What are the odds of winning while playing your favourite casino games?

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on May 19, 2016 in Casino Tips

Odds of Winning Casino Games BannerThe many wonderful (and not so wonderful) online casinos around the world are filled with hundreds, if not thousands of different casino games. Not all online casino slots, table games, or video poker games are created equal and there’s definitely an art to crafting a winning game. Thankfully, as technology progresses and casino software creators attempt to better their previous creations, we get to play even better games!

One of the worst things about playing online casino games is never being lucky enough to land a win. Obviously all games are created differently and therefore some casino games offer players a better chance to land a win than others. However, when you’re spinning the reels of a beautiful slot for hours without a single substantial win, it can be frustrating. You may even find yourself logging out of your casino account entirely and giving up. But wait, with just a little bit of research you could discover which casino games have been developed to either help or hinder a punter chasing the biggest wins!

We decided to take a look at a few of the most popular online casino games, from progressive slots with huge winning potential, to regular video slots that boast awesome bonus features. We’ve also covered online table games such as roulette and blackjack where luck is the name of the game. And who could forget video poker games, a firm favourite for many online punters. Lastly, we’ve also covered the lottery, a game of pure luck that millions of people attempt to be the winner of each week. Here, in the infographic below, you’ll find out who created these popular games and what your real chances are of being a winner.

Are you wasting your precious time and money by attempting to take home the jackpot or is it just a matter of time before your lucky moment arrives? Find out what your odds of winning may be as well as the jackpot waiting to be won. You’ll also learn what the average cost of bet is for each game so that you’ll know exactly what lies in store for you if you decide to take on these big betting machines. If Lady Luck and a little bit of skill are on your side, you could soon be taking home life-changing sums of cash thanks to these popular and perfectly crafted casino games. 

Good luck and happy gambling!
Odds of Winning Casino Games Infographic

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