Published by CasinoTopsOnline on November 16, 2015 in Big Winners

Leo Vegas casino big winnerAny casino player who spends real cash hoping to land a big win would love to win the kind of cash that this punter did. What makes this story even crazier is that Håkan, a Swedish punter who rarely plays at online casinos, is just over 18 years old!

Håkan’s story gets even more impressive and odd when you hear that his huge win comes from two big wins of the same amount on different slots.

How Håkan became a winner

While Håkan loves to play at Leo Vegas Casino, he’s not a regular player by any means. He’s a fair weather player who only really makes a deposit when he has a little extra cash or is trying to cure a bout of boredom. He would often go months without playing at all.

The amount Håkan officially won is 600,000 SEK. That’s so close to being a full million SEK, a number that is apparently fairly easy to reach when you live in Sweden.

After fighting sleep and looking for a way to relax, Håkan decided to go all out and spin the reels of two slots using bets of 600 SEK (or €64.28) each. Those are huge bets, especially for a young punter, but his big bets paid off.

The first big win happened courtesy of Starburst, a slot that Håkan admits he doesn’t really like or play at all. It was during his spins on Starburst by NetEnt that the first 300,000 SEK landed in this punter’s bank. Only 5 minutes later, Håkan decided to play Cash Spin by Bally, one of his favourite slots and he won another 300,000 SEK!

It’s no surprise that Håkan loves Cash Spin! “My favourite game is Cash Spin as it has a lot of bonus rounds that are easy to get.”

Just like that, this young man was 600,000 SEK or €64,254 richer!

Spending his winnings

At first, Håkan couldn’t convince his parents that he had really won, but we’re sure that they’ll soon realise that their son has come into some serious cash once he starts spending his very impressive winnings.

When asked how his parents reacted, Håkan replied saying, “I got in contact with LeoVegas straight away to start making withdraws and the winnings came through the next day! I told my parents the day after but they don’t believe me just yet.”

After passing his driver’s test a few months ago, Håkan has been saving for a car, and now he can afford the car of his dreams!

Currently the punter’s parents are the only people who know about his big win, but Håkan is planning a special party. Håkan will be booking a VIP table at a top notch club in his town where there will be much celebrating with champagne.

If you’re feeling inspired by Håkan’s brave playing style, why not head on over to Leo Vegas Casino and try it for yourself? If you succeed, you could be the next big winner we’re writing about.