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Being a world leader in B2B Live Casino Operations, Evolution Gaming brings you extremely high- quality casino entertainment through livestreaming games from two state of the art studio facilities in both Latvia and Malta.

The world of gambling has changed forever, as you no longer need to slip out into the icy evening air to go to the casino and play your favourite tables. Evolution Gaming brings the casino to you via livestream link and is accessible from your PC, laptop, or even your mobile phone or tablet.
The wonders of modern technology allow for you not to miss out on the social aspect of attending land-based casinos either, as you are able to interact quite freely with both the dealers and your fellow players via a chat feature on the platform.


Evolution Gaming is a production platform which is easily supported by the software of hosting casinos. Should you want to play any of the Evolution Gaming offerings, you will need to do so through a hosting casino.
Here at CasinoTopsOnline.com, it is our job to keep you safe and informed. You will be able to make use of our services to steer you towards an Evolution Gaming casino that suits you best. Take note of the fact that many of the casinos offer you ‘first time’ visitors credits when you register with them, so ensure that you choose the correct provider for you. With over 100 supporting casinos, we thought that it would be useful to provide you with 3 tried and tested, reputable casinos:
William Hill Vegas Live
888 Live
Mr Green Live


Video slots seem to be very freely available on online platforms everywhere, but it is often quite hard to find really good quality table casino collections to try your hand at. The virtual casino table games seem very generic, and lack atmosphere and vibrancy. That is why we believe that Evolution Gaming is a market winner, for they have harnessed the land based casino environment, and have put it on your very doorstep. Game graphics are great, and the live table play cannot be topped by any generic graphics.
The amount of variety on offer beats many land based casino, hands down, with multiple variants of popular casino table games available at the touch of a button or two.
Great strides in development in 2012, has seen the addition of an online mobile platform for these games. Just about every game variant is available to play on both android and IOS mobile device platforms, and can therefore be enjoyed with full optimisation from your smartphone or tablet.
Another great feature when playing on this platform, is the fact that you can play up to 4 games at the same time. Here, your screen will split into four smaller windows so that you can keep track on each game.
Live Games offered on this platform include a variety of:
Live Roulette games
Live Blackjack games
Live Baccarat games
Live Poker games
Live Dream Catcher game
Before we give you a run-down of every category listed above, it is pertinent to know that Evolution Gaming offers VIP’s and High Rollers a special platform on which to play. Here, the betting increments are considerably higher than in the standard games. The VIP RED ROOM offers high rollers options, such as:
VIP Live Roulette
Diamond VIP Live Blackjack
Platinum VIP Live Blackjack
Fortune Live Blackjack
Silver VIP Live Blackjack


There are 10 main varieties of Roulette available through Evolution Gaming.


This particular game was awarded the EGR Game of the Year in 2014. It is a Hollywood styled Multi-camera setup where players can get up close and follow every movement of the ball. This is all done at 200 frames per second and in HD video quality with slow motion playback on each spin.


This table can be customised as per provider, where optimal camera angles can be arranged to highlight certain aspects of play in order to immerse players in the game more. This game however omits the slow-motion replay feature.


This variant of the game is the core Live Roulette game played in Europe, and has the largest number of standard and VIP tables available to players from any one single source. Live interaction and a user-friendly interface make this game a real entertaining treat. Extra features include a Favourite Bets selection, where you can store up to 15 of your favourite bets to be accessed at the click of a button to speed up the game play.


A super-fast variant of the game, whereby each round takes a mere 25 seconds between spins. That’s half the amount of time that regular roulette games take between rounds.


As in European Roulette, the French game wheel features numbers 1-36 and a single ‘0’. Here the ‘La Partage’ rule applies: When a player makes an even money bet and the ball lands on zero, they will lose only half of their stake placed.


This game makes it easier for operators to speak the language of their customer. It aids in building strong rapport between dealers and players. Each localised service replicates the feel of the country represented.
Titles under this category are: London Roulette, Vanezia Roulette, Deutsches Roulette, and Svenske Roulette.


This game is unique to the Evolution Gaming brand platform. Two balls are spun, affording you not one, but 2 winning numbers. Stakes on this particular game can rise to an incredible 1300 to 1.


Here, you link up with an actual land based casino, where you join in via livestream, and play together alongside actual seated players in land based casinos.


The window size on this offering is reduced to 200x230 pixels to allow for easier multi – window gaming opportunities.


