Top 5 lucky gambling tattoos

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on July 7, 2016 IN Casino Tips

Gambling Tattoos Banner TopTattoos are a fun way to show off your passions, your personality, and to just have a bit of fun. The history of tattooing dates back thousands of years with some of the earliest ink being found on a frozen body from the Bronze Age!

Around the world and throughout the ages, tattooing has found itself to be part of the cultures and traditions of many peoples, tribes, and countries. In the modern era, tattooing has moved from being a symbol for warriors and the brave, and has instead become an art form. Techniques have advanced, technology has transformed, and tattoos are more readily accepted.

“It’s said that many gamblers are superstitious to some extent. Whether that means carrying a lucky charm or doing a little jig before sitting down at their favourite table, most punters have something that they believe brings them luck while playing for big wins.”

In fact, there are very specific lucky superstitions that many punters rely on and that includes carrying a four-leaf clover, keeping a rabbit’s foot in your pocket, blowing on dice before rolling them, and wearing a certain item of lucky clothing. There are those who even get their lucky charm permanently inked on their bodies!

Here we look at the top 5 FUN gambling tattoos that can bring a little extra luck to their punters.

Gambling Tattoos Infographic

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