Published by CasinoTopsOnline on March 5, 2015 in Industry News

Zingo BingoHelping out an elderly lady is a positive act which many will applaud. Not so however when it comes to Zingo Bingo and the enforcement of their Terms and Conditions, as mother and daughter team Doris Harper and Mandy Roberts found out to their dismay. 

Armed with the £40 her daughter Mandy had just deposited for her at Zingo Bingo 84 year old Widnes pensioner, Doris Harper, settled in for some online bingo and slot fun.

Her fun night soon turned into a profitable one as she first won £2,000 and then another £8,000 in jackpots, for a total of £10,000.

When she contacted Zingo Bingo regarding her windfall she was informed that since she had used her daughter’s credit card to make her deposits both her gameplay and winnings were void.

Rather than £10,000 she would only be getting back the £40 deposit. Doris was devastated to say the least.

They even offered to change the account details to Mandy’s, as it was her card on record, then allowing the cash out to proceed as the details will match. As expected Zingo Bingo declined.

While it is easy label Zingo Bingo as the big bad wolf in this scenario their Terms and Conditions do clearly state that they have the right to close an account if “the name on your account doesn’t match the name on the payment card which has been used to make purchases on your account”. 

Out of interest we checked this clause in the WayBack Machine and it already existed, in that exact wording, back in 2014. This was no quick update to cover their decision in the Harper case.

To support their position as fair and just a Zingo Bingo representative defended their decision saying that "up until February 23 we have paid out over £6.5m of winnings to legitimate customers – we are not in the business of withholding winnings from our customers for no reason."

At the end of the day all online gambling entities, be they online casinos or bingo rooms have terms which govern pay outs and in general protect the consumer.

If your dear nana wants a flutter look into which deposit options offer secure transacting and won’t have her winnings withheld.