Zerocoin – the digital currency about to change the online gambling industry

Published on August 1, 2018 in Industry News

Zerocoin NewsThe online casino industry has seen some major changes and growth over the past few years.  

Most of the growth and changes stem from technological advancement and new software that make participating in online gambling easier.  

One of the biggest changes was the addition of digital currency that can be used to fund your online casino gambling experience.  

Recently Zeroedge, a revolutionary online blockchain casino was launched and it’s definitely a game changer.  

The blockchain casino has 0% house edge casino games and makes use of its own digital currency, Zerocoin.  

Zerocoin is a relatively new digital currency that hit the market a few months back and its value is steadily increasing.

As with Bitcoin in the early stages Zerocoin is a great investment especially due to its online casino platform strategy.  

More Zerocoin online casinos to hit the market 

As the new kid on the block Zerocoin is gaining a lot of attraction as it enables casino operators to run their own casinos with a Zerocoin platform. Operators can launch their own sites in a few easy steps by visiting the Zeroedge website. The bonus is that operators will get to customize their web URL and casino name.  

The first thing prospective casino operators wonder about is how they’ll make profit from a Zerocoin online casino platform. As mentioned when you successfully open your casino platform Zeroedge will add casino games to the platform. All the games comes with a 0% house edge which raises the question on where profits will come from. Thanks to the non-existent house edge a Zerocoin casino platform will attract thousands of players with less competition. As Zeroedge directs players to your casino they will have to sign up on the Zerocoin website. From there all profit generated by these players will be directed at you. And each time they make a Zerocoin deposit the operator will earn 1% profit.  

Zeroedge makes opening an online casino incredibly easy as it provides all the necessary tools to open the casino. The main reason behind this is to increase the adoption of Zerocoin in online casinos to increase the amount of gamblers buying it. As more and more players start buying and using Zerocoin the value will continue to rise. This is ideal as casino operators won’t have to rely on players losing to gain income. They will simply gain income each time players purchase Zerocoin. The other big thing is that Zerocoin will also be the initial capital used for operating the casino and this in return will gain profit as the coin value rises which again will maximize returns.  

A bright future ahead 

Digital currency is quickly becoming the go-to payment option for players as it allows them to play anonymously. It also enables them to gain access to their funds a lot quicker which is one of the biggest perks.  

With Zerocoin hitting the market and reaching a steadfast growing rate it’s beginning to look very promising.  

Soon most online casino players will prefer playing at Zerocoin casinos as the 0% house edge gives them a better chance at walking away with wins. At the end of the day playing at a Zerocoin casino will not just be beneficial for the operator but also for the player.