Published by CasinoTopsOnline on September 18, 2014 in Industry News

Dayton raceway racinoThe launch of the new $250 million Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway Racino in Ohio was a fanfare event with a red carpet, ribbon cutting and more!

This however was not the end of the story as a technical glitch had dozens of the player who were at the casino late Friday night into Saturday morning winning massive jackpot after massive jackpot.

Miles Johnson was one of the lucky winners who was willing to disclose his windfall – a fantastic $12,000 in just one spin! Not a bad run for someone who is a self-proclaimed penny slot player!

One man’s error is another’s treasure

Just on midnight a coding error kicked off a promotion which was not only early (it was only due to run later that day) but also incorrect in and of itself. The promotions original intent was to hand out free spins to a small set of lucky players instead starting handing out free spins to every player who tried to register for the event.

This led to dozens for night owls getting a chance to play literally on the house for a chance to win the big value jackpots as it was several hours before the staff at Hollywood Gaming picked up the error.

Taking it in stride

Although not what they had in mind when they conceptualized the free play promotion the team at Hollywood Gaming has taken this turn of event in stride and are choosing to see the positive in it.

Bob Tenebaum, spokesperson for Hollywood Gaming, went on air stating that they are just happy their players had fun and that he hopes it encourages them to come back and try their luck again.

This event has given the Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway Racino in Ohio far more PR than they could have bought. The story went viral being picked up by TV and radio stations, as well as many online portals and news sites.

In addition it could definitely see penny slot players like Miles Johnson upping their game play and trying their hand at a few bigger more expensive slot machines in the future.