Unclaimed gambling winnings used to fund popular film star’s flopped blockbuster

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on October 25, 2018 in Industry News

NSW Funds Jackie Chan MovieIf there’s one thing that’s certain it’s that there’s never a dull moment when taking part in online gambling.  

Whether it’s the fun range of quality games available or something happening in terms of the gambling regulations within a country.  

Recently, Australia has made tons of waves with some interesting and strange news they’ve revealed.

Wins fund popular movie stars film 

Have you ever wondered what happens to the pokie winnings that go unclaimed by players each year? Well the NSW government has the ability to determine this according got their state laws. The only requirement is that it should be beneficial for the community.  

With this deciding power the NSW government has made the world’s richest greyhound race and a Jackie Chan blockbuster film the biggest beneficiaries. These beneficiaries have been helped through the funding that has been designed to get the gambling prizemoney back to the larger part of the NSW community.  

Bleeding Steel, the flopped 2017 sci-fi thriller, tells the story of a hero battling an evil villain on top of the sails of the Sydney Opera House, one of the biggest tourist attractions. The film stars Jackie Chan as the hero and was partly funded by a once-off direct grant valued at $850,000 issued by the NSW government.  

The Office of Responsible Gambling was behind the direct grant which was made directly from the Community Development Fund. The latter is funded by poker jackpot prizes and machine tickets that have gone unclaimed. 

And if you’re wondering how this can be legal the Gaming Machines Act 2001 explains that money can be spent for community benefits which the secretary deems appropriate. This clause refers to the Deputy Secretary within the Liquor, Gaming & Racing Division.  

More interesting funding projects done by the NSW 

In the two years from 2014 to 2016 the Community Development Fund was used to issue grants of about $3.34 million to as many as 52 projects. Most of these were local community projects including new school facilities. There were also as many as 30 separate grands to upgrade war memorials all over regional NSW.  

While the fund has been used for many community projects the grant issued for the Jackie Chan movie has made waves because it is the largest grant that has been given for a single project. 

After this was pointed out a spokesman for Liquor and Gaming NSW responded saying that the government undertook a thorough cost benefit analysis. After this they decided that the film would be beneficial economically both short term and long term. It was also believed to increased tourism benefits within the country especially for visitors from Asia.  

According to the spokesman the project injected over $20 million into the NSW economy. It also employed over 1100 staff, crew, cast and extras in NSW during the filming process taking place from May to September 2016.  

Many were unhappy with the funding choice such as Green MLC Justin Field who said the grant was a highly unusual use of the fund. Field continued to say that the fund should only be used for genuine community building projects or those who’ve suffered of gambling harm.  

While many remain unhappy with the funding choice it’s interesting to see how they’ll spread funding in the future since gambling is no longer legal in Australia.