Published by CasinoTopsOnline on April 17, 2015 in Industry News

William Hill BookieThe UK general elections are at hand and there's no doubt that the people of Britain are wondering if the future of their country will forever be changed on the 7th of May. While the opinion polls are claiming that the main Conservative and Labour political parties lead and are neck-and-neck, punters are placing their own bets, some to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

British bookies are hard at work, checking and recounting the figures and odds constantly. The bets are so consistent and large in value that bookmaking firms estimate more than £100 million in bets to be made over the remaining course of the elections.

In an interesting turn of events, experts are of the opinion that the bets placed by punters throughout the country are a far more accurate view of how the polls may turn out. This late into the elections, there are many factors to consider and punters are more than likely placing bets on the candidates they themselves hope to win.

"When the betting markets say one thing and the polls say another, the evidence suggests that it is a good idea to go with the markets," said Professor Leighton Vaughan Williams, director of the Betting Research Unit at Nottingham Business School.

"I've interrogated huge data sets of polls and betting markets over many, many years in the USA and the UK and basically the betting markets are very, very accurate predictors of the outcome of elections, and certainly compared to polls."

To some, £100 million may seem like a ridiculous amount of money but that's nothing compared to the £300 million earned at gambling events such as the Grand National horse race.

Professor Leighton Vaughan Williams also predicts that as much as 5 times more could be bet before the 7th of May than was wagered in the last UK general elections back in 2010.

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