US states most likely to legalise online gambling in 2017

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on August 10, 2016 IN Industry News

Online casinos in the USAOnline casinos are experiencing rapid growth in popularity which is why most states in the US have reconsidered their views on online gambling and have decided to join in on the latest craze. Seeing as online gambling, and gambling overall, has been looked down on for a very long time it’s a complicated process to get it legalised. And not everybody has eased up on the online gambling industry just yet.

“In this article we’ll look at 9 states that will most likely dip
their toes into the online gambling pool by 2017.”

The potential US casino states include New York, California, Michigan, Indiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Illinois, and Ohio.

New York is the leader of the pack as they came pretty close to passing an online poker bill earlier this year. The bill made its way through the state senate but got shot down in the assembly. With an ongoing competition between Pennsylvania and New York to stay ahead of one another, it will definitely be a race to the finish line, and both might try and pass an online poker bill in 2017.

California might look to pass an online poker bill however, it is not certain seeing as they rely on the capability of numerous and politically powerful stakeholders to forge an agreement on key issues that has derailed the legalisation of online gambling in the past.

Michigan can still pass an online gambling bill in 2016 as the State Senator, Mike Kowall has said that the most likely time frame to pass the online gambling bill would be after the elections in November. It is quite possible that Indiana might consider legalising online gambling in 2017 with Mike Pence no longer being eligible to run for governor. This is great news for Indiana seeing as they have a legislature that has been trying to give the gaming industry a boost despite the objections of Pence in the past.

The three New England states, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are engaged in a gaming arms race with each other. The opening of casinos in Massachusetts in 2017 is said to have a very negative impact on casinos in Connecticut and Rhode Island. One of the ways these two states can soften the impact is by launching online casino sites. With the competition between these three being incredibly strong it is safe to say that once one starts the process of legalising online gambling the other two will follow suit.

Although Illinois already has a brick and mortar casino industry and an online lottery it could be time for new sources of revenue. Illinois is certainly a perfect candidate for online gambling but the state hasn’t publicly shown interest. Ohio is also another state that would be a good candidate for online gaming but according to sources they might place their focus on education in 2017. Hopefully they’ll board the online casino train with their eastern neighbour, Pennsylvania blowing full steam ahead.