This is a fast paced, real live wheel action game with a high-quality look and feel. Unlike like the other roulette games, this one does not have a live dealer. The wheel is fully automated. This offering runs 24 hours a day and has capacity to spin between 60 to 80 times an hour.


Much like the other game genres, there is more than one variant of Blackjack,all of which are streamed live from the studio with live dealers:


This is the core Blackjack variant on the platform, with the largest number of standard and VIP tables assigned per single source.


This is a low stakes game, played for fun with a party vibe.  It comes with music and lots of bubbly chatting. Unlike most of the other table games, this game comes with a dealer, and a co-presenter for direction and guidance.
You can use the ‘Bet Behind’ feature here, this feature includes:
o A limitless number of players can ‘bet behind’ any of the 7 seated players at the table to win while waiting for a playable seat at the table.
o Both awaiting players and seated players can bet behind other seated players.
Other side features to the Blackjack tables include: Pre-decision betting (played before hands are dealt), Perfect Pairs Betting, and 21 + 3 Betting.


This game rendering is so authentic that it is just like being on the casino floor at a top Asian Casino. The Evolution Gaming version comes with extra features, such as pairs side bets. Extra statistics are also available for viewing, as well as the ability to view your competitors moves. Aside from the base game offered, there are a few other variants of the game available for playing, these include:


Here, the dynamic of adding cinematic quality to dedicated tables is afforded. Different operators can customise the angles to provide a unique quality experience.


15+ Cameras capture every subtle move in the game. The reveal on the ‘squeeze’ is done rather dramatically, to enhance maximum suspense.


This variant of the game enables the client to take control of the squeeze, themselves. This interaction with the cards provides for a pleasurable and exciting gambling experience.


As per land based casinos, there is not merely one standard game of poker played in the world, but several variants with similar principles. Evolution Gaming offers Live Casino Hold’em, Live 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em. All of these games listed are also manned by real live dealers, with the game streamed straight from the state of the art studios in Europe.


This is a variation from the classical and popular ‘Texas Hold’em’ poker game, played with 5 cards. The difference being that instead of playing against other players, you play against the dealer. This means that the number of players per table is potentially limitless.
Attached to this game, is the progressive ‘Jumbo 7 Jackpot’, which accumulates until it is won with a 7-card straight flush. This feature can only be won if you opt for the jackpot ‘side bet’.


This is a fun, fast paced variant of poker, whereby you are only dealt a hand of 3 cards to make the best combination. Here, all players play against the dealer.
Optional features include side bets called ‘Pair Plus’ and ‘Six Card Bonus’. These side bets can rack you up winnings to the value of 1000x your bet.


Evolution Gaming are the only online platform presently offering this variant of poker to its clients/players. It is a fast-paced poker game with extra bonuses. You are dealt 5 cards face up, and need to compete against the dealer, who’s hand is hidden (face down).
There are two side bets available on these tables:
- 5+1 Bonus: Here you need to make the best 5 card hand using your dealt cards and one of the dealer’s cards together.
- Progressive Jackpot: You can only win this if you place a side bet prior to completing your hand. The jackpot is won on a royal flush only, however smaller payments can be won on hands with 3 of a kind or better.



This variant of poker is the most popularly played house-banked Texas Hold’em game.
Instead of playing against each other, players compete head to head with the dealer with the objective of creating the best 5 card hand between your dealt cards and the community cards on the table.
An optional side bets can be placed, called ‘The Trips Bonus Bet’. Here you will need to create the best hand between 2 of your cards, and 3 of the communal cards dealt on the table.


This game constitutes a large vertical mounted spinning wheel. It is operated by a live dealer, and of all the casino games offered, it is the game with the simplest rules.
All around the dealer and the wheel are strategically placed cameras with state of the art sound effects and lighting synchronised to the game action. The interaction between the dealer and players, makes this game a flaming hot favourite.
How to play? Simply bet on which number the wheel will stop on prior to the dealer spinning it. Should you choose correctly, you will win the corresponding pay-out for that specific number.



Evolution Gaming offers an array of popular table casino games for your enjoyment. Their attention to detail and drive to entertain their client places them smartly in the leading category for Live online casinos in the world. Not many competitors come close to offering the real casino feel offered by this class leader.
If you are wanting to experience being at the casino from the comfort of your own living space, then register at a supporting online casino today, which you will find right here at CasinoTopsOnline.com.