Top 5 Gambling Superstitions across the globe


Published by Daniel on August 2, 2019 in Casino Tips

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Taking part in online gambling is all about luck some days you have it and other days you don’t.  

If you believe in luck then you are probably also very superstitious about certain signs or symbols.  


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Superstition plays a part in our daily lives and often at times we give in to it without even realizing.

One of the most common practices would be to knock on wood to avoid bad luck or impending doom. 

Top 5 Gambling Superstitions 

As in everyday life, there are certain gambling superstitions believed across the globe. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular gambling superstitions across the globe.  

Never Count Your Money At The Table  

One of the biggest superstitions among gamblers is to avoid counting your money while playing casino games. In fact, this superstition is so popular it even made it into a popular country song. This kind of behaviour is typical for card players and many gamblers believe it is bad luck. Others simply think it is rude and unprofessional to do so.  

Lucky and Unlucky Numbers 

It is well-known that 7 is considered a lucky number and 13 considered an unlucky number. So much so that it is not just gamblers who see it so but everyone else. For some reason 13 has always been considered a number that brings bad luck, especially to Western Culture. Many gamblers are careful with this number especially when playing roulette, however there are those who tempt fate and consider 13 to be a lucky number.  

The number 7, on the other hand, is a number that is known to symbolise prosperity and has a very special connotation when it comes to online gambling especially when it comes to online slots and certain versions of blackjack.  

To Look or Not To Look 

There is a common belief that looking away or leaving the table while gambling will help you hit a big win or bring you luck. This belief has seeped through to many other areas in life where people believe taking part in a competition and forgetting about it or not looking at the results will help them become the winner. Then there is the flip of the coin where others believe that if they look away for any moment of time they will interfere with the results and it will bring them bad luck.  

Red is Lucky 

One of the most popular superstitions that stem from Asia is that red is a very lucky gambling colour. Chinese people believe that red is the colour of prosperity hence it is the colour of good luck. Somewhere along the line, it created a stigma that Red is Lucky. Many superstitious gamblers will wear a piece of red clothing to increase their winning chances when visiting casinos.  

An Itchy Hand 

People from regions such as Bulgaria and Serbia have different beliefs about having an itchy hand. Those in Bulgaria believe if your right palm is itching it is a sign of bad luck. Meaning if you gamble with an itchy right palm you could be losing money.  

Serbia, on the other hand, believes that if your left hand is itchy it is a sign of good luck and you could soon receive some money.  

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You never know what fortunes you might hit plus playing at a lucky casino might just bring you more fortune.

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