Published by CasinoTopsOnline on July 13, 2015 in Big Winners

bgo Casino big winner videoIt’s not every day that a casino punter gets to cash out a massive win like a £3.78 million jackpot. It’s definitely a huge moment to be celebrated and what better way to do so (and announce this lucky winner to the world) than with a hilarious video?

Verne Troyer, the pint-sized actor who plays Mini Me in the Austin Powers movies, is the star of the bgo Casino video. He plays the figurative “Boss” and is disturbed from his lounging in the sun by a call telling him that a player at bgo Casino won a staggering £3.78 million. When Verne finds out that a player named Hilton made this win off of a £10 spin on Playtech’s Beach Life slot, he gets really mad.

The video cuts to Troyer sitting at a desk discussing the big win landed by Hilton. After making sure and confirming with a chuckle that the winner was not in fact Paris Hilton (who also now works for bgo Casino on a promotional basis), he congratulates the lucky punter for beating the boss and writes a cheque for £3.78 million.

The true Hilton

The real winner of the amazing jackpot prize in fact hails from Nottinghamshire in the East Midlands of England and it’s safe to say the he couldn’t believe his luck! “I’m still in shock. Things like this usually happen to other people,” said Hilton.

There have been no plans as of yet to spend the fortune won, but Hilton does intend to purchase a new bungalow for his parents. There’s also talks of a getaway with friends which we can only imagine will be quite the holiday.

Ohad Narkis, the bgo spokesperson commented on the big win saying, "The Hilton similarity is ironic and actually quite funny as we just launched our new TV campaign starring Paris. This win really puts bgo on the map as the best site to play online casino games and slots.”