Published by CasinoTopsOnline on December 29, 2014 IN Casino Tips

High RollerAt both online and land based casinos there is a particular type of player which is highly sought after, the High Roller. The High Roller is simply a player who is willing to bet a large amount of money at a casino. 

The introduction of card based gambling at land based casinos, as opposed to chips or cash, allows you to more accurately measure your value, and in turn offer you comps and other rewards.

Online casinos are ahead of the curve due to your gambling taking place on a secure personal account. This allows them to increase your VIP status easily and ensures you receive all the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect as a High Roller at a premier online casino:

Your Own Personal Casino Host

As a VIP customer of the casino you will be assigned a personal host who will see to it that you are taken care. Your host will keep you informed of special bonuses and promotions which only you and a select few of your peers qualify for. Your host is also there to guide you through any technical issues, and to assist you with deposit and withdrawal processes. Best of all they will be a friendly face and voice (thanks to Skype and other Live Chat technology) when you need it.

Exclusive Promotions and Competitions

As you build a relationship with your host one the things that will happen is that your host will arrange special promotions and events which cater to your tastes. Have a favourite progressive slot? Your host can arrange a promotion such as a cashback reward or high value comp to help you chase that progressive jackpot. When the casino arranges exclusive tournaments for its VIP players you can look forward to big cash prizes or even trips to holiday destinations to keep you entertained and excited. They will also love to celebrate your special days with you such as your birthday or wedding anniversary, with gifts to suit your tastes. So don’t be shy to let your host know what you like.

Personalised Deposit Limits

The casino will generally cater, as a default, to the general spend levels of its player base. As a High Roller your deposit needs be far more specialised and as such the casino will cater for this by increasing your deposit thresholds. It is also useful to carefully consider any recommendations by your host in terms of deposit methods such as digital wallets since they will know where they can maximise your bonuses and comps. The key here is to communicate what you need and allow your host to make it happen for you. Don’t be shy, they want to assist you and can only do so if they know what you prefer. 

Streamlined Withdrawal Processing

As much as your status as a VIP rests on your spend at a casino, so your view on whether a casino is worth your time and attention should depend on their processing of your winnings. Any true High Roller online casino will make special arrangements, outside of the publically listed timeframes, for you as a high value player. These special agreements must include the full processing of your winnings, as a single transaction, within 24-36 hours. No instalments, no delays.

Increased Bet Limits

The reason it is so important to have the ability to deposit big, and be paid out immediately, is that as a High Roller you will get to place wagers at levels which are beyond those of the average player. There is no thrill wagering €50 a hand on Blackjack when you want to wager €1,000 or even €100,000. Why waste your time on €20 spins on your favourite slot machine when you want to spin at €5,000? When you find your VIP online casino let them know your preferences, be clear on your expectations and limits, now gamble your way!