What will become of traditional slots as technology advances?

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on November 1, 2016 in Industry News

The future of traditional online slotsThe future of online slots and gaming apps has been discussed quite a lot in the last few months especially with the way Millennial and Generation Y gamers prefer things. These generations are accustomed to constant change, improvement, and fast-paced events which is probably why they prefer anything that can keep them occupied, entertained, and focused for longer than 5 minutes. 

A great example of this would be mobile games such as Candy Crush or Pokémon Go that has a variety of skill-based challenges to keep players busy.

“One can only wonder how online casino slots are affected and impacted by this new generation of players.”

What do players want?

For game developers and online casinos, the most important thing to do is constantly research their client base and target market. The best way to create bestselling content is by knowing what players want. Game developers such as NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and many others have managed to create spectacular slots with next-level gameplay on new emerging technologies.

Online slots have reached a new level of popularity in the last few years as it is one of the easiest and most straightforward games to play with no set skill level attached to it. Online slot games also provide players with quick rewards and instant gratification due to the fast pace it is played.

According to a few resources, younger generation players are drawn to skill-based games with an arcade element that will provide them with a unique and captivating experience. There are concerns that the traditional sense of online slots will disappear when slots become more skill-based as it loses the “luck” aspect that made it what it is today.

The “chance” element can still be featured in skill-based games through hidden barriers that could restrict player’s abilities to win certain prizes while keeping them in a structured direction. One of the best ways to keep the “luck” that traditional slots offer is to create online slot games that play out like a video game with the traditional mechanics to it. There are many ways to keep the traditional sense of slot games intact while providing the next generation of players with an immersive gameplay. 

Traditional slots will always have a place in the hearts of experienced players and that’s what makes online slots so very special.