Published by CasinoTopsOnline on July 24, 2014 in Big Winners

Royal Ascot WinnerHere are the stories of 7 small bettors who beat the house. The odds are generally stacked for the house. However, that’s not always the case as recently there’s been a rash of big money winners. Here are their stories:

Winner: Fred Craggs Walks Away With £1 Million

Prize: £1million

Bet: 50p

Fred Craggs defied the odds and walked away with £1 million after betting on a few horses. Of course, he didn’t use the “books” per se; in fact, he just saw some names he liked and took his chances. However, the odds were stacked unfavourably against him – 2,000,000 to 1. Even so, the horses he picked, Isn’t That Lucky, Racer Forever and A Dream Come True pulled it out and gave him the biggest 60th birthday surprise one could hope for.

Winner: Darren Yeats Wins £550,000

Prize: £550,000

Bet: £59

Frankie Dettori must have Lady Luck for his wife. Not only did he manage to defy 25,000 to 1 odds, but he managed to win all the races in the 1996 Ascot races. Of course, for Darren Yeats, that meant a huge payday – Of £550,000!  For Yeats, it was a dream come true … for bookmakers, no so much.

Winner: Adrian Hayward Wins £25,000 On A Kick

Prize: £25,000

Bet: £200

Sometimes, it’s good to pay attention to your dreams. That’s exactly what Adrian Hayword of Newbury did and it paid out handsomely. He dreamed that Xabi Alonso would score from inside his own half. Taking that dream at face value, he went to a bookmaker and placed a £200 bet. For bookmakers, this seemed like easy money at 125 to 1 odds, except … Xabi Alonso did in fact score from inside his own half against Luton. For Adrian Hayward, a dream became reality, and paid out amazingly!

Winner: Wager Nets £5,000, From Only £5!

Prize: £5,000

Bet: £5

£5 doesn’t buy much, but don’t tell that to one lucky bettor. In 2010, Mali was down 4-0 with only 11 minutes left before they would lose. The bookmakers were so confident in the defeat, that they gave anyone who wanted 1000 to 1 odds; one bettor took that action.

In less than 11 minutes, Mali somehow managed to score four times, tying the game and netting the bettor £5,000. So, who says £5 can’t buy anything?

Winner: £500,000 From 30p, Here’s How

Prize: £500,000

Bet: 30p

With odds of 1,666,666 to one, an unnamed Manchester United fan decided the rewards outweighed the risks. He bet 30p on a 15-event accumulator at the start of the season and ended up with massively. Of course, he managed to correctly pick all of the winners in each event, paying out a handsome £500,000. What we wouldn’t do to have that kind of luck on our side.

Winner: £125,000 On Faith

Prize: £125,000

Bet: £100

Some fans use books, some fans use odds, others use faith. That’s what one unnamed winner did and it paid off. Lewis Hamilton, and F1 Racer, ended up winning the F1 World Championship with McLaren in 2008; of course, many had predicted this. However, some predicted this well before the race was even underway.

The unnamed bettor remembered seeing Lewis racing in a Kart race and remembered the raw talent he saw. Taking his changes, he put down £100 and ended up blowing the 125 to one odds out of the water. Not a bad scout!

Winner: Who In Their Right Mind???

Prize: £200,000

Bet: £30

Who in their right mind would expect that: Cliff Richard would be knighted. U2 would still be together. The Beeb would still be broadcasting EastEnders. That Aussie soaps would still be broadcast on Bristish television. That Home and Away would still be broadcast on British television.

Seriously, who?! Apparently, one lucky Welshman who placed his bets in 1989. Not only did he defy odds, but he defied odds over centuries. If we had this guy’s luck … well, we don’t!