Will custom bonus offers become the norm at online casinos?

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on March 20, 2017 in Industry News

Custom online casino bonusIt's no secret that online casino punters love bonus offers. It's the allure of a fantastic welcome bonus that often draws players to a new online casino and they play an important role.

"Casino bonus offers can range from free spins to
reload bonuses, no deposit offers, and loyalty points."

There's something for everyone at the hundreds of online casinos operating around the world.

The changing face of online casinos 

There are hundreds of online casinos currently operating in different parts of the world, but for the most part, they are very similar. Most online casinos feature the same casino games and similar promotions, but something new is coming. 

A new move in the online casino industry is to create an experience that's aimed at users looking for the gamification approach. 

Gamification refers to the creation of online slots and casinos that include elements from online games. The ability to create unique avatars, collect trophies, and complete missions are features that appeal to younger generations entering the gambling market. 

One new online establishment by the name of Oshi Casino have aimed to add all of these features to their online casino as well as something completely new. Oshi has created the Build My Bonus feature. 

The Build My Bonus feature allows players to adjust their welcome bonus offer to suit their wants and needs. This feature has proven to be very popular and other casinos may be considering following suit.

Custom bonus offers 

While building bonus offers at Oshi Casino, players are able to adjust their bonus percentage using a slide, as well as choose how many free spins they'd like to receive. 

While bonus offers are there to reward and entice new players, the power still lies with the online casino. It will be interesting to see if more online casino give a part of that power back to the player and allow them to create an offer that suits their needs. 

Larger iGaming brands will do well to pay attention and create new ways for punters to be rewarded. Bigger and better rewards mean more happy customers.