot machines affects people suffering from gambling addiction.

Slots Numbers VS Problematic Gamblers in NZ (% Percentage)

Pokie Players Income Level

Pokies are one of the favourite games of New Zealand players. But, talking about the player's income, what can we say about these people? It seems that the majority of players are those who earn less than NZ$20,000. Let's have a look at the chart below.

Pokie Players Income Levels (% Percentage)

US Gambling Statistics

Gambling online in the USA has a complicated history. With some laws banning it in certain states, others restricting it, and others allowing it as a perfectly legal pastime, the data varies across the country. With players ranging in their demographics, it's clear that many people find the online casino world interesting in the US.

US States Revenue

As the laws for online gambling vary on a state by state basis, you will find more players in some areas than others and that some games are favoured in some states but not in others. For example, playing online slots in Nevada is not legal, but it is legal in New Jersey. These differences in states will lead to the popularity of online casinos rising or dropping on a state by state basis.

Gross Gaming Revenue of US States in 2020 (US Millions)

Tribal Casinos Number

In the US, Native Americans retain small areas or reservations to operate using their local tribal laws. Many of these have opted to provide a gambling operation where the local or federal American government does not allow it in normal circumstances. They've also expanded to the online world – but how many players in the US take advantage of these unique casinos, and how many have popped up over the years?

YearTribal CasinosChange (% Percentage)

Best Gaming Suppliers

The American gambling market is very diverse, and several game producers occupy the top position. IGT unsurprisingly occupies the top position, but what about the others? You can find out more about IGT or discover our chart below.

Market Shares of the Best Suppliers (% Percentage)

Online Slots Statistics

With hundreds of fantastic slot games available to players, which do they prefer to spend time on? And for how long? Comparing the statistics makes for an exciting look into the world of online casinos, with some of the data showing interesting uptake of slots, depending on their features and who makes them!

PositionGame NameSupplierAverage BetIndex
288 FortunesSG Digital$3.3814.35
3Dragon PowerBragg Gaming Group$3.2510.26
4Hypernova MegawaysReel Play$1.759.82
5Capital GainsAgs$2.759.74
6Extra ChilliEvolution$2.449.48
7Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless TreasureSG Digital$3.139.01
9Slingo StarbustGaming Realms$46.167.09
10Triple Cash WheelSG Digital$4.175.60
11Fu Nan Fu NuAgs$2.545.31
12Hypernova MegawaysSG Digital$2.136.86
13Money Galaxy Radiant WitchKonami$6.454.96
14Cash MachineEveri$9.265.57
15Lucky Larrys Lobstermania SlingoGaming Realms$29.086.59
16Fortune CoinIGT$2.433.75
17Spartacus Gladiator Of RomeSG Digital$8.876.27
18Super Lantern 8sAinsworth$3.023.60
19Atlantis MegawaysReel Play$1.735.62
20Divine FortuneNetent$2.125.46
21Black DiamondEveri$5.833.67
22Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun DragonSG Digital$3.894.31
23Big BonusInspired$2.293.82
24Lucky Larry Lobstermania 2IGT$3.932.34
25Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme SpinIGT$3.262.02

The American gambling market is growing year by year, thanks to new laws issued by individual states. The outlook for the next 10 years is exponential growth.

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