Top 3 factors that contributed to the growth of the online casino industry in 2018


Published by CasinoTopsOnline on October 8, 2018 in Industry News

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Over the past few years the online gaming industry has experienced a lot of growth.  

One of the main reasons could be the significant evolution in innovation of iGaming technology.

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With more countries opening their virtual doors to the online gambling industry more players have also been able to access online casino games.

Another massive impact on the growth of the online casino industry was the introduction of mobile gambling.  

These are just a few of the reasons for the growth within the industry and we’re taking a look at the various other factors that help iGaming maintain its innovation and growth in 2018.  

Top 3 factors in the maintenance of innovation and growth within the industry 

Interconnected networks 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly started playing a massive role in our daily lives. The IoT is basically the interconnected network of electronic devices which makes it possible to share information across various online networks via our PCs, TV’s, Tablets and mobile devices. It makes it a lot easier for us to access information across devices and it also enable the iGaming industry operators with the perfect platform to connect to their target market.  

And with mobile devices being the device of choice for many online gamblers it’s much easier for online operators to gather information and connect to their target market. This is not something new and is used by many global industries to reach their target audience. For instance you might search for something on google and find that your YouTube, Facebook and other social platforms now show more frequent information on the topic.  

The great thing about the IoT is that it makes it easier for online operators to focus solely on their target audience. Instead of mass marketing these operators can now simply target those individuals with matching preferences.  

New Technology and opportunities 

With the industry growing to the size it is today there has been many changes, improvements and technological advancements. The key to constant growth is to keep thinking of new and exciting ideas that will keep players hooked. Some of the latest new additions to the industry include live casino games which enable players to enjoy a more personalized gambling experience.  

Earlier in 2018 at the ICE Totally Gaming conference many of the leading iGaming software developers displayed a few new products that will further grow the industry. Each of these new products were created with VR technology to take player into the heart of the action. With VR being the next big thing technologically software developers has jumped on board to create games that can be experience with this technology. With VR still being quite new there is still plenty that can be done with it in the years to come.  

Mixed in with Cryptocurrency 

Over the past few years the online casino industry has slowly but surely warmed up to the idea of using cryptocurrencies as a payment form for online gambling. Many cryptocurrency and Bitcoin casinos has since been established and attracted many players. These cryptocurrency based online casinos has quickly gained a lot of popularity and according to sources the next big step would be to combine the experience of VR gambling with cryptocurrency. One Costa Rica based ICO has recently combined the VR technology with the innovation of cryptocurrency block chain. The new casino is currently in it pre-token stages but is set to provide players with a cryptocurrency/block chain powered platform where they’ll be able to enjoy VR casino games. This casino experience will be unlike any other as players will get to enter a virtual online casino that will provide the look and feel of a land based casino. The entire experience will be more protected as it contains the security benefits of block chain technology.  

These technologies has played a big role in the maintenance of innovation and growth within the industry in 2018. It is unclear what effect these will have in further shaping the industry in 2019. One thing is certain and that is that the industry continues to grow and a lot is done to ensure it stays that way.

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