3 ways to play at your favourite online casino

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on April 17, 2017 in Industry News, Casino Tips

3 ways to play at an online casinoThe ability to play casino games from the comfort of your home, your office, or while taking a long trip is something that online casinos have provided. 

We’ve collected and reviewed the top 10 online casinos from around the world and we know what makes a casino experience a winner. Whether you love to play from your desktop or mobile device, there’s a casino game to suit every player and their needs.

Take a look at what it means to play casino games using any of the three methods available to punters.

Instant Play Online Casinos

Online casinos that offer instant access to their full library of casino games are more and more becoming the norm. Instant play online casinos allow their customers to simply click and play their way through a range of games without having to download or install any additional casino software.

Being able to access casino games, banking methods, customer support, and more from directly within your browser makes playing simpler. You can choose to log in from any computer or laptop and simply enjoy your experience. 

The only software criteria to consider when it comes to enjoying instant play casino games is that they either run on Flash or HTML5. Older casino games may still run on Flash (which requires an addition Flash Player download), but many newer games are being created using HTML5.

  • Flash: Playing casino games that run on Flash may require an extra download, but it is simply a once-off installation that may also help other websites run smoothly. It’s due to this fact that most computers have Flash pre-installed. It also still allows you to play within your browser window, which is a huge plus.
  • HTML5: It may sound like something out of science fiction for those who haven’t experienced it, but HTML5 is simply the coding with which websites are built. This coding allows for smoother and easier access to your favourite casino games.

Download Online Casinos

At the outset of the online casino industry, having customers download software which allowed access to casino games was all the rage. Unfortunately, these downloads can be data-heavy and a drain on your computers resources.

While download online casinos are becoming a thing of the past, there are still those who prefer to have a more solid form of access directly from their desktop. Some still consider download casinos to be superior as they provide a “fuller” experience, but with the advances in technology providing lighter and more fulfilling gameplay, these casinos will soon become obsolete. 

A large knock to download casinos are viruses. Many customers simply refuse to download casino software as it provides an easy way for viruses to piggy back on to their computers. Viruses can cause havoc with any computer that has access to the internet. This is a huge risk and even more so when something as sensitive as money is being dealt with on a daily basis.

Mobile Casinos

In an age where mobile phones and tablets hold the key to banking, TV watching, and communication, it’s no surprise that mobile casinos are taking off with a flourish!

Fast, fun, and constantly developing to become even better than the version before, online casinos are ploughing millions into getting their foot into the mobile industry. Thanks to HTML5, that foothold is easier than ever to attain as playing from within your mobile browser is a breeze.

It’s not uncommon to find online casinos offering a download link to their casino app, but thanks to security on mobile phones being entirely different to computers, downloading software does not hold the same threat as a download online casino.

The only downside to playing via your mobile phone is that an unstable internet connection can cause you to lose out on big wins or winning streaks. If you’re playing using data and not Wi-Fi, it can also be costly. These are definitely factors to take into consideration, but they are not reasons to avoid mobile gambling.

Casino software providers are creating mobile casino games that aim to please, push you to win, and transport you to a new world of fun, all from within the palm of your hand.

If you’re looking for a new casino game to enjoy, try our full range of free online slots and free mobile slots today